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  1. I got my child to eat broccoli. Yay!
  2. That's so awesome that you made it yourself!!! Here's my sons 2nd birthday cake. But we had it made. This was my son's favorite movie at the time. He has loved Batman for the longest, and the Adam West Batman is surprisingly less violent than the Batman cartoons! That explains my sig as well. Hehe.
  3. Holy crap. I almost said I didn't remember what you were talking about, and that's one of my favorite episode of all time!!! "Dental plan, Lisa needs braces." That part always cracks me up. And the part where Lisa gets laughing gas and shes in Yellow Submarine. The Simpsons is another thing I never get tired of watching. I have like 8 seasons on DVD, and they're always funny even if Ive watched the episode a million times. The older episodes that is.
  4. You really cant get tired of Friday can ya? Some of mine are: Goodfellas TSRTS Pulp fiction Fast Times at Ridgemont High Sixteen Candles Edward Scissorhands Joe Dirt (I know its stupid, but it always works when I need a cheap laugh)
  5. I finally got the complete Led Zeppelin CD collection. It's a box set and I got it used, and on sale, for 40 bucks. I have an almost complete collection on vinyl, but I can't play those in the car. I used to have them all on my ipod, but I don't have it anymore. So I'm really excited about this. What Zep fan doesn't have every album? Haha.
  6. Aww. Thank you! Sorry I just now saw it!

  7. I like your eraser head picture. I recently saw that movie, and I think it kind of traumatized me. lol.

  8. Wow that is a beautiful fish! But yea, it must be hard investing in something so expensive for something with such a fragile life. I would really like a koi pond though. I liked our little koi, but they deserve to get full size. If you keep them in a little tank they wont grow as large.
  9. Actually it was just a 10% water change. We have a 10 gallon and we exchanged a gallon. The guy at walmart said to just let it cycle 24 hours when we got the tank, but we called an actual pet store and they told us a week. So we did a week. But after we got the fish we went back and looked at the tank it came from, and we noticed one of the fish were missing scales, or they looked bubbly, idk how to explain it. That kind of freaked us out. The only reason we got them at walmart is our pet store has mostly tropical fish, and the freshwater are expensive compared to walmart. But I guess its a good investment if you don't want them to die. Thanks for the advice.
  10. I HATE WALMART. So my boyfriend and I buy a fish tank for our sons birthday, and we let it cycle for a week to let good bacteria grow before adding fish. Added water conditioner, and did everything to ensure we had a healthy home for our fish. April 16, we go buy 3 fish, a Koi, a Shebunkin, and a sucker fish. A few days later the shebunkin dies. We think ok, maybe it was just a weak fish or something. Yesterday, I was looking at the fish, and I notice there are white spots all over the sucker fish, even on his eyes, it was horrible. And the koi is rubbing against stuff like it was scratching or something. After a little research, we find out it's something called ich, or ick. So today, my boyfriend goes out and buys this water treatment,(from walmart might I add). He does a water exchange, cleans the rocks with a special tank vacuum he bought, and treats the water. So a couple hours ago, I go to feed them, and the koi is swimming on its side, not dead yet, but knocking on its door. Needless to say, he was gone within a few minutes. We got pretty fond of him too, he had personality. RIP fishies. Anyway, my beef here is with walmart. This disease obviously came from there, because our tank was brand new. Not to mention after all the accessories and supplies, we easily spent 80-100 dollars on everything for them to just die. But the worst part is these poor animals are just being stocked like another product of walmart, and no one gives a shit if they're diseased, they'll sell em anyway. I will definitely try to shop somewhere else from now on. The sucker fish is still alive, any fish owners have any suggestions?
  11. Thanks ledzepfvr! I know what you mean, my boyfriend looses 5 pounds to every pound I loose. It's not fair. I am determined to get this baby weight off finally. He's 2 for goodness sake! lol
  12. Today is my sons 2'nd birthday! Were taking him to eat lunch in the cafeteria at the hospital he was born! (The food there is surprisingly delicious) Then were taking him to play in the park that's right behind that hospital. He opened some presents this morning from his father and I. But his actual party is on Saturday. Can't wait to clean up after all the kids.
  13. Thanks Virginia! I have eliminated white flour and sugar for a while now. I don't even drink anything but water. But I just wasn't seeing any results. I was eating a lot of processed food though, and not eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables. But I'm really afraid of gaining weight from quitting smoking. That's really why I started this diet. It's supposed to flush your system, and I thought if it flushed all the toxins from smoking, maybe it will help with cravings and weight gain.
  14. I have 1 cigg left in my pack, and I'm not buying another. Bring on the mood swings. What made me happy today, was that I lost 4 pounds on my diet. I've been on this "nothing but fruit and vegetables diet" for the past 3 days, and your supposed to loose a pound every day you do it. Although is seems this diet should have me feeling fantastic and full of energy, I've had a few negative side effects. I have been feeling weak and nauseous. I even got dizzy and fell earlier. Anybody know whats up with this?
  15. I know I need to quit. I'm working on it, honest. What made me happy today, was seeing my toddler hunt eggs for the first time. He didn't really understand it, but it was cute nonetheless. Haha.
  16. "The best part of waking up, is marlboro in your lungs."
  17. I passed my national exam to be a Medical Coder. This is the 2nd time Ive taken is because I failed the first one. The funny thing is, the first one I thought I was going to pass, and I thought I was going to fail the second. I am sooooo happy!
  18. Thank you! BTW I forgot to add that I had to pay $400 for that test. You can imagine what happened when I found out I made a 68. To me a 68 is worse than failing miserably. It just kills me that I could have answered 4 more questions right, and passed. Luckily I get to take it free this time.
  19. Thanks!I will be taking it again on the 27th of this month. My teacher said she would help me study my areas of weakness. I sent her a message about getting together, but it takes her several days to answer a message, if she answers at all. And don't even think about trying to call, she wont answer for shit. Only one of the five students that took the test passed. What does that tell you.
  20. It's snowing!!! Where I live, you don't see much snow. Maybe once every couple of years. I got up this morning and let my toddler walk around in it. It was his first encounter with snow, and he had a blast. And my boyfriend made a snow man. Isn't it funny that were in our 20's and its the first snowman we ever made.
  21. Watching my toddler dance around to Led Zeppelin II. How cute is that!!?? Also, I just started trying to get back into piano. I haven't played since I was 12. I got my old keyboard from my dad the other day, and I just taught myself Across the Universe today. I'm so proud of myself!
  22. I got Aladdin Sane and Diamond Dogs by David Bowie on vinyl. AND.......I got Led Zeppelin II on vinyl. I just need 3 more albums to complete my LZ vinyl collection.
  23. My boyfriend just surprised me with the book Hammer of the Gods. I just finished the overture. I have heard there was some inaccuracy, but I'm excited none the less.
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