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  1. what it's all about i love you guys for spending your time doing this haha
  2. Jack White is doing so much awesome stuff this year. The Dead Weather, all those 7 inches coming out of Third Man Records, It Might Get Loud, and the WHITE STRIPES DVD which he said might even be coming to theatres! He's my hero.
  3. Love this! He's classy!
  4. Seeing The Decemberists a week from Tuesday! Can't waiiit. After that probably nothing until The Dead Weather tour.
  5. Jack White not on anyone's list? He might even be on both lists for me.
  6. Thanks for the welcomes, that is indeed at the Hard Rock Cafe. I think I've been to.. three or four of them now and my brother and I always go around and take pictures of everything. That drum kit is the coolest thing I've seen though. (Les Paul signed by Page/Plant probably in second) The plaque there reads "In Robert Plant's words, 'When Bonzo was playing this kit in the '70s he would shout "Here come the cannons!" John sold me these drums for $500 despite the fact that they had been a promotional gift from Ludwig and cost him nothing! Good humour, good times, good music.'" So I guess the cymbals aren't his usual ones since it was a promo gift..? I love that.. "Here come the cannons."
  7. In London a couple summers ago, with Bonzo's drums in the background! / more recently
  8. Achilles Last Stand is always one of the very first songs I think of when I try to decide on a favorite Led Zeppelin song. (Which I may never be able to do...) But I think it might be the song that most completely captures each member's talent.
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