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  1. Hi thozil! ^^Great post as always. many of these I have never read, both good and bad. Honestly to blast Presence and ITTOD shows IMHO they have no taste in music. The last part of the Led Zeppelin 'Losing Energy' article is ridiculous.
  2. Hi luvlz and Dd:-) I will be at the 7/1 Atlanta date. It's Paul and Joe!
  3. Just beyond sad. Saw them back in the day a few times. Loved the music and still do quite often. I just cannot believe how many of the truly great ones we are losing. So much wonderful music and memories. Hard to wrap your head around the loss we have had lately. My thoughts are with his family. He will live on in the music forever. R.I.P Keith Emerson.
  4. March 13th 1968 - Robert Plant - Obs'tweedle - Walsall,West Midlands,England/Three Men In A Boat 1969 - Led Zeppelin - Leicester,East Midlands,England/De Montfort Hall 1971 - Led Zeppelin - Bath,England/Bath Pavilion 1973 - Led Zeppelin - Frankfurt,Germany/Festhalle Frankfurt 1995 - Page & Plant - Unledded Tour - Austin,TX/Frank Erwin Center 2000 - Robert Plant - Priory Of Brion - Brierley Hill, West Midlands,England/The Shed 2004 - John Paul Jones - Sheperd's Bush,London,England/Sheperds Bush Empire - encore with Steve Hackett Band 2004 - Robert Plant - Stourbridge,England/Rock Cafe 2000 - with Vanilla Fudge 2005 - Robert Plant - Mighty ReArranger Tour - Oklahoma City,OK/Bricktown Events Center 2006 - Robert Plant - Mighty ReArranger Tour - Stuttgart,Germany/Leiderhalle Hegelsaal 2015 - Robert Plant - Sensational Space Shifters - Mexico City, Mexico/Foro Sol - Vive Latino 2016 - Robert Plant - Sensational Space Shifters - Tulsa,OK/Cain's Ballroom
  5. Hello fellow forum members:-) Just wanted to pop in and say hello as I only have a few minutes. I am finally flying home Friday night!! After almost 5 weeks of being on the road I am ready to be home for about a month. I will start updating the thread Saturday. I have missed being here and look forward to being back with our great community. I am sure I have so many threads to catch up on. I know thozil is always sharing wonderful things along with a few others. Take care everyone:-)
  6. I have a day off finally and I am heading to see the new broadway show Beautiful: about Carole King. Weather is great today and it will be nice to get away for a day. Have a great day everyone:-)
  7. Hi Ocean73! Thank you, made me smile:-) Steve, if you don't have time for such things..fine. If this thread is of no interest to you..(whatever). Jeff, You Rock!! Yes, thank you as I know you will as always do an amazing job:-)
  8. ^^ See my post from Oct 13th....Did anyone watch the new HBO series Vinyl last night? It was the first one so it was two hours and it had Led Zeppelin all in the show!!!! I almost fell out!!. They had Peter Grant (the guy who played him was much to small), but he did have a strong personality. Then they had Robert backstage (character was similar but not near as breathtaking as Robert). It was when Zeppelin played MSG in 73. When the credits ran at the end thay had who played Bonham, JPJ, Jimmy and Robert...along with Peter Grant. I worked yesterday but they all knew I was not going to miss that show. I think it will be a great series. I felt like I was back in 1973:-) Looking forward to the next show:-) Sorry I cannot post any links as I am on a computer that is in the business center and it will not let me post:-(
  9. thozil!!! THANK YOU so much. I actually read this just before logging in today. What a great read and find. You truly are a tremendous contribitor to the forum:-) ^Hi Jeff:-)
  10. Hi Everyone! Sorry as I had to work over most of the weekend and I am so tired right now I would probably mess up (seriously).. If anyone else wants to keep it updated for a while.... :-)
  11. Hi Strider! Thanks my friend:-) I wished I could share Happy Hour with you..along with your weather! :-) Call my cell when you have time to talk. Miss so many of you and I really miss music as I have had no time to listen to any ( I need music in my life:-)
  12. ^Hi Walter!! Thanks as always my friend! I plan on a restful evening (room service and sleep:-)
  13. I will try to catch up on the thread this weekend (unless they call me for something this weekend since I am living at the hotel I am working at for the next month)....:-)
  14. I finally have some time to rest. Busy week and I have been working non stop since Tuesday. I am in the northeast and it is beyond freezing here!!! I hope next weekend has better weather so I can go to Manhattan and catch a show or something, anything just to get away from the hotel for a day! Being on the road for 30 days will make me kiss my front door when I get back home!! :-) I am trying to stay in a good mood as I know so many people have it far worse than myself. After about 80 hours of work this week my brain is exhausted and I cannot wait to get back home for good around mid March...until the next job. I hope you all have great weekend:-) On a side note: With all this crazy weather please take time to check on the elderly around you and I hope people are kind enough to have the pets/animals indoor and out of this weather!
  15. ^Thanks- you may want to send Jimmy's website an update as well:-) February 7th1969 - Led Zeppelin - Chicago,IL/Kinetic Playground1975 - Led Zeppelin - New York,NY/Madison Square Garden2008 - John Paul Jones - Los Angeles,CA/The Largo - Watkins Family Hour2011 - Robert Plant - Band Of Joy - Charlotte, NC/Ovens Auditorium2013 - Jason Bonham - JBLZE - Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada/Casino Regina
  16. ^Thanks Walter, it was a great night for sure:-) February 6th 1966 - Robert Plant - Tennessee Teens - Wolverhampton,West Midlands,England/Blue Flame Club 1972 - John Bonham & Robert Plant - Wolverhampton,West Midlands,England/Lafayette Club - with Fairport Convention 1975 - Led Zeppelin - Montreal,Quebec,Canada/Montreal Forum 1984 - Robert Plant - Principle Of Moments Tour - Melbourne,Australia/Sports & Leisure Centre 1996 - Page & Plant -Unledded Tour -Tokyo,Japan/Budokan Hall 2010 - John Paul Jones - Them Crooked Vultures - New York,NY/GE Building, NBC Studio 8H - Saturday Night Live2013 - JBLZE - Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada/MTS Centre
  17. February 5th1996 - Page & Plant - Unledded Tour - Tokyo, Japan/Nippon Budokan2002 - Robert Plant - Strange Sensation - Bristol,Avon, England/University of Bristol, Anson Rooms2011 - Robert Plant - Band Of Joy - Atlanta, GA/Fox Theater ^ I was there front row with Gigi:-) What a great night!!!
  18. February 4th 1975 - Led Zeppelin - Uniondale, NY/Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum1995 - Jimmy Page - Paris,France/LeZenith de Paris - with The Black Crowes2008 - John Paul Jones - London, England/BBC Radio2 Folk Awards2011 - Robert Plant - Band Of Joy - North Charleston,SC/North Charleston Performing Arts Center2012 - John Paul Jones - Oslo, Norway/Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene
  19. Hi rm2551, Is this the interview you are looking for? About 1:31 in Robert talks about Kashmir:-) http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/kingsmill/kinghit/ http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/media/s2569216.htm During their Unledded tour in 1995, Richard Kingsmill speaks to Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and Jimmy Page about some of their legacy and legendary songs.
  20. Hi TheGreatOne! I am about vinyl when possible. Here is a thread that was done:-)
  21. ^^I have checked his official website and nothing yet....you can bet if they are anywhere close to me and I am there if it happens:-)
  22. My turntable is broke and I am waiting on a new one so I am playing the CD.
  23. ^^ I agree with all of you. My jaw dropped at how great these photos are!
  24. Hi thozil! ^^As always, THANK YOU! This is great. So the January 6th date is a new confirmed one..at least according to my notes.
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