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    Top 5 current motorcycle racers Valentino Rossi Danni Pedrosa Casey Stoner Jorge Lorenzo Ben Spies
  2. Hey Hey Mama! Where goest thou, highway to hell? or stairway to heaven, where the piper will lead us to new
  3. yes HYE Thought about string theory?
  4. Yes HYE tried cleaning it with lemon juice?
  5. Shining in the light ~ Page & Plant
  6. I'd rather walk ... Bike Early or Late
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvd8RR0wvNg All Night Long Rainbow
  8. Haha nice one erm... WWJD Motorcycle or boring old car
  9. Happy Birthday to you

  10. Dean Martin Forwards or backwards
  11. Conneyfogle

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    Top 5 strange weather anomilies The Northern lights Ball Lightning Imps Vortex's Raining frogs
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