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  1. Black Keys are extremely good. I do believe even Robert listens to them.
  2. (looks at Ghandi....then looks at Hitler) Uhh care to elaborate?
  3. Can't agree with you more, I just see the beauty in each of Zep's songs. Its like the girl ya love, you don't see flaws, just the beauty.
  4. you do realize this a the Led Zeppelin Experience right? He has to play it note for note anyway, otherwise it wouldn't be all about Led Zeppelin. The guy is great, brilliant in many ways.
  5. Please don't just assume anyone against the celebration or satisfaction of Osama's death is liberal. I consider myself liberal in many many aspects, but definitely agree with Osama's killing and the continued use of Gitmo.
  6. Yes it seems the mission accomplished was quite a bit premature eh? Considering, you know, that we are still there. I'm sorry, but Republican or not, George Bush was a bloody mook.
  7. Well I dont know about that but the Prez does deserve credit here because it was his call. Not to take anything away from the servicemen who totally embodied baddassery with this mission.
  8. On CNN, Wolf Blitzer quoted a woman whose husband died on 9/11. She said "Its not right to celebrate a man's death, but tonight, it feels right to do so" You know, as a religious person, I can't feel like its right in many ways, BUT this man killed 3000 people and now he has been done away with...so for that I AM PLEASED!
  9. Well the U.S. has his body this time, no Soviets are involved so I expect a little more info
  10. Considering the MASSIVE planning that it took to send the Special Forces Unit to dispose of Bin Laden, I am more than sure that there are strategies in place to prevent retaliation. One thing that the President should add (sooner than later) is something along the lines of "whomever wishes to take Bin Laden's place, YOUR NEXT"
  11. So i heard this story a while back when i was still getting into Zeppelin, and basically it said that during one of Zep's early concerts, the PA System died yet Plant was able to still audible over the other three instruments due to his large voice. Now, if this is a myth, then I know it may be dumb to ask this. But! Given that Plant's voice from 68-73 had such a range, I cant really doubt it too much. Any confirmation on such an epic tale?
  12. Aha! I was wondering why the ABC truck was there so early and left just before the Warfield's doors opened, a pre-show interview haha. Thanks Steve
  13. Last nights show in San Francisco was sensational. The crowd was into it and you could tell each of the band members were really feeling it. What really, really made the show for me was that they added in the San Francisco part into Dazed and Confused just like Zeppelin did in '73 and '75. Jason even said himself that they didn't rehearse that until the sound check before the show, as well as apologizing if it sounded a little rough. But it sounded great and was truly an experience.
  14. Can't wait for this, I got my tickets for San Francisco. I expect to be the youngest fella there haha.
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