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  1. Perhaps the rehearsal had something to do with the DVD and maybe someone involved with its production leaked it?
  2. Okay, lets say that by some strange "stars are aligned "crap that is true...than it better not interfere with Page's website, cause I'm interested in that right now.
  3. Theres few words that can describe just how excellent John Paul Jones is. That performance with Seasick Steve, JW and Alison Mosshart was something else.
  4. Does anyone know if Sam has anything to do with Jimmy's website? He has done a helluva job here so I'd figure he would have some part in it.
  5. Agreed. I'm thinking the pending O2 DVD release may closely coincide with whatever he actually does release but the actual announcement will be strictly about Jimmy Page and not Led Zeppelin. But hey, I would not mind at all if I am wrong.
  6. Way to be cryptic Steve
  7. Black Keys are extremely good. I do believe even Robert listens to them.
  8. Well honestly at this point, it doesn't seem like a far fetched idea. With his website having a lot of Outrider references, I'd say its a strong possibility.
  9. I miss Evster, such an intelligent and talented person. Maybe this isn't the most polite of questions but I am curious to know where he has been.
  10. Welcome, hope you really enjoy this forum, its limitless in its knowledge as well as its kindness.
  11. i actually like it, fits the mood of this movie and is a totally unique take on it. If you don't like it, just throw in Zep III and forget about it
  12. (looks at Ghandi....then looks at Hitler) Uhh care to elaborate?
  13. Can't agree with you more, I just see the beauty in each of Zep's songs. Its like the girl ya love, you don't see flaws, just the beauty.
  14. That would be something wouldn't it haha? But, I'm assuming its more of a personal thing, he probably really loved the art he drew upon the tele and when his "friend" painted over it, Jimmy may have been deeply hurt by the loss of something so creative. Who knows though Hecube, maybe tomorrow morning you will receive a message from the Dark Lord himself asking for your luthier skills!
  15. I really think so, even though I know that Atlantic absolutely loved the success of WLL.
  16. Jimmy says its almost ready, he is gonna have new music somehow available through it. Other than that, just stay hopeful and optimistic.
  17. Another excellent tale Strider, your personal experience really opens a window to the time when giants walked the earth (moreso than Mick Wall could ever dream of)
  18. Glad to see this, I'd love for him to do these JPJ-esque guest appearences for other artists more often
  19. Thats something that I would love to have JPJ discuss, ITTOD. I'd love to know how Caroulselambra came to be and if he wishes to start playing these songs at some point in the future.
  20. I am so eager for the next post Strider, I feel like tomorrow is the release to a new Stephen King novel or something haha. Can't wait
  21. Just downloaded the album from iTunes. It is fantastic. Very raw and heavy, but lotsa southern influence with the banjo's and percussion. The songs with Jonesy are just supreme. Very happy with this purchase.
  22. Pretty good, tired of other people ignoring the treble sound.
  23. So true^. Its not like Obama is putting a secret police against his critics. This "U.S. Citizen" is a terrorist, simple as that. Whether they capture or kill him is not up to me, and quite frankly i could care less. The sooner they do something about this fool the better.
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