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  1. I don't think of the Beatles as a 'rock' band. And I don't think of the Stones as a 'serious' rock band. More of a partying band. Floyd were 'serious', but only made about 3 great albums. The Eagles? Are you having a bubble, my man?
  2. Great song, and one of my all-time favourite solos too. Shame about the mistake near the end of the solo, but I think Big Dave liked the take and wasn't concerned about the blooper. Nancy Boy - Placebo
  3. ^8. Moving on......(sigh).....and TBH, I don't give a flyer what ANYONE thinks about this, because for me it is the epitome of METAL.
  4. You DON'T have to buy bootlegs. You don't HAVE to do ANYTHING.
  5. Kind of. HYE been a Devil's Rejects character for halloween?
  6. Unfinished Sweet -Alice Cooper
  7. "We've got armadillos down our trousers"
  8. No HYE fallen in love with someone, ever fallen in love, in love with someone, ever fallen in love, in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?
  9. Tuesday's Gone was playing on the PA when Zep came onstage the only time I saw them live. I think it was near the end of the song when Zep came on. What a shame they couldn't make it onstage about 6 minutes earlier.
  10. You liked this one so much, you posted it twice, eh silver? She looks like a formidable lady. Like Angie Bowie on steroids. And I bet she could crack walnuts between those thighs.
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