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  1. I don't think of the Beatles as a 'rock' band. And I don't think of the Stones as a 'serious' rock band. More of a partying band. Floyd were 'serious', but only made about 3 great albums. The Eagles? Are you having a bubble, my man?
  2. Great song, and one of my all-time favourite solos too. Shame about the mistake near the end of the solo, but I think Big Dave liked the take and wasn't concerned about the blooper. Nancy Boy - Placebo
  3. ^8. Moving on......(sigh).....and TBH, I don't give a flyer what ANYONE thinks about this, because for me it is the epitome of METAL.
  4. You DON'T have to buy bootlegs. You don't HAVE to do ANYTHING.
  5. Kind of. HYE been a Devil's Rejects character for halloween?
  6. Unfinished Sweet -Alice Cooper
  7. "We've got armadillos down our trousers"
  8. No HYE fallen in love with someone, ever fallen in love, in love with someone, ever fallen in love, in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?
  9. Tuesday's Gone was playing on the PA when Zep came onstage the only time I saw them live. I think it was near the end of the song when Zep came on. What a shame they couldn't make it onstage about 6 minutes earlier.
  10. You liked this one so much, you posted it twice, eh silver? She looks like a formidable lady. Like Angie Bowie on steroids. And I bet she could crack walnuts between those thighs.
  11. It took me until last year to attempt Beef Wellington for the first time. I'd eaten it several times before, but always assumed it would be really difficult to get it right. Well, it's a bit fiddly, but it's not at all difficult, and it came out PERFECT the first time. Here's what I did: Get a Big Log of fillet beef, size depending on appetite or number of participants. (DO NOT try to get away with a cheaper cut. I tried once, and it sucked.) Brush with olive oil and cook in ovenon a high heat for 5-10 mins to brown. Leave to cool. Prepare the duxelles. This is a mushroom, white wine & herb reduction. Chop a load of mushrooms (preferably flat mushrooms) as finely as possible, ideally the size of breadcrumbs. Yeah, I know. Fry in a little olive oil with a sprig of lemon thyme until it begins to turn to mush. Add a hefty glug of white wine, and continue to fry until the wine has evaporated and the reducton is paste-like. Remove the thyme, mix with an equal quantity of smooth liver pate and allow to cool. Lay out a sheet of cling-film, and on it create a bed of prosciutto or similar thin ham, in slightly overlapping rows, 2 inches or so wider than the length of the beef, and long enough to roll around it with a slight overlap. The point is that the ham should form a barrier to prevent too much of the beef's juices from leaking out and softening the pastry, although a little seepage is inevitable. Spead the duxelles/pate mix evenly to cover the ham. Place the beef onto the bed, and carefully roll the bed around tightly around the beef, using the clingfilm, until you have created a tube. (Hint: the ham, and NOT the duxelles, should be on the outside ). Seal the ends of the tube by twisting the cling-film, and place the fully-sealed tube in the fridge for 45mins to set. Roll a sufficent quantity of puff pastry, then carefully remove the cling-film from the tube, place it on the pastry, and wrap & seal the pastry. Cut some shallow venting slits, and brush with egg. Cook on a medium heat for 25 minutes, 30 maximum. The fillet beef should remain pink in the middle when cooked, although this is not to everyone's taste. But that's how it SHOULD be. It can also be prepared in individual portions, with the cooking time reduced accordingly. But a Big Log is much more fulfilling. Serve with potatoes of your choice (Dauphinoise goes well), a nice thick red wine gravy, and seasonal vegetables. Hmmm.......I think I'll cook that tomorrow DIET'S ON HOLD!!!!! :D
  12. She's gorgeous! I just wish I could see her eyes.....
  13. One that I just can't find anywhere is a full-length 27.3.70 LA Forum, which is about 140 mins. The only version I can find is about 90 mins. - no BIOH, White Summer or SIBLY, and a very short Moby. Bummer. Anyone with any clues, please pm me?
  14. There are at least 2 versions, 'Presence Production' which I have (B&W cover), and TDOLZ (colour) which is about 2 mins longer according to Ramble On. I have to say that my version is by no means the worst 77 recording I've heard - there are some EXTREMELY shitty ones - so I'm guessing you've not heard many 77 shows, Oracle? Anyone know whether the TDOLZ version is significantly better? Or worse?
  15. Whatever you do with your lentils, if you're a lentil newbie, be prepared for a shock! The first time I made my now legendary lentil & bacon soup (which also features copious quantities of split yellow peas), I thought I was levitating four hours later. But I soon discovered that I was actually being propelled upwards by the highly pressurised vapour escaping from my back passage. So enjoy, but 'proceed with caution'! And avoid naked flames!
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