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  1. I'd say you're the one who annoys the hell out of most posters, Knebby. Don't you know any good plumbers?
  2. Ooooooooooh! Grumpy draws! Who got out of bed the wrong side today?
  3. I'm not in the House of Lords, Knebby. I'm just a humble barrister specialising in criminal prosecution at the moment, though who's to say where I'll be in 20 years' time. I don't like Spain because the cuisine is appalling, and the people are uncouth - which is probably why the country appeals to the low-brow, small-ticket sector of British society. A home from home, as it were. Personally, I favour SE Asia. I even met Jimmy in Pattaya the other year. Charming fellow, and still very popular with the ladies.
  4. You're not worth banning, Billy. On the annoyance continuum, you're down at the 'mosquito' end, right next to 'rainy days'. The mods have far bigger fish to fry. Don't pride yourself. I will not agree with you on principle, because you're a troll, but it is my opinion that the 02 show was nothing to write home about from a musical POV. As an occasion, however, it was momentous. And with the more rigorous rehearsals that would presumably be a prerequisite of a tour of some kind, the performances would doubtless improve. Besides, what does everyone expect? They're old guys now. Look at the Stones. I wouldn't cross the road to go see them these days, but they're still a major attraction to fans new and old. But as a potential attraction, 'Zep' are in a different league entirely, having been mothballed for the past 30 years. Even when they were active, they had a mystique and a cachet that no other band came close to. And that factor has remained undiminshed over the past decades. If anything, it's been strengthened. So to be honest, I don't think a few glitches would be an issue to 99% of fans. After all, we're used to them
  5. None, Mr Paranoid. I saw the post, was highly amused, and I'm throwing it back at you because you're still a Sad-Sack.
  6. BillyMacQ and his co-stiflers of Free Speech don't have to read this stuff if they don't like it. Since they clearly have nothing to contribute to the discussion apart from negativitiy, threats and sarcasm - quite rich in the case of one particular poster, who wasn't even born when Zep split - why don't they stick to the Kiddies' Section, and tell each other what they've been listening to? Like anyone gives a toss? And hey: BillyMacQ, Billy, oh Billy MacQ, you're STILL a Sad-Sack And don't keep churning out your line about 'Oh, you don't understand ANYTHING about Zep' whenever somebody says something you disagree with. It's OLD HAT, it makes you sound thoroughly puerile, and hey Billy, a word to the wise: there really isn't THAT much to understand about Zep. They were a blues-rock band with folksy leanings, and an occasional tendency towards pomp and cod-mysticism. And they were very good at all of those things, and made lots of money. There you have it. So get over yourself. Dude.
  7. There's probably only one person in the whole wide world who WOULDN'T be keen
  8. Well it's a while since I watched or listened to it - just checked it out again. Mmm, NICE! I've heard him worse. And Jimmy's not so bad either Anyway, things like that don't bother me. It's not all about Robert, after all.
  9. Occam's Razor

    MOJO Robert Plant

    No. I totally dismissed his opinion because he was a trouble-making bigot with an axe to grind. The fact that he was a Tull freak was just the cherry on the cake.
  10. My first wedding was on September 18. Second was on November 27. Hendrix's death- and birthdays respectively. And no, it wasn't planned
  11. Glenn Hughes and Fabio Capello - separated at birth?
  12. Hmm, I might get this. In fact, it's going on my birthday present list I really liked Come Taste the Band, which was a breath of fresh air after Baldrick quit. And the album still feels fresh today, unlike a lot of their older stuff which has aged really badly IMO.
  13. It would depend on whether he changed the Knebworth selections as a result, or allowed song duplications. I've always really liked the opening 77 three-hole salvo of TSRTS / Sick Again (which works much better earlier in the set - it seemed a little 'lost' later in the set at Knebworth), and NFBM. Then there's OTHAFA. Then....jeez Jimmy, just tidy it up and release the whole bleedin' show, why doncha? But the first ball out of the hat for me would definitely be Ten Years Gone, regardless of the quality of performance.
  14. Occam's Razor

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Equally, he COULD have ended up having to go back to accountancy. As for 'local celeb', now there's a pejorative term, polished, recycled and inverted to suit you position, if ever I heard one. And before you or anybody else accuse me of being a 'hater', can I just say this: there are lots of GENUINE Robert/Zep haters out there. Lots. There were quite a few on a different forum I once frequented. I had great fun with one particular cretin who accused Robert of being 'the weakest link in Zep's chain', a grating caterwauler with an over-reliance on the 'baby baby baby' mode etc, blah blah. Absolute tosh, particularly given the fact that he spoke as a rabid fan of Jethro Tull , a thoroughly nauseating band cursed with the most preposterous front-man in the history of rock. One thing he said did surpirse me though. He claimed that in the early days, Jimmy was considering replacing him because he wasn't good enough. I'd never heard that one before, and find it hard to believe. I expect he was getting confused by the fact that Robert wasn't Jimmy's first choice. Is there any truth in this?
  15. Hi Bigdan I cannot possibly provide a Barrister's Opinion until you have signed my Letter of Engagement, provided me with a copy of your passport, and bunged me five grand in used tenners in a grubby brown envelope. Pm me if you're still interested. OR
  16. Hi Bigdan A propos birdy poo, I once had a budgerigar which I occasionally allowed to fly free in my loft conversion, which also served as my music room and contained my extensive vinyl collection. However, the ungrateful little bastard used to shit everywhere, and it was a great relief when he eventually popped his clogs. Despite three subsequent house moves, I still occasionally pull out an album and find his deposits encrusted on the top of an album, or even inside. Gatefolds are the worst. I prised open Steely Dan's Aja last night, and the top paragraphs on both sides of the centrefold are now completely obliterated. You can just imagine the caveats I'll have to mention if I ever try to sell my collection on ebay. 'Record plays perfectly, but extensive bird-shit damage to cover'. OR
  17. Hi Bigdan As you did not purchase a ticket for any of his shows, there is no valid contract upon which you can rely. There must however be many thousands of people who have watched his rendition of Houses of the Holy on youtube. Although Robert himself did not record or post the clips, there might still be a case for a Class Action against him for failing to prevent the filming of himself in the act of knowingly or recklessly performing in a manner likely to cause Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I shall consult my weighty tomes forthwith on arrival at my Chambers tomorrow. OR
  18. I suppose it all depends on which socio-economic stratum one inhabits, Knebby.
  19. I don't think of the Beatles as a 'rock' band. And I don't think of the Stones as a 'serious' rock band. More of a partying band. Floyd were 'serious', but only made about 3 great albums. The Eagles? Are you having a bubble, my man?
  20. Occam's Razor

    Photos !

    And that's a WAY better looking creature than the moosies we get over here:D. A keeper, I'd say
  21. ^ Nice brickwork This should serve as inspiration to you, Alexa. Who woulda thunk she'd go on to be the USA's greatest musician since Vanilla Ice?
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