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  1. Oh i forgot to say! save the vinyl

  2. Hi Missy, Thanks for adding me & happy tooting . . .

  3. My Mrs hates Jungle... I say "Jungle is massive!!!" She say`s "Boom Boom banger banger music"....I haven`t the foggiest idea what she`s on about
  4. Fantastic news, We all have to work together now and watch our neighbers even closer than before, Well done U.S.A special forces....NICE ONE!
  5. Yeah, Thats it! you probably hit the nail on the head there matey...Thats what i should have said lol
  6. How Many More Times" was listed as 3:30 on the record sleeve deliberately by Jimmy Page in order to trick radio stations into playing the song
  7. Here is a link you may find it on here http://en.allexperts.com/q/Led-Zeppelin-501/indexExp_17282.htm
  8. Hi Debs, Your copy of Physical graffiti is probably worth £200 + if its in decent condition, I mean EX - NR MINT, Also have a look at the text on the spine if its got a red text then its a U.K 1st pressing these fetch about £200.00 without the mispressing, So with it being a mispressing....Who knows???? So just out of interest let me know
  9. I can`t listen to a CD nowadays its got be a record, because for me, "you just can`t beat the sound vinyl brings", The question i have been pondering over is how many people actually still listen to records and who still buys them, It can`t just be me that still appreciates vinyl surely? Its just something ive been wondering that all, I know its a futile question but people say im mad spending my money on records...I dont think so!!!!
  10. Your wrong matey, Vinyl is worth more now than ever, Especially if thier U.K first pressings, Only three weeks ago i sold a VG + copy of Physical Grafitti for £87.00 on Ebay...For a NR MINT copy i would have expected to get £185.00 and above, Vinyl is making a come back for the simple reason its a far more superior sound than digital sound, Even insurance companies are offering insurance for these rare treasures on 1st U.K pressings and of course certain 1st U.S pressings
  11. If its a U.K pressing I`ll give you £200.00 for it!
  12. The only reason why we have all these cuts is because of the HAVES, and the HAVES include - Greedy bankers (100percent bonuses), Polotitions (over rated expenses), The Royal family (so much money none of this affects them) and YES while a minority of people will make some money out of this farse... who makes PLATES???, I mean, who wants to buy a plate with a HORSE on it anyhow??? Im sorry guys to those who desagree! The HAVE NOTS like small construction companies and every other small business who dont make plates and are struggling to survive because of the TAX TAX TAX mentality of the condems and Royals, And these companies are having to bare the brunt of just an extra day off for example, YES just one day off is a EXTRA STRUGGLE at the moment After everything thats happened and is still happening in This GREAT GREAT country of ours NOT ONE OF THE RACIST GERMAN (i might add) ROYAL FAMILY has stood up and given their point of view to all this robbery of thier loyal subjects, The only thing ive heard of the Queen saying about this recetion, reported in the Sunday mail is this - "Recetion??? thats nothing to worry about, we have one of these every 14 years or so" Like i said before the only people who will make money out of this recetion is the haves, why not let them pay for it! because like some people the treasury will pay for it...where do you think the treasury get its money from???? what about the Kids of this country, and what about the elderly and sick people like cancer patients who are forced into selling thier homes so they can care for thier loved ones or them selves, When they take your tax money they say "will look after you if you get sick" this is not so as me and my girl has sadly found out this last year, Its a dissgrace this wedding and the timing for me and the majority of people who live where i do are all saying the same thing, I`m very sorry again, I really am, and dont mean to go on and on and on and on but ive just had enough of working hard, and working my fingers to the bone and not getting anywhere, Now my girl is sick, and no! this country hasn`t helped a bit, this wedding just seems to rubbing her face in it, whilst they let us suffer in our own shit!
  13. Sorry about this but with everything thats going on over here in rip off Britain i really hope it rains on their wedding day, i mean, What about the have nots who have lost their jobs, houses and all them public services the CONDEMS have destroyed, and no im not a bitter person but all that money! , i mean, how much have they spent on a horse for example....and im not talking about Prince Phillip when i say a horse, its a horse!!! all that tax money for crying out loud, Its ok for you on the other side of the pond but its not ok over here we`re stuck with these scavengers raping our tax money for their own greedy needs, some kids over here are without edumecation, YES! i said edumecation i didn`t spell it wrong, We need to edumecate ourselves nowadays because for the have nots its far too expensive to educate ourselves in uni! I did say sorry at the beginning of this sentence and for some reason i seem to be going on a bit, I think i might suffering from ADHD or something so please dont keep going on about this blooming wedding, I really do hope it rains and she falls in a puddle along with her horse, i dont have anything against horses! I`d like a horse myself but i cant afford one with me paying for TV licences, council Tax and fuel tax, 20 percent income tax! oh yeah i nearly forgot the 22 percent VAT on everything aswell, and i mean EVERYTHING from clothes, food, beer, shoes, milk, cats and dogs, going to the tiolet costs 30p nowadays, i feel a bit better now for moaning on a bit and i seem to have got it my chest, and ive said sorry three times now and i haven`t done anything wrong!!! so im off to listen to some Zepplin Zep makes me forget!!! so thank you Led Zepplin
  14. How did you know i would be back ? and thankyou for the smile...
  15. How did you know i would be back? And thankyou for the smile....
  16. I like that song aswell mate its a wicked song
  17. Savoy Brown - Looking in and Hendrix - Are you Experienced, Both first pressings and both on vinyl, I got em off Ebay
  18. Hi Guys, I have to say that this is a good place for me to be! its an honour and my pleasure to be in the company of people who appreciate good music world wide, Its obvious its not just England thats producing crap new music aswell, so if anybody can recommend any new bands to me i would be iternaly gratefull, Thanks guys...Save the vinyl
  19. I think they should have! After all there`s only one Led Zep
  20. The last movie i saw was Britney rears and Shaving Ryans privates, Its a double bill and i had to get the hankies out!
  21. "The sun is shining" by Elmore James
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