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  1. I was researching some unrelated newspaper archives, however i got clucky and started searching for LZ articles around the 1973 tour which is still my favorite era. Here are some memories......
  2. ABBA was offered similar i think back in 2000 (approx 250 million each for all 4 members)
  3. Anyone else in tears !!!!!!
  4. I have always wondered if Grant tracked down the security guards who let the 3 kids in for free (I am not sure where this was filmed at) lolll
  5. My favourite bit I think from Melbourne "Oh man my ears"..........too funny when i hear that
  6. My link Presented by: CCEntertainment and Tim Woods as part of the 'Classic Rock Concert Series' View the concert promo at: www.youtube.com/WholeLottaLove2010 This world class concert experience brings together some of Australia's finest Rock artists to recreate the pure excitement, energy and passion of Led Zeppelin, it has sold out in Sydney since 2003 and played to a packed house in Melbourne in October. Superb guest vocalists Dave Gleeson (Screaming Jets), Steve Balbi (Noiseworks), Simon Meli (The Widowbirds), Ngaiire (ex Blue King Brown) and Zkye will reinterpret and sensation
  7. I am pretty sure, someone mentioned to me, that the ABC have quite a bit of footage from this show, I wish i was there but i was Minus 2 back then
  8. Here are some of my fav crowd moments and wonder what there doing now ??
  9. Im sure when the guys were running in, one said "alright John Bonham"
  10. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Page-Plant-Irvine-...7689&sr=1-4 Anyone seen this from amazon UK ?? also lots of Led Zep bootleg DVD for sale on AMAZON UK 1 The Wanton Song 3:44 2 Bring It On Home 1:29 3 Ramble On 5:13 4 Thank You 7:21 5 No Quarter 6:41 6 That's The way 6:35 7 Hurdy Gurdy Solo
  11. http://www.smh.com.au/news/music/zeppelin-...1369128188.html Omens point to Zeppelin world tour LED ZEPPELIN have given the strongest hint yet that they are planning a world tour - likely to be the biggest in the history of rock music. Jimmy Page, the band's lead guitarist, said in Tokyo on Monday that the band was ready to reunite and prepare for a series of events as soon as they had tied up individual projects. Speculation about a tour has been mounting since the group performed a reunion concert before 22,000 fans at London's O2 centre in December. "The amount of work we
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