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  1. Listen to the first 5 tunes from 5.30.77 again. Seems like you folks have forgot how good 1977 really was on a good night. And NQ from 5.22, as well as Since I've Been Loving You, are a DREAM my friends. EXCELLENT.
  2. Are you F**KING KIDDING ME? "The only thing an LA 77 board would be good for" ????? YOU ARE BANISHED! GO! Kidding, but even with the great Millard tapes, there is no doubt that a board of 6/21, 6/23, and even 6/25 and 6/27 are my holy grails. The other shows (22nd and 26th) I'm not too familiar with, but they sound just as well performed as any of the others to me, also.
  3. dernit!!! you guys need to give a solid (turn it up loud) listen to these shows. 5/30/77, 5/22/77, 6/21/77, 6/23/5/7/77, 6/7/77 a listen, and get back to me. are you listening to music on your alarm clock? turn it up!
  4. edit: thats the video, the cut happened right at :35 seconds in that video. cut for obvious reasons, its not very focused playing, and Jones is introduced as "on bass and Hammond Organ" which would confuse almost anybody watching/listening to the DVD version. Just pointing it out because this was one circulating item that I missed for a long time, only found it recently.
  5. If that HMMT isn't the version with the complete intro, with each members introduction, there is one out there. That sounds 95% as good as the official release's sound quality. It was release on a compilation boot by itself, mixed in with other live & studio outtake stuff. Kinda like how the ~3 tracks, the raw untouched multi-tracks of WIAWSNB Dancing Days, and Moby Dick, from 6.27.72 were release. In a similar fashion. If you can't find it just ask, I'll see what I can do.
  6. When everybody is freaking out about a LA or NYC 77 board, I'm gonna find you and
  7. I agree, but only after we get a good LA 77 board (oxymoron, they all are great), and a good NYC board (which should be much less sloppy playing-wise than 6.7.77)
  8. I'm glad that us 1977 fans don't feel as alone as we used to, and now we have more soundboards from '77 to really show the magic that was happening on stage. Here is my list, and they are all great, but some really shine more than others. (by the way, I don't think 5.28 is as bad as folks say it is... IMO the muddy recording and thin guitar sound makes Jimmy's playing seem worse than it really was. i'm sure in the audience he sounded great!) 6.23.77 (only a snippet, but it's #1 on my list because its a good sign that the rest of the show was recorded! ) 5.30.77 (simply stunning performance and sound quality) 5.22.77 (SIBLY through Kashmir especially) 6.7.77 5.25.77 5.26.77 5.28.77 6.11.77 snippet (Jimmy sounded sloppier than I'd expected, given the fact that the NYC gigs were known to be well played, but also means the rest of the show may surface ) 4.27.77 (not sure if its the sound quality that turns me off, but it sounds thinner to my ears than the other boards, and Jimmy sounds really damn sloppy to me... ???)
  9. I'll agree with this one. One thing: I wouldn't call '72 early days, as they were already performing songs from HOTH. I'd say "early" ended sometime in '71, but thats my opinion. But, 6/25/72 is probably the best representation of the "early" AND "middle" days, in one show. The latter days came to the mountains highest peak on June 21st through June 27th, 1977.
  10. i'll say it again, no quarter and ten years gone from the albums is what made me realize that LZ was "something else" the 72 tangerines weren't strong COMPARED to the rest of their set, in that year, but it was beautiful.
  11. I love every song by the band minus maybe 3. Can't say that about any other band no matter how many albums they made! My point: i love every song of every album, live album, and boot? THAT IS why I'm here! Dislike Train kept a Rollin. Just never liked it (except for maybe a half minute or so of one of the parts during a guitar solo). In the Evening sucks... IMO Carouselambra sucks... IMO it really sucks. glad it wasn't ever played live (on stage at gigs). My god, to think I listened to the whole thing more than once!!! Boogie section of No Quarter is kinda weak, MOST of the time. Some good ones occasionally.
  12. i'll try and upload the photos. they are in a LZ photo book (forget the name) that is pretty mass produced to book stores, and goes for about $50. anyways, they look very similar to the extra mic's in Japan. Jimmy is wearing a plaid sweater i think. Extra mic's on the amps behind Jonesy, etc, etc. Also in that book is a photo of LZ onstage at Bath 1970 with a cameraman shooting 16mm footage of the band. Not holding the camera, pointing it and looking through the camera. A small version of an old 16mm video camera. Proves to me that it was filmed, partially maybe, and likely recorded. (but the tapes may be lost or destroyed/no good)
  13. Any rumor that Hawaii '71 was recorded as a warm-up to Japan '71? Based on photo evidence, it looks like there were extra mic's onstage.
  14. heres my two cents. remasters aside (since i haven't heard them yet), the dvd-a is much more clear in the high ends, and much less muddy in the low end. the hi-hat sounds like a hi-hat, not static from an fm radio. jones bass seems louder, but it may seem that way because the bottom end is less muddy. it is easier to hear his little embelishments in each song, and the his right hand work/muting. the drums: they sound similar, but noticeably less reverb, and the cymbals aren't ear bleeding & distorted plant: he seems the same in the mastering page: sounds the same, but a little clearer and on the dvd-a, he is not overpowering the rest of the band volume wise. can't wait to hear more! '72 baby!
  15. Can anyone tell me if the stereo separation is different, even a tiny bit? On the CD, Page is BARELY to the right, and Jones is BARELY to the left side. I am considering using some of my gear to get rid of the "effects" such as echo/"doubling" but I need to know if the stereo field is ANY different. Can someone point me in the right direction to get the 2.0 rip (stereo) from the DVD-A?
  16. are those two still alive? talk about somebody with some stories to tell. wasn't one Roberts bodyguard or somethin'? Or was he Page's?
  17. they did get searched, off the top of my head, in australia(?) but obviously the LZ crew weren't a load of idiots. They didn't make it on the road partying so long by luck alone. They were big enough to hire plenty of sober people to look out for em all i guess. (not saying the band were always 4 druggies, just party animals)
  18. probably from 6/25/72, and 6/27/72. if only i could decide based on the complete multitrack recordings of both. LIBERATE! For ze People!
  19. very far from the best concert recording, but i'd grab dadgads version of the audience. it sounds complete to me. edit: and sounds very good. way better than the sbd to me.
  20. This looks like Heartbreaker. Any chance it was played the 8th?
  21. THAT'LL be the day... Home state gig for me, too! And, it was apparently really good, based on the silent video and review(s)
  22. Time aint on your side? Didn't you see Zep LIVE at the Forum in 1977? I'm in my early 20's, idk about Sue, but time is on YOUR SIDE buddy! I was BORN in 1989. I will alway be listening to a band I love, and will love them just the same, but its just different when you see them when they are at their height. I listen to soundboards and audiences/boots from old, old tape decks and reel-2-reels even in high gen's. I couldn't imagine going to the record store to get the new Led Zeppelin album. I can't even dream of what that COULD feel like. BUT, I'm happy enough to be able to enjoy their albums for what they were: the best albums of the best band to walk the earth! Our excitement that we get with our age is this: "THIS JUST IN! EVSD in COMPLETE PERFECT stereo surround sound digital soundboard, the best show of all time, Greensboro 1975! Coming to a torrent site near you and then mailbox near you for $5,000!" which I'd be happy about, somehow.
  23. 5/26/77! I listen to 5/25 and 5/30 so much, i forgot this one due to it being less recent sbd releases (considering). I want to put on record that 1977 is my favorite year. I don't know why, but it just has some mysterious vibe to it that blows my mind, and the setlist is killer. (and at the same time, I realize that Jimmy high as a giraffes ass too, but still love it) ps. Compared to late '72 through '75, live, Robert kicked ass in 1977. '75 bummers had to be sobering, but could that explain his lack of vocal cracking? The voice cracks of '73 are awful (minus 73's excellent shows, which still had plenty)
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