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  1. Communication breakdown. Got me interested when I read that Johnny Ramone was inspired by it.
  2. Tuco finding Sad Hill Cemetery in The Good The Bad and The Ugly, fantastic!
  3. Never knew these pictures where from that show! Altough it is known as a disaster concert, the pictures look really cool!
  4. Here's another interview with Mendelssohn, he has some interesting things to say about LZIII : http://rockcriticsarchives.com/interviews/johnmendelssohn/johnmendelssohn.html I dont know him that well, but he seems like a very negative guy...
  5. Hahah thanks Swandown, but that Top Gear is way before my time. Anyway thank you LedZep342, I hope one day Robert will visit the show, I think Robert has a great sense of humor!
  6. It's a well known fact that both Hammond and Clarkson are Zepp fans, right? I've heard some Zepp songs in several episodes, and heard Clarkson talk about him listening to Led Zeppelin the other day... But i'm curious,why have neither Plant, Page or Jones raced in the Reasonably Priced car? I believe Page never had a drivers license, but what about the others? And after all some Rock stars have visited the show (Ron Wood, Alice Cooper) Does anyone know if they ever got invited or anything?
  7. They should leave out the option to comment on any youtube video. It's really pathetic to see what people 'comment' on some footage...
  8. Thans for the answers guys! Very nice to see the other thread, I was always very interested in the Obelisk!
  9. Not much unfortunatly, just the Object in a glass cage (i've attached a photo of that as well, but i can't see it anymore??). Also stepping out of the elevator you ran into huge pictures of Jimmy and Robert during '77 tour. The rooms are related to the floor as well, but I didn't see them. I was on the AC/DC floor, and there was a quote on the mirror from You Shook Me All Night Long...
  10. About a month ago I visited the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. On the Led Zeppelin floor they had the famous Object which came with Presence! The object is very rare (see picture), I was wondering if someone on this forum actually ownes on the 1000 Objects?? Maybe somebody can tell me more about this? And where are the other 999? Also, can someone identify the signature on the Obelisk? I think it's Jimmy's?
  11. I got curious when hearing Communication Breakdown, which I heard on a Ramones documentary (I used to be a huge Ramones fan, still think they are underestimated by the way). I'm 23 so, by the time I got familiar with their work, about 4 years ago, it was just a matter of downloading their stuff...
  12. CLINT EASTWOOD is THE MAN! Hear hear!!!
  13. Does anyone know if they ever crossed paths with Led Zeppelin? I know about a festival in Seattle in '69. But i never read/heard anything about the two bands (which are, if you ask me, the greatest bands ever). crossing paths again. I heard Robert during his Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame accepting speach naming the Doors as one of the bands they where privelegd to perform with. But during 1969 they must have come close to eachother, especially in LA?!
  14. Wow you are actually on this forum haha., great! Thanks for your reply! I'm not on page 67 yet, so I guess I was a bit to quick posting this here. Anyway, I like your book a lot, it's not like al the other books I have read about the boys. Fantastic! Nice to hear you've had a great time in Amsterdam, it is a nice city, lots of fun for young guys hahah.
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