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    Reading: (Hammer of the Gods, Stairway to Heaven, When Giants Walked the Earth, Jimmy Page: Magus Musician Man, Heroine Diaries: Nikki Sixx). And many, many, many more...


    Traveling: 11 countries total.

    Music: Jimmy Page acoustic solo's, Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters, Gary Moore,The Wailin Jenny's, World Music, Alice In Chains, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin.

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  1. I collect books about LZ. I could read them for the rest of my life and still look for more.
  2. haha...actually I have some thoughts but I'm not quite sure where to put them. Checking out the zeppelindatabase today.
  3. Just my 2 cents....I find nothing wrong with a little jab here and there among members. It makes it fun and more personable. Maybe some of us should lighten up just a little and learn how to take a joke?
  4. Totally agree with you Major on both parts!
  5. Steve, how in the world do you know these details? You sound like a personal assistant.
  6. I like the video and think it was a great move on Jimmy's part to agree to it. It probably took him back to his session days and gave his children something to be proud of. I searched for the SNL version but couldn't find it. Anyone have a link they can share?
  7. Playback...SIBLY...Song Remains the Same Version

  8. That's the Way, Ten Years Gone, Down By The Seaside, Tea For One. (All....simply beautiful) !!!
  9. I don't care what Jimmy did or does, it wouldn't change the way I feel about the music, and could never change the years of memories I had b/c of it. And just b/c he liked Crowley, that doesn't mean that he agreed with him on everything. So, do what thou wilst.....personally, I think it's a great point, especially when you look at where it came from. Christianity is a form of bondage when it comes to all its restrictions/commandments. Not going to get into this any further, I just wanted to say that it doesn't matter if he's into black magic or not. Those who love him and Zeppelin will love them all the same no matter what their spiritual or other beliefs! Lets let God do the judging!
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