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  1. Wow, Knebby! As a long time collector my feedback would be that those jeans are one hell of a piece to own. As you know, I own Bonzo's hat but I don't broadcast what I paid for it so if you wanna PM me, I can let you in on that. maybe that will give your friend an idea on how to price the jeans. Big difference being that the jeans weren't owned by Bonzo BUT my hat isn't signed so possibly an offsetting issue. Rick Barrett would also be a fantastic resource as well. He may even make an offer. I can put you in touch if you or your friend would like. You may even know Rick. I wish I were in better financial straits because if I were, those jeans would be in the air and on their way to the US! LOL Make sure your friend sets a nice reserve price on Ebay. In all honesty, I personally would suggest your friend keep the jeans regardless of their financial situation. That's temporary but these jeans are a once in a lifetime deal and they may regret selling them. I was put to the test about a year ago when I was laid off and never even considered selling the hat though I knew it would get me out of the hole but I couldn't part with it. I actually chose bankruptcy, eviction and giving my car back instead of selling the hat. Am I a hardcore fan or what (or an idiot)? LOL
  2. Here's one SAJ: What became of some the props from TSRTS? The sword from Robert's sequence, masks from No Quarter, Jimmy's hermit get-up, etc? Was curious if they were just discarded after filming or did the lads keep them for prosperity or, as only a collector would ask, are these items out there somewhere to be obtained? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks Aqua! I'd be interested to know what he said. He seemed pretty impressed as you can hear towards the end. Funny you mention '58, I was gonna say '56 at first. LOL
  4. Good question since the dude in the back with the suit looks like he's circa 1963.
  5. I don't think this has been covered SAJ..... Is PJ Proby still alive and has he ever commented on working with the members of Zep on Jim's Blues/George Wallace on his Three Week Hero album?
  6. This will be my first year without a valentine in about 10 years. I'll probably go see My Bloody Valentine by myself. LOL
  7. Possibly. I always felt it was more like Song Remains The Same. 1984 was heavily influenced by Zep as admitted by Alex. You'll also notice the totally nicked Black Dog drum fill in the break of Drop Dead Legs.
  8. Knebby, FWIW, anytime I see bogus Zep stuff on Ebay, I email the buyer to let them know what's up and that they can retract their bid should they so choose. I also email the seller and give him a fine written beating. Think Peter Grant in TSRTS. Makes me sick too. It happens mostly with fake concert posters and "signed" memorabilia.
  9. Sweet! I was there too. Floor seats? I wonder if you were contributing to the cloud of weird smelling smoke I was catching whiffs of at age 7, on the 2nd level! Haven't been the same since....LOL My Dad waited for tix outside of Bag & Baggage in Wilmington, DE.
  10. Hey Tangerine! I'm from DE so I've seen probably hundreds of shows at the Spectrum. Makes me sick that they're gonna tear it down. I posted here earlier that I saw Zep on 2/8/75 at 7 years old. My dad took me. Actually that wasn't my first show. My first one was Elton John in '74. I had very cool parents. Saw alot of shows at JFK as well, including Live Aid.
  11. They also did Help Me Rhonda in Philly. Don't know about DC.
  12. It was on the 4th. I was there too! Right up front. Fuckin' roasting hot. Interesting story though. I almost got to meet Jimmy Page. I went with my girlfriend and we were up front. All the sudden she got overtaken by heat and passed out. The staff up front took us under the rope and backstage to the medical area. I was standing there while they were putting ice packs on her her neck and all the sudden I turn around and Jimmy is stepping of a trailer! I don't recall but I may have soiled both the front and back of my shorts. LOL Anyway, I started towards him, yelled "Hey Jimmy!". He looked and gave me "the grin" and a thumbs up. I kept walking towards him and then two guards grabbed me under each arm and carried me backwards! Total fate except I didn't get to meet him. My girlfriend ended up ok and they actually let us back in the front where we were initially. Someone groaned and the guards told them we were there first. A week later I was at Live Aid........
  13. "Never say never" is what I've been told from an incredibly reliable source.
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