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  1. They came sealed in a brown wrapper with the plastic over it. Mine did anyway. You can see by the poor "sealing" that it's been resealed. I agree with Mr. Jones. Bout $50. If you're willing to spend $600 on the wife go to Rick Barrett's site. His stuff is 100% authentic. He may still even have the collection of all 6 In Through The Out Doors. There are are six album different covers.
  2. dave grohl has no place on the list let alone in the top 5. Compare him to the rest of the list and he is as I've always said, a hack. He SURE as hell shouldn't be above Alex Van Halen. Ian Paice? Cozy Powell, anyone? Oh that's right the PEOPLE decided. There goes what little faith I had left in people. By the way, has anyone ever seen Tom Green and dave grohl in the same room at the same time? hahahahahahahaha Hell has officially frozen over when Charlie Watts places higher than Cozy and Ian.
  3. I'm going to see them tomorrow night(10/12) at the Wachovia Center in Philly. I'm skiiping Buck Cherry. I wonder if he does All Lit Up when opening for Kiss? The main riff is a complete rip of Shock Me. LOL
  4. Well it may have made more sense for him to do a bump BEFORE Moby Dick. My experience anyway.
  5. Well, I don't know about anyone else but when I play Stairway To Heaven backwards, it sounds like Stairway To Heaven backwards.
  6. Well, it's been a while since I've posted one of my favorite lines so this thread seems to beg for it...........FUCK dave grohl!
  7. I was at Live Aid up front for the Zep set and I've told the story here already in another thread some time ago so I won't go into it all again but I will say that unless you were there, you can't begin to understand what an occasion it was and how enormous the vibe was. 90+ thousand people standing, cheering, stomping, chanting, crying, and singing throughout the the whole set. The sun setting during Stairway. The ENTIRE stadium singing the final line of Stairway in unison. Fuck the bootleg audio/video. You had to BE there to experience the true essence of it all. Also, when Bill Graham c
  8. Love the Speed King because you have a good amount of control because there's no springs, etc. It does what your foot does but I've broken about 6 of 'em both new and vintage. I changed to DW 9000 but broke that at the heel hinge. I now have a Tama and just broke that too. I'm hell on a foot pedal.LOL
  9. '90 5 pc. Ludwig silver sparkle and Yamaha DTS Express electronic kit w/upgraded bass drum
  10. Er, um, uh.. I know this ain't a Stones or Faces forum but Woody didn't solo either so Page isn't the only one that bowed out at HOF. I was under the impression that he was bowing out to let Beck have his moment. Anyone remember the ARMS concert? Page certainly participated in the trading off there and I think he stepped up quite nicely(better than Beck IMO), especially given the shape he was in. My two cents........
  11. I second that, Knebby. Pretty long read only to come to the same conclusion. Hope you're well. Been a while. I tread lightly on the board these days.
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