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  1. "in LAX yesterday returning home" That means he's HERE and he calls it HOME!!!! I should find out where he is!!!
  2. This is just the cutest thing!!! His smile is so contagious
  3. This "On This Day" definitely sounds like him; "the first white guy to play the twelve-string guitar." Still, an interesting read to finally know what such a great song was inspired by!
  4. Aw! James and Jimmy are both so calm and collected. Like father, like son
  5. It's my senior year, but I don't think we get senior quotes If we did, I'd want it to be "Let the music be your master; will you heed the master's call?"
  6. That beach picture is most definitely Daltrey. (You can tell from the nose and side-burns)
  7. He looks more like Wavy Gravy to me (I remember his face from the Woodstock DVD)
  8. Wow!! I just got back from a break but happy belated birthdays to Pagette and aen!! ^That's the biggest picture I've ever seen of James Sr.
  9. I'm gone for a week and I come back to everyone's gorgeous photos!! :')
  10. This is probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen!! He actually looks like a lion :3
  11. I love how William and Jimmy are dressed similarly. They were both very elegant and classy but still had pops of color and expression to add quirk
  12. It's so fresh and clean! Love it!!
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