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  1. thanks for the message..glad you liked my profle!

  2. ^^ that picture looks like a genuine ad! it doesnt look out of place on the building. it would make a cool canvas picture to hang at home... love it!!
  3. OMG!!!! someone throw a bucket of water at me cos I`m thinking nothing but filth at the moment looking at Robert !! LOL
  4. Carrieanna31!! That moving signature of Jimmy is really mesmerizing! (Sorry robert!!! )
  5. thats got to be in my top ten (hundred! ) favourite Robert pics Thank you Otto...your`re a star
  6. Welcome Ethereal Maiden! i had a look at the piccys...very nice! the one about the rolled up sock made me laugh! and i noticed you have the one of Robert climbing out of the pool
  7. i knew i shpuld have been somewhere else last night........ I should have been waiting outside the Royal Opera house for Robert,Jimmy and JP...instead of watching Big Brother!!!
  8. that looks like jimmy...not robert
  9. this picture has been air-brushed!! they`ve air brushed me out!!!!...i was there!!!!.....hanging on to his ankles...being dragged across the grass.....drooling!!!
  10. and finally..... oh Robert! you big tease! put it away!! that was a joke...keep doing what you do, Percy!
  11. Im not sure if any of these have been posted before I bet jason doesnt sit on roberts lap now!! WARNING!!! NEXT PICTURE MAY CAUSE EXTREME DROOLING! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  12. I thought that was her! I was at hyde park last weekend at the Nelson Mandela concert...crossing fingers and toes that jimmy would appear to play with his friend paul rodgers....but no
  13. Oh god!..... now its smiling at me!!! (sorry!)
  14. Sometimes i find it very difficult to look Robert in the face!!
  15. HELP....CALL 999!! My tongue is stuck to the screen!!!
  16. He had the flu in that picture.....i think thats correct (?)......still looks amazing though!
  17. OHHHH! Roberts legs!!..... ....oohhh "hot flush" c copyright mark!!...spoilsports!
  18. "Robert...let me help you brush that sand off!"
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