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  1. lLucky!! Bonzo died when I was 9 so I never got the chance...

  2. I saw the band once when i was a kid in AZ. at the airport getting off the swan song jet it was cool and i did not even know who they were! my sister let me hear them on her 8track!

  3. All 5 of the Jacksons were very well known in the 70s......Michael was the most well known, from '69 on. They were very very big
  4. Beautiful isn't adequate to describe him..... breathtaking....sublime.... :wub:
  5. No order Gallows Pole The Crunge Livin Lovin Maid Candy Store Rock Darlene
  6. I always heard "with a purple alligator and a fifth in hand" In Misty Mountain Hop I heard "He said that it was French and ultra fine" instead of "He said that his friends would all drop by"
  7. Sorry if this is huge....photobucket had some re-sizing problems
  8. -when 95% of the music you've listened to in the last year and a half is Zeppelin or related -when you go to the gas station in your Zeppelin shirt and look at key chains with Stones, etc. on them. While conversing with the guy behind the counter, you give your opinion that AC/DC has sucked since 1980. When he looks at your shirt and tells you Zeppelin has always sucked, you yell "sacrilege!" and leave without buying anything -when you go to the Renaissance Festival and count how many Zeppelin shirts you see -when it's required your next boyfriend be a Zeppelin freak because in a discussion of Black Sabbath vs Zeppelin your last boyfriend told you one wasn't any better than the other one -when you're convinced a reunion of some kind will happen because 3 months after the Reunion show you saw cloud formations you would swear were shaped like zeppelins and just knew they were omens of the future -when on your only trip to England you sit in Victoria Station waiting for a train and see that one has a stop for Pangbourne, you excitedly poke your cousin to tell her Jimmy used to live there -when on the train from Liverpool to London you pass the stop for Wolverhampton and excitedly poke the same cousin to tell her that Robert's favorite football team comes from there -when in your Digital History class you have to create an online teaching module and you choose to do something on the Vikings because you can insert an audio clip of Immigrant Song at the end -when you make cd's for your 66 year old father and your 61 year old mother, convinced they will just love it and then you're devastated when they don't -when you're willing to sell every single thing you own to get a ticket for the reunion you just know is coming -when you cry for weeks after learning the Jimmy Jonesy and Jason project fell through
  9. I'm a deist, does that count?
  10. I can't call this a "hot" pic, but I got a good laugh out of it. Looks like Jimmy went to Tattoine to play some guitar for Jabba
  11. I should have said something about LZ being washed up. *I* was responding to dismissing remarks you made, like: so, would i personally be prone to relive past glories? probably not. why, just to hear my new songs played next to the old ones on a classic rock station? Why in the world couldn't they be new glories? too, being a front man means you have to be hip. not hippie. that was his image in his heyday. his chops can't be as good, either. for an aging singer, it has to be tough to keep up with the times. to me it boils down to his music being on the timeless side, but his image isn't. actual musicians have more leeway Sounds like you're saying Robert can't be cool anymore. Why is that? I've seen him twice this tour and he's awesomely cool. By that I mean he has the same self-confidence and love of what he's doing that he's always had, and he lets it show. As for his "chops". This has turned into a major pet peeve of mine, and I know it's one for Aqua as well. His voice actually sounds better now than it did. No, he can't hit those soprano notes all the time anymore. So? He has a much richer voice, and he has more control over it. His voice is his instrument. If you can't hear that, then you don't listen very hard. lastly, what more as an artist does he need to say? a lot of great music comes from personal events happening relatively close to the time of creation, and those have, i think for all intents and purposes, already been hashed through ~ 30 years ago. He still has a lot to say. Many of his songs are about love in some shape or form (not sex). Hell, a lot of Zep's songs were about love in some shape or form. I don't think you can ever say enough about love. He also writes about current events. Listen to "Another Tribe". Very political song. Take a listen to the Mighty Rearranger album, and tell me he has nothing to say. sad to say, but LZ main reason for being active today is as a commercial entity What does that mean? They would only do it for $$? That's rather cynical. and their musical influence is getting harder to spot in today's music. if rock n' roll were to wake up very soon and a mass demanded more zep for their heads, that may have an impact. But see, that's the hope. Today's rock music, for the most part, sucks. It has no meaning and it's only concern is to be catchy. If they were to release some new material (and I include whatever project Jonesy, Jimmy and Jason do without Robert), then there is a chance to wake the sleeping lethargic beast also known as the music industry. They can be the ones to wake up rock n' roll. Is it likely? Who knows. Is it a romantic notion? Most certainly. But artistic changes are often the result of romantic notions. And hell no, I wouldn't want him to prance around on stage in skin-tight trousers and shirtless. That would be ludicrous. His motivation for getting on stage would have to be something that moved him obviously. Maybe he likes performing? Hmmmm, that's a new thought. What I personally would want from any new Zep material would be just that, new material. The opportunity to hear and experience more of the most dynamic and creative music collaboration in the history of the rock genre. And, as I stated above, the possibility of giving music a much needed infusion of creativity and meaning. I remember Jonesy saying they would be a tribute band if they got a Robert clone. I remember Robert saying he didn't want to be a bunch of old men running around playing oldies. I applaud both comments. A reformed Zep would not be a tribute band. And with new material, they wouldn't be a bunch of old men running around playing oldies. I know he doesn't want to do it. I don't want him to since he doesn't. But I don't see any reason to imply that anything new they did wouldn't be "relevant" or well accepted. You can't know that. No one can know that.
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