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  1. lLucky!! Bonzo died when I was 9 so I never got the chance...

  2. I saw the band once when i was a kid in AZ. at the airport getting off the swan song jet it was cool and i did not even know who they were! my sister let me hear them on her 8track!

  3. I can't call this a "hot" pic, but I got a good laugh out of it. Looks like Jimmy went to Tattoine to play some guitar for Jabba
  4. I only have 2 that I can say are my favorites. 1. Zeppelin 2. The Beatles They are the only ones I can say I love and never get tired of listening to, the ones that always cheer me up, the only ones that always make me happy. The only other that comes close is Metallica, but only Kill Em All thru the Black Album. I think what came after sucked.
  5. Yes it asked me to log in too...help!
  6. Ahhhh so lovely to be back. Beautiful pics everyone. And....what calendar are you talking about???
  7. LOL-I've been wondering that too! They have this show on at 5, and someone has to call in a new song beginning with the last letter of the previous song. You get to hear stuff not played very often otherwise. I heard No Quarter and just about shit! In the mornings tho I've woken up to Baby I'm Gonna Leave You 3 or 4 times.
  8. KZEP here in San Antonio plays LZ almost every hour it seems like..I've heard No Quarter, Your Time Is Gonna Come, All My Love, Baby I'm Gonna Leave You, Since I've Been Lovin You-that's off the top of my head, and over the last week or so.
  9. I'll be there singin with ya carrots! It's going to be amazing!
  10. hey chell, you should post these in the Basement!
  11. a pic for hair and jeans....sweet the first time i saw his hair all wild i thought of a lion's mane...
  12. you gotta share though
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