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  1. No offense, but I really don't get you. Obviously Bonnie meant well. How you can take offense at his thread is completely beyond me - do you mind road safety tips as well? And as for asking you before addressing your children: Most kids are active on the web without any parental supervision. There's no way for people to "ask parental permission" before addressing those kids. I too would be happier if there were fewer bad news but this doesn't mean that people should put their head in the sand and ignore exisiting risks and dangers. I still hope that there is something like an internet communi
  2. I agree. One more thing: Please be aware that everything you post, every picture, every detail of your life, every PM, every webcam convo or chat on the web can be saved to somebody's computer and be posted again on a forum without your authorization . I'm not even talking about people hacking into accounts. If you upload private pictures to photo hosting sites, please remember that there's usually a "private" option which closes your account to casual visitors - same with profiles on myspace etc. Don't be paranoid but be aware that when you share something with one person on the web, you'r
  3. I think I'll wait for the book. Meanwhile - watch a 1 second vid of me psychicly finding a person on Mars using a phone book, a shoestring and some very strong liquor! http://video.google.gb/videoplay?dork=88993794837294
  4. Sounds like a "nice way" to tell you that she's not interested in you without hurting your feelings too much. Certainly a shared taste in music isn't a requirement for a good relationship - a shared sense of humour and some common basic values/the same basic attitude to life are much more important. My bf and me have some common ground when it comes to music but we've both attended gigs with mates instead of with each other - and headphones can be a blessing....As long as people ain't messianic or intolerant about their tastes in music I don't see a problem.
  5. I was talking about Spats not about normal people and about the fact that in view of the number of US girls with STDs maybe his "I can't date you cause you may have an STD" attitude isn't that laughable after all.
  6. Jeeez - talk about misrepresenting what I said.
  7. It reminds me a bit of an oversized mite: Like it was hit by some magic magnification beam (and not only beaten with the ugly stick).
  8. I got some shoes I can't wear cause my feet constantly slip out of them while I walk. Only time I managed to walk in them was in the shop.
  9. You don't have to wear them on the pic you know.
  10. *Sets timer*. I'm ready. I'd say Zep and underwear (or no underwear) go together a lot better than say Zep and the next POTUS...
  11. Cool book. Read it some time ago and I really ought to read it again.
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