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  1. Clapton-gotta get Slowhand on here somehow!!
  2. That Johnny 5 is something else ain't he? Reminds me of a young Jimmy Page doing a bunch of 'crazy stuff' to get these "off the wall sounds", people call it noise, I see it as progression--"what type of sound can I create from this instrument"--the violin bow across a doubleneck--where'd that come from, hmmmm My favorites, of course Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rainbow (early Rainbow--love Ritchie Blackmore-he's no Page, but he can rock), Dio, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Guns n Roses (original lineup) and a few others who I like some of their stuff--Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Motorhead, LA Guns. I'm more into the bluesier stuff--Paul Rodgers and any of his ventures has to be one of my favorites. It's a shame the firm lasted as short as they did, would've loved to see that pairing of Rodgers and Page go on some more.
  3. KISS with Buckcherry, Alive35--still sounded awesome and their show is really something else, before thsat was Skynyrd-love those guys--saw them a quite few times!!
  4. Hey Shot!! Welcome aboard, if it's anything like the Skynyrd board, you'll meet lots of fans and can learn lots about Zeppelin you never knew about, as well as share lots you may know but others may not. Don't be afraid to "jump right in"--I'm sure, like me, you'll enjoy it here. And as always, you'll meet "the darkside" too--but you'll learn who to "skip past", ain't seen any of them yet, so get your feet wet and jump right in. Thanks DAS!! I'm sure we'll cross paths more as time goes on
  6. I've got the black and white cover, was told "good luck" finding the "colored version"--if you it's worth about 10 times than the black and white. I paid $20 for mine, which would be about $50 now, now with the repopularizing of the original vinyl releases, I'm sure the value will increase--can only imagine what the value of the original will be worth. but that depends on how sought after it becomes. I know it's off topic, but any idea what the Beatles "butcher cover" is worth. I went to a show in early 80s and it auctioned for $500, chatted with an old fan who's a Beatles collecter a few years later and told me it's worth was around $1200--hmmm, makes you wonder. Surprisingly amazon was selling vinyl version of Live Yardbirds for $350. DAS-thanks dude-always looking to meet and share with more Zepheads!!
  7. Amazon has one, quite pricey--wonder if it's still available, but worth it, also saw an awesome compilation which features all 3 Beck/Page songs, noticed all their original albums were also available on cd too, only original I don't have is For Your Love--had a chance to get it, didn't, then went back and it was gone, ain't seen one since. Has a picture of Jeff Beck on cover even though Eric Clapton played majority of guitars on the songs. But as mentioned above, although cd versions would be great to listen to, the actual album is where the value is..
  8. I hear ya "Rock", that's why I only played mine a few times, once to hear, once to tape-but don't know where the tape went, didn't know it was available on cd-will have to look for it, I know someone else who wants a copy too
  9. Here's how I rate them from favorite to least, but as mentioned above, not the right spot for a "review" so I'll keep it simple The Song Remains the Same--can't beat live Zeppelin Zeppelin II Zeppelin the "fourth album" Houses of the Holy Zeppelin III Physical Graffiti In Through the Outdoor Presence didn't add Coda-haven't heard that one yet
  10. Niners need to rebound and pound the Jets, how you get 2 big wins against 2 big teams then drop one to the vikings is beyond me, oh well, it happens Patriots need to regroup and beat Buffalo-wasn't so peasant out there last trip, sorry dude-I see that Bills insignia right above me, the Orioles?? was Cal amazing or what?? unbelievable what he was able to do out there for that length of time. Falcons--yeah, they showed the mighty Phillip rivers how mighty he was, Ryan is definitely in a groove--let's not slow things down, looks like Cam is the real deal and "Superman" is out to prove it and get Carolina back in the winner's circle
  11. Spending my babes 31st birthday with her today, and of course 1 day closer!! IS IT THE 17TH YET???
  12. What Is And What Should Never Be--name escapes me (yeah right!!)--THE MIGHTY LED ZEPPELIN!!!!
  13. I'm new here too!! Been a Zep fan since 1979, suffered the heartbreak of Bonzo's death and not seeing the band once 1980 tour was cancelled. Seen the Song Remains the Same a few times on the screen as well as numerous times on my DVD and countless times on MTV and VH1 Classics, looking forward to October 17th--what a Celebration Day it will be indeed!! I thought about joining here many times just never bothered, and finally!! Here I am!!
  14. Niners baby!! Been a 49ers fan since they drafted Joe Montana, lots of downs lately, but suddenly things seem on the upswing!! Patriots--been following these guys since i was a young New England lad-still love my Patties, nice to see them winning after years of frustration growing up Falcons-these guys caught my eyes in 90s before I moved down here, looking real good the last few years, Smith has been really amazing with them, just would like ot see Matty Ice get them to the next level though-definitely jamming this year!!
  15. Dazed and Confused was great, had lots of creativity and sound-was long but still enjoyable, Heartbreaker and The Song remains the Same are both favorites, live and in the studio, and of course Since I've Been Loving You is a great one too, great studio track-but really grabs you live
  16. As mentioned, not that it's going to happen anyway, but for personal reasons I don't think they'd go on with Jason Bonham. He's got a large history with the band, off the stage as well, he'd be the natural and probably only choice. As for that dude in the video, Greg does have that "Bonzo look", but I think lacks his style, sure he sounded pretty awesome, but I think Bonzo would've blown him off the stage in a drum off.
  17. Easier said than done, it's an album-don't have a tape copy of it-bet you'd like it though, how easy are Yardbirds recordings to find over there?
  18. Bring it on Home has that nice bluesy sound to it, but Heartbreaker has always been my favorite--love the guitar solo
  19. keyboards-Rick Wakeman-very creative, yet very under-rated, although i did hear one "yes vote", Jon Lord?--yeah, he's up there too, and of course John Paul Jones too bass-talent and versatility would probably be McCartney-is there anything he CAN'T play? drums--geez, real tough one-NOT!! It's Bonzo hands down, ask anyone--sure Moon, and even Peart are great, but watch Bonzo and "reeeeaally listen" to him, no "slashing around and bashing", it's all in the wrists, and his drumming had a style all to his own guitar-hard to argue with Hendrix, but the Pagemaster did things no one had ever seen or heard before, well ahead of his time frontman-I love Paul Rodgers and Sammy Hagar-40 years plus they sound just as good, but for 12 years we know who ruled the mike stand band--there can only be one-got to be the Mighty Zeppelin!! although the Beatles did their share of things as well
  20. I am one of the fortunate ones to have a copy of this album, anyone else here lucky enough? Story goes like this, Epic released The Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page--a double album featuring their greatest hits, no Beck/Page cuts included, for those wondering. (Psycho Daisies, Happenings Ten Years Time Ago would've been nice. Stroll On featured Page on bass with Beck on lead. Only Page material was from Little Games--I have this one too--great collection of songs, but anyway, "strolling" away from my story. So then out comes Live Yardbirds... which Peter Grant was all over "we never authorized that!!", and within months the album was pulled, so available copies are very few and far between. Anyway, for the few who may have this, you may agree--the Led Zeppelin transition is very evident. I'm Confused would later morph into Dazed and Confused, I'm A Man would display some of Jimmy's musical "creativity" which would also be evident later on in various live Zeppelin tracks. A stellar version of Shapes of Things featuring "Jimmy magic fingers on guitar" also accentuate this performance. If you can find a copy it is well worth the investment--experience a part of pre-Zep history, as we know what happen next as the Yardbirds closed one chapter in rock history and the New Yardbirds would open the next chapter.
  21. October 17th at the Midtown Cinema in Atlanta, GA, tix are a well spent $14 each. About a 40 minute drive from the house, anticipation level--very high!! Excited don't even begin to cover it!!
  22. I agree, seems like the Zeppelin excitement had dwindled by the wayside up until the 02 announcement. Then suddenly things happened in a whirlwind and the Mighty Zeppelin lifted and took off again. I never saw them, had a chance in 1980 but Bonzo's death took care of that. My love for the band never waned, and then 27 years later the excitement returned. And now 5 years later I anxiously await the "Celebration Day" on the 17th. Sure a new tour would be awesome, but at this point, it's probably better to remember "what was and will ALWAYS be"!!
  23. September 28th 2012--Zeppelin's #1 (very debatable, hehehehehe) joins the Zeppelin forum
  24. The news i got was advanced showings in some major cities, then the "17th showings", now I'm hearing about possible local showings later on. Nothing confirmed, just what I'm hearing, naturally they want a large turnout on the 17th so local showings (if any) will be announced later. As for the date coincidence, that's part of the Zep mystique. I'm sure November 19th has some significance too. Anyone with any info to collaborate (or correct) what I've heard, feel free too--that's what these are for.
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