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  1. It's horrid that people can't step outside their door without being hounded by fans. IMO the perfect life would be to have your work critically acclaimed, be paid well for it and remain anonymous. I am never surprised when famous names punch out photographers and others prying into their lives. Who wants to be interrupted constantly whenever you are in public by complete strangers with bad manners dispensing pointless stories and asking for autographs? That the autograph hound actually expected Page to sign bootleg merchandise is hilarious - and an idiot.
  2. A big filet of salmon for dinner tonight with tiny baked spuds and spinach souffle. Souffles are so easy I don't know why people don't make them more - one sure way to get the kids to eat their veggies too.
  3. When I read this book I hadn't thought or read anything about the band since the 70s so initially much in it struck me as new information. What caught my attention at the beginning of the book, as the website comment caught yours, was the disclosure that content skirted anything that might draw legal attention and the rules for interviewing Page. So at the onset you are told that the book is a compromise of sorts.
  4. Hi Planted. Thank you for the comments. I found Capitalism the stronger film but Fahrenheit 9/11 is very provocative. I liked when he intercepted congressmen on the street as well. In Capitalism he ropes off the stock exchange with crime scene tape. That about says it all. Back in 2005 I was working in NYC and met a woman from Spanish Harlem. She said her son, who was head hunted by the military in high school was being bombarded with phone calls every morning from the Army to ensure he was still going to turn up for duty. After the recruiters promised his parents that he'd never be deployed
  5. Didn't know Jeff Healey was in a film. I met him/saw him perform once at his (then) club in Toronto about ten years ago. So sad that he's not with us anymore, great musician.
  6. Last night: Fahrenheit 9/11 and Capitalism, two MIchael Moore documentaries on IFC. He's not my favourite person, but in his way he hits the nail on the head.
  7. oe Bonamassa on PBS last night, the acoustic concert at the Vienna Opera House. Very impressive, he's such a clean and talented guitarist.
  8. Well said - laughing away at your comments, Chill. I think the most creative meals are what you make with bits and leftovers. It's fun to cook something more exotic sometimes and shop the ethnic markets for ingredients, but if you don't live in a big city that's difficult. Wonder what Nigella can do with beans on toast? I've never seen her with a jar of Marmite either, so how British can she be?
  9. I'm willing to bet there are quite a few people here like me who have zero interest in traveling with a band, LZ or not, whether back in the 70s or today.
  10. It seems there are more than a few making their living off of former liaisons. The one that made me feel a real twinge of pity was the very young girl who said she was "kidnapped" by a bodyguard.
  11. I don't think it's an excuse, and no need to lay blame either: people are going to do what they want to do. Each person chose whether to be on the bus or not. The atmosphere, era and availability didn't compel anyone to do anything they didn't want to do. To expect anyone else to do as we would do or not seems fruitless to me. We are talking about adults here with free will. Pathetic, sad: yes, IMO. What would you call someone who needs to glom on to someone in the limelight to validate their existence? The girls who were just having some fun now and again and didn't take it seriously as t
  12. I've decided I'm going completely online TV and Netflix, ditching cable tv. There is practically nothing on worth watching on the standard network channels anymore and cable is extremely expensive here not to mention pretty much a monopoly price wise. So I'm watching home shows back to back to get my fill of what has become mostly uninteresting so I won't miss it a bit when my cable ends April 19. Oh and I love cooking shows online. What's your favourite?
  13. There's a saying that has been around a long time, "what goes on the road, stays on the road". I've been around enough musicians in my life to see what goes on and what doesn't. If you are in a serious relationship with one you know the routine from day one and you either deal with it or not. Not saying it's good, bad or indifferent, just that is the way it is. The problem comes when road girls think they are serious partners in those relationships. I've always felt sad for the girls that glommed onto anyone of profile because it's rather pathetic that they have nothing better to do than t
  14. Go for it! There is a book (maybe more now) out there about birth order - onlies, firstborns, second borns, middle children, the youngest - interesting reading. Once you grasp how birth order contributes to our personalities and sense of being in the world it's easy to spot which position someone is. Only children are a particular breed, often indulged, used to receiving full attention, take-charge and usually coordinated in their wardrobe. Some of those qualities come out in firstborns too but they naturally have a pseudo parent personality toward their younger siblings. My in laws were both
  15. There are fewer major carriers, but if one or two improve what service they can control to take the edge off those tarmac and terminal wait times would attract more passengers. In Toronto a small company Porter flies from a smaller downtown airport and for short hauls to NYC or Boston or Montreal it's really great, fast service. Within the USA, Jet Blue is an alternative - haven't flown them in a while but their service was usually better than the other major US carriers. For overseas flights I'd take Air France or British Airways before any other North American carrier. I'd have to be drugge
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