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    Music, yoga, travel, love, good food and wine!
  1. Thank you for the music Mr. Page and hoping you have a wonderful day.
  2. Loved him, listened to He stopped loving her today about ten times yesterday. Rip.
  3. Yeah for getting inducted. Just saw them and got some tickets for their Heartbreaker tour. Glad Rush got in to. Want to go to the Hof this summer for sure.
  4. Loved her speech. It's okay to fly your freak flag. That voice of hers is amazing.
  5. Wow, glad they were ok. I hope they find who is responsible soon. I am glad to see guitar player runners out there.
  6. gettinggold


    Welcome. They do rock! Alot.
  7. Over 2000 Canadians running at the marathon yesterday. Not including family and support. Sad to see our flag lying in that attack. This is an international attack in my view. My good friend was a finisher in the top 1000 and had gotten out before this attack. Spoke to him and this race was a highlight in his life he stated it was well organized, beautiful sunny day and he had a wonderful race. He appears to have been traumatized how it ended. What a shame! On another note we have had recent home grown terrorists come to light recently. Young men from relatively normal functioning households
  8. Love K.D. As well. The way she sings Cohen's Hallelujah is powerful. Might have to check it out, love to support Canadian artists.
  9. This video makes me smile. Love it and really looks authentic too!
  10. Scary stuff going on right now. North Korea makes provocative moves. Hope this doesn't mean full scale conflict.
  11. Yes it hits me more too as I get older. Just wish the spring weather would come soon, sigh.
  12. Anyone else checking Commander Chris Hadfields pics and tweets? Gotta say he impresses me and he is very interesting! Loving what he is doing at the moment, engaging the world.
  13. Saw them last night and totally agree with your review. They were amazing live. I can't get over Ann's rocking voice. The song "Alone" gave me chills. They played Black Dog and Rain on me by the Who for encores.Simon Townsend, the opening act joined them on stage. Was hoping for Stairway but not so. Would like to see them with Jason Bonham this summer.
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