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  1. Try some natural yogurt PG, that helps. Simplex!
  2. Hahaha, a Goner! That's very brave of you to admit that, Charles. Hmm, let's see... ....wasn't the last thing you 'won' that FA Cup final you stole from Man Utd? Still, I expect you're pleased to see RVP flourishing, now that he's in a team worthy of his talent?
  3. I'd say about one every 18 months, if I think they deserve my money. Otherwise, I steal.
  4. So the only thing still up for grabs is the final Champions And Also-Rans League slot. Who do we think will get it...and more importantly, who do we want to get it? Spuds are home to Sunderland, and they need to win, which they should. They also need Arse not to win, at Newcastle. On paper, it should be very easy for Arse....but you never know. My heart says Spurs...my head says Arse.
  5. Looks like Iommi's hedging his bets, which is probably a good idea based on what I've heard from 13:
  6. Saw the last episode of 666 Park Avenue last night, very sad it's ended as it was that rarity, a quality yank drama series. And OMG, didn't Rachael Taylor look amazing in that final scene? Ladies, please wear more make-up - it suits you!
  7. Never mind 'Metal', Judas Priest are probably the greatest heavy rock band ever IMO. They are also the best live band I have ever seen. And yes, I have seen Led Zeppelin. When a man is tired of Priest, he is tired of life.
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