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  1. Try some natural yogurt PG, that helps. Simplex!
  2. 70 is a special age - three score years and ten, and all that...definitely deserves a cake, I'd say. The question is though, if we baked a cake for Jimmy, how would we want to decorate it? I'm pretty nifty with cake decorating, been doing it twice a year for the past 14 years, and 3x for the past 5. But my designs so far have been largely confined to cartoon & movie characters, the last one being Finn The Human fwiw...but I think Jimmy would prefer something a little more 'interesting', don't you? A guitar would be too obvious...any thoughts? eg anyone know whether he favours a pa
  3. I think I do a pretty good job myself, but if I had to pick someone else I'd probably go for Michel Foucault. I voted Nietzsche here, as the best available option - he speaks to my superiority complex, and we appear to have similar opinions about the Fairer Sex.
  4. Hahaha, a Goner! That's very brave of you to admit that, Charles. Hmm, let's see... ....wasn't the last thing you 'won' that FA Cup final you stole from Man Utd? Still, I expect you're pleased to see RVP flourishing, now that he's in a team worthy of his talent?
  5. I'd say about one every 18 months, if I think they deserve my money. Otherwise, I steal.
  6. So the only thing still up for grabs is the final Champions And Also-Rans League slot. Who do we think will get it...and more importantly, who do we want to get it? Spuds are home to Sunderland, and they need to win, which they should. They also need Arse not to win, at Newcastle. On paper, it should be very easy for Arse....but you never know. My heart says Spurs...my head says Arse.
  7. If that really is what he meant, he's got the proportions all wrong...which would be very unusual, coming from such a seasoned swordsman. Either way, I'll never hear that song the same way again. Thanks a bunch.
  8. At least Moyes is slightly less indecipherable than SAF. That farewell speech of his was still very moving, even though I couldn't understand a fucking word he said.
  9. I have a weird growth/wart-type thing behind my phone ear. I pick at it sometimes, but I haven't been to the doctor. I don't understand how Melcore thinks he'll get groin cancer from his i-phone. I would be more concerned about the vital organs between my ear & groin. What gives?
  10. Sure, your list was chronologically accurate. The random part was that you listed them at all. Why? Are you attempting a low-rent Mt Rushmore here? Maybe I can't list the last 8 PMs, but if I can't, that would back up my point that different things matter to different people. Let's see....going backwards: Cameron, Brown, Blair, Major, Thatcher, Callaghan....(struggling now)....Wilson, Heath. How did I do? Not that I care.
  11. What the hell does money have to do with this? As for your curiously random listing of ex-presidents, I don't think it would make any difference if all eight of them got down on their knees and begged. The same would probably be true of our last 8 prime ministers. The Queen though, now that's a different matter.
  12. I think this all boils down to the fact that different things matter to different people. The other year, there was a big storm and our fence blew down and crushed our pet rabbit. Devastated as we all were, I wouldn't have dreamed of contacting the boys to ask them to play a benefit. Sensational Shape Shifters maybe. But not Led Zeppelin.
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