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  1. Pardon me but you are incorrect. Firstly how would you expect GERMANY to 'give' the land of Palestine to the jews? Palestinians had a say once you know. Secondly I said Himmler not Hitler
  2. Cool thank you! What an ugly bikini. She looks like she is wearing a cheap picnic blanket haha.
  3. Historically, the Nazis original objective was not to murder everyone who wasn't Aryan. Himmler learned Hebrew and believe it or not, the Nazis are partially responsible for the inception of the state of Israel.
  4. Drugs - The medical industry is the pusher now. That is the difference. Sex - How much has sex changed since Rome? Social Behavior - We're puppets on a string whom have lost all sense of civil duty and compassion for our fellow man.
  5. Hi Marco! I just joined here too.
  6. It looks like he's wearing blue velvet here... Me too.
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