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  1. This is a posting on Facebook from Sean Atkinson of The Richard Cole Appreciation Society regarding the Q & A session with Joe Jammer. It appears that they are needing more questions from us and participation for the event. "Can those wishing to ask Joe Jammer a question in our next Question and Answer session please do so on the link at the top of this page. I might have to cancel any futher events like this if people don't show any interest. It is such a shame as I believe having the chance to ask first hand a question you may have wanted the answer to for many years of people like, Warren Grant, Danny Goldberg, Joe Jammer and of course Richard himself is invaluble. We have over 1,200 members know and it is always the same names that seem to keep me going, many thanks you know who you are. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE IF NOBODY SENDS IN ANYMORE QUESTIONS THEN I WILL HAVE NO OPTION TO PAY RICHARD TO ASK YOU IN HIS OWN WAY..LOL.XX"
  2. What is it that you are hoping for, in all honesty?
  3. Here's the link from the Richard Cole Appreciation Society for posting your questions to Joe Jammer:- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joe-Jammer-a-Q-A/440736942739746?skip_nax_wizard=true
  4. Contact the DSS. They used to do interest free Budgeting Loans up to about £1,500. I am not sure if the loans are still available through the DSS, or if you have to apply through your local council, but the number for the DSS section in Wolverhampton that handled the loans is 0345 6088545. THe DSS also gave Crisis Loans. Both types of loan were available for a number of reasons, and anything pertaining to you staying in your home would be particularly pertinent. You do not have to be in receipt of benefits to qualify for these. BTW, if you are obliged to sell your memorabilia, it most certainly does NOT make you any less of a fan. Best of luck, and call the number above.
  5. Joe, Thanks for your message. Everyone on the site wishes you a great experience here in the UK. Best wishes to you and your family.
  6. TBL 37 is coming soon. Please take the time out to read all of Dave Lewis' message, where you will find that you can get the upcoming issue at a special lower price. TBL 37: TBL 37 is nearing completion for publication early next month. As you will read below, this really is an exceptional issue Having worked away at it these past few months (with invaluable assistance from Mike Tremaglio) – the objective is to get this issue seen by the widest audience possible. To that end, I am driving a promotion to draw in lapsed and potential new readers by offering the forthcoming issue at a bargain price –the price is just £3 plus postage – a substantial saving of almost 50% on the normal cover price. So – if you are reading this (as many of you are) and have never indulged in the TBL magazine, I would urge you to do so –this really is a great issue to come aboard. 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  7. Agree with you entirely on this. However, Cookie has been reporting today over at LedZepNews "We’ve heard that Jimmy Page has commissioned a seamstress and tailor to work on an “exciting project". I can't begin to think what the "exciting project" could be, but if it requires new outfits, well.....
  8. It is in fact a criminal offence in the UK for an adult to ride a bicycle on the pavement. There are quite a few deaths recorded each year due to this selfish behaviour. I don't know what to suggest to help you, such that you wouldn't get yourself into trouble. Perhaps if you recognised the individual involved, you could take a photo on your mobile, and report them to the police.
  9. Great photograph. A true American showbusiness legend from the days when the word 'star' meant something.
  10. That should include Services personnel from more than the US. In recent years, the UK has supported the US in overseas operations, and we have also lost military. And that includes Blue on Blue fire regrettably.
  11. On Alan Freeman's Saturday afternoon BBC1 radio programme in the 70's, you were guaranteed that he would play Zeppelin - he was obviously a huge fan. The rest of his show was great too!!!
  12. Please come on to the face of this forum to explain why she left. There are those on here who say that knebby was herself banned from this site a number of years ago - for good reason.
  13. Purely conjecture, but could it be that once QPrime has its cut of the remastered albums, there will no longer be any need to 'manage' Jimmy Page. After all, he is unlikely to be touring, or recording any new material. It probably servied QPrime well to have an artist of Jimmy's stature on their books.
  14. This kind of reminds me of a television show we had in Britain called 'Who wants to be a millionaire?' where any contestant who was stumped on a question could call a friend to see if they knew the answer, and thereby get onto the next phase of the competition. The press followed up the story with friends who had provided the correct answer, enabling the contestant to get on to the big money question. It was found that the winner often didn't give the friend any money at all out of their sizeable winnings.
  15. Regarding your neighbour and the key, go to his/her door with the receipt and say to them that as they were the ones who asked for the key, they are liable for a half share, and you require that they pay £5.50. Don't bother about whether they don't speak to you again, if they are so bloody rude as to do what they have done - who needs their friendship? I wouldn't let it drop. Go for it!!!
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