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    zeppelin music
  1. mah61

    Presence album cover

    this is one of my most listened to albums very relaxing and pleasing to the ear my girl calls it a album of love songs
  2. mah61

    Old member returning

    welcome back just solved my computer problems been away far to long
  3. mah61

    I'm New

    Welcome I found zep music around your age and its still my go to enjoy
  4. mah61

    I'm New

  5. mah61

    Led Zeppelin vs The Who

    who ever said like a led ballon still must feel like a idiot what taient they must have notttttttt
  6. the words and music got me through some tough times in the 60s 70s and then and now fill me with hope and happiness
  7. mah61

    Led Zeppelin vs The Who

    zeppelin has so much more talent their songs powerful and meaningful to lifes journey
  8. mah61

    "not like Clapton Beck or Page"

    he forgot how he got where he is and who helped him get there
  9. How the west was won and later tonight with my woman and some drinks its going to be bbc sessions
  10. mah61

    Do Stones's fans hate Zeppelin?

    I dont remember hearing much stones between 69 and 80 they must be jealous or impaired
  11. For me the early days do it for me but ive never heard a song i didnt enjoy
  12. mah61

    Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    A sad attempt to get attention get real they wish they could write or play anywhere near jimmy or robert
  13. mah61

    New to the forum....

    Hello welcome and enjoy the music I started on zeppelin at age 13 now 40 years later i still find the songs new and exciting
  14. mah61

    Best Zeppelin songs

    it sure is hard to pick just one lemon song i cant quit you since ive been loving you no quarter you shook me how many more times dazed and confused traveling riverside the girl i love she got lbwh