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  1. "10/17/69 Carnegie Hall shows in NYC are confirmed as being multitracked through Eddie Kramer." "6/29/29 RAH shows are rumored to be multitracked." "Jimmy Page himself or Peter Grant confirmed one of the Surrey shows in 68 was multitracked. I don't recall if the date was 10/15 or 10/25 since they played shows at Surrey University on both dates." Wow! This is rather shocking. I'd consider these to be my holy grails.
  2. I have with three possible solutions to what actually happened here: #1: Robert hated San Francisco! #2: He smoked way too much and plainly just slurred the word gentle. #3: He forgot the lyrics and remembered his best friend's interest in the occult (not implying Jimmy was evil or something, but he was definitely interested), and said "Devil people."
  3. Robert Plant's voice was much improved in L.A. (Just compare Sick Again from all the shows). Jimmy was playing more tighter, especially in the 21st and 23rd. Bonzo's drums sounded heavier and were more precise and badass (e.g The Song Remains The Same). Jonsey's good in any Led Zeppelin show! So I have to go with L.A. And since we are on the topic of Earls Court, I personally think the 24th and 25th are a bit too overrated and that the 18th was a better show than both of them.
  4. Well, there's still Pontiac.
  5. Is it true that Jimmy got into the habit of heroin during EARLY 1975, or was it only later during the recording of Presence he was addicted to it? From what hear in Earls Court on Page's side, he has definitely been on heroin.
  6. Bet that it's in some hoarders possessions. If only this show and Pontiac came in to circulation
  7. Totally agree, Page's guitar tone was better on the 77 tour, Robert's voice was so much better, Jonesy (as I always say) is always good, and same with Bonzo.
  8. 4/27 1977, 4/30 1977, 5/21 1977, 6/21 1977, 6/22 1977, 6/23 1977, 6/25 1977, 8/4 1979... And that's about that from my favourite live versions of Achilles.
  9. Am I the only one who doesn't want EVSD to release the L.A boards. Maybe Jimmy could use them for the Presence bonus disc! Wouldn't that be awesome?!
  10. I loved this gig! (And no, I'm not high!). Bonzo and Jonesy are playing top-notch, Robert sounds good (somewhat better than Earl's Court I.M.O) and Jimmy... Well, let's think of it this way, he's stoned out of his mind, he never played guitar in one month, and who doesn't like his Poppy Suit! I mean seriously! Plus he played an amazing solo in No Quarter (For '77 standards).
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