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  1. Beautiful number, with a whole pallete of different renditions. One of my favourite ones is the first rough version on the LZIII deluxe version. It's just so damn raw. Who cares if it's sloppy, or an alternative take? My "hands down favourite version" is the BBC version from April 1971. It is tight (Bonzo and Jonesy in top form), Jimmy is not too flashy, but rather more presice and soulful in his playing, and last but not the least... Percy's on fire!!! Nuff said, I'd like to hear what y'all think?!
  2. 1. SymphonyX, what else do you KNOW exists. 2. What do SUSPECT is out there? 3. You mentioned something (audio, video tapes, etc.) being stored in a "mueseum." What place are you reffering to exactly? Thanks for your input on this forum so far! We'd love to hear more from you...
  3. 1. SymphonyX, what else do you KNOW exists. 2. What do SUSPECT is out there? 3. You mentioned something (audio, video tapes, etc.) being stored in a "mueseum." What place are you reffering to exactly? Thanks for your input on this forum so far! We'd love to hear more from you...
  4. Hello. It has often been stated by historians and fans alike that Mr. Page only used his famous "Dragon" 1959 Rosewood Neck Telecaster, aided along with Sola Sound MKII Tonebender (modified with three OC81Ds by the legendary Roger Mayer) and a 1690T Surpo Corando Amplifier (modded from a 2x12 to a 1x12 by a roadie) for the FIRST 2 LED ZEPPELIN STUDIO ALBUMS. My ears do not agree with such statements. Page acquired a 1958 Gibson Les Paul from Joe Walsh during late April of 1969, since his "Dragon" Telecaster supposedly malfunctioned. So naturally, we would assume here that: "Case closed: Page never owned or used a Telecaster after April of 1969, since he was always seen around this period with that 1958 Les Paul he bought from Joe Walsh." But then, again, many of those same sources state that Page recorded the famous "Stairway To Heaven" guitar solo with his "Dragon" Telecaster. The same one which was supposedly not in use after late April of 1969. So, maybe Page did use the Telecaster longer than we would all assume. Yes, that is very much so. At least my ears say so. When I hear: Immigrant Song, Celebration Day (In breif sections, like the lead guitar solo), Out On The Tiles (again, in brief sections, like on the closing riff), Rock and Roll (the lead guitar solo), Stairway to Heaven (The six string part and lead solo), When The Levee Breaks (the six string overdubs, and the regularly tuned slide parts), The Song Remains The Same (the six string lead guitar solos), The Rain Song (in breif sections, like the "heavy" section), Over The Hills and Far Away (the six string electric rhythm guitar, because the solo sounds awfully like a Les Paul), Dancing Days (most of it), D'yer M'aker, No Quarter (the rhythm part sounds like a fuzzed-up Tele, and the solo sounds like a Fender Stratocaster, but CAN be a potential Telecaster), The Ocean, Houses of The Holy, In The Light (Lead part), Down by The Seaside, Achilles Last Stand (in brief sections), Royal Orleans (in brief sections), Nobody's Fault But Mine (In brief lead parts), Candy Store Rock (in a lot of brief moments), Hots on Nowhere (in brief sections), Tea For One (in brief moments), and most of In Through The Outdoor, I tend to feel that the 1959 Telecaster>Surpo>Tonebender combo was being in use, instead of the much talked about Les Paul. Could anybody confrim these to be true?
  5. "10/17/69 Carnegie Hall shows in NYC are confirmed as being multitracked through Eddie Kramer." "6/29/29 RAH shows are rumored to be multitracked." "Jimmy Page himself or Peter Grant confirmed one of the Surrey shows in 68 was multitracked. I don't recall if the date was 10/15 or 10/25 since they played shows at Surrey University on both dates." Wow! This is rather shocking. I'd consider these to be my holy grails.
  6. Either that or it a big excuse for Jimmy, Robert and Jonesy to fuck a bunch of groupies backstage.
  7. New music. I'm not seeing the Firm thing happening. Jimmy should release Ealrs Court as well, and accompany the release with a new tour with new music.
  8. So the reissues project is over, along with the companion disc audio project (which I was very impressed with for the most part), and now all of us are scratching our heads wondering: "What now?" Jimmy leads us to believe that he will go on tour alone, with his own band (without a singer). I'm guessing this will sort of be like a Jeff Beck thing. If so, then that's definitely something to be excited about, but another question does cross my mind quite frequently. What's left in the vaults? Supposedly a lot of good material. Here is what Jimmy (obviously) has left in the vaults, for example: 1. The 1975 Earls Court Shows. (Video from supposedly all five nights, or multitrack so from all five nights) A) If this is indeed true (and quite possibly it is), then this is a very good opportunity for another live album, along with a DVD set. Just imagine: A complete Earls Court box set, with live audio, DVD footage, and liner notes and posters/goodies and what not! An Earls Court box set along with a Word Tour from Jimmy Page would be a huge success. I seriously think Jimmy is missing out here, and should really do something about these gigs. 2. The 1970 Royal Albert Hall Gig. (Live Audio) Yes, yes, I know. Jimmy already put out this concert in the Led Zeppelin DVD. An official live album, remastered, would be truly worth it though, along with songs that were never able to make it on the DVD (Since I've Been Loving You, Thank You, Long Tall Sally, etc.) Let me know what you guys think! 3. The 1973 Southhampton Gig (Live Audio) Jimmy might consider the performance to be bad, but to many fans, it is as equal to Earls Court. Anyways, what sort of person would deny the sheer energy of this show (How Many More Times, Black Dog, Communication Breakdown, The Song Remains The Same.) This show should definetely be released officially, and would make an excellent counterpart to How The West Was Won. Please speculate and let me know if there might be something I missed out on, and your opinions about these gigs, and if they should get an official release in full form.
  9. I decided to make this thread because I just hit a goldmine as a newbie record collector! I have found a rare copy of Physical Graffiti! From 1975! It's a Canadian pressing. Anyways, this thread is for all you people out there who still value vinyl records, and think that they have better sound then CDs, MP3s, or anything digital. This is also a thread to brag about your collection. Enjoy!
  10. Hmmmmmmmm. I wonder if someone could post Heartbreaker, and fill the remaining with the audio of L'Olympia Paris! That would be cool!
  11. I did in fact hear the weird vocal background noises. Very weird and eerie though!
  12. This is from 9/23. And all these shows were recorded, but 23rd show had the mics closer to Bonham's bass drum.
  13. I have with three possible solutions to what actually happened here: #1: Robert hated San Francisco! #2: He smoked way too much and plainly just slurred the word gentle. #3: He forgot the lyrics and remembered his best friend's interest in the occult (not implying Jimmy was evil or something, but he was definitely interested), and said "Devil people."
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