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  1. i want that you know that the soundboads are good but dont show the real atmosphere of the show and thank you.
  2. i want that you know that this sloppy player thing is talk of someone who doesn't understand jimmy page style. First of all, if you just watch him play and not hear the sound, arguably his aesthetic in the use of hands and fingers is the most beautiful of all, you can see that he is always well positioned, and moving with great elegance. And dare anyone that show a guitarist with more elegance in handling the guitar than he is. Now looking at the sound, i have noticed a lot of praise for guitarists from the 80s here. in this comparison we should note that guitarists from the 80s used a lot of distortion, and in my opinion abused of idiotic frills, which made it much easier to create sounds, jimmy page had a purer style, with few distortion, which made it more difficult to get the desired sounds, but it was a more elegant style, and never made frills, his elegance did not allow for that. And an important question is if he were repetitive, played pretty much the same thing every show, to show that he didn't make mistakes, i think led zeppelin would have been less interesting. So i think he was right by doing each show with a different atmosphere, which made led zeppelin the most original in rock history, as it never repeated every show, and always had nuances that made each show unique, and the shows considered bad, they're just different shows. Also a bad observer sees mistakes where they don't exist, and i think that in led zeppelin shows there are few undeniable mistakes, and some may even be deliberate, and the vast majority of mistakes that bad observers say exist are actually variations made by the jimmy page not to become too predictable. I think the analyzes they do about jimmy page are very childish, because to analyze a guitarist accurately, i think it is necessary to have a video of the performance, and in the case of jimmy page, considering all the shows he has done, what is there of him playing is insignificant, and even what exists, generally the camera angles are not perfect, which does not allow a more accurate analysis of their movements. Another important thing is that when he played a show, he was clearly just playing on a show, he wasn't competing to show that he was the best ever, and i think he was easily the best ever. the jimmy page was always fantastically discreet, and never sought out advertising to show how good it was and this is sure and thank you. Mais sobre o texto original É necessário fornecer o texto original para ver mais informações sobre a tradução
  3. i want that you know that if this topic is to make criticism i can defend the group against these criticisms, and most of them are made for lack of knowledge about the ability of group members, and one comment i am going to make is about the bonhams ability to play louder than all the others, i often see great technical drummers saying that playing loud is arrogance, but I do not think so, i think thats a great quality if its done at a high level, and many of those who say that this is not important, say because it is not capable of doing this, and the drums is one of the instruments that the sound get fantastic even without amplification, and whoever plays loud and well done reaches other dimensions of sound, and playing drums is not just technique, i think that many old drummers know how to do well but there is the factor that is a mixture of strength and technique that the younger ones do better and this is sure and thank you.
  4. i want that you know that the physical graffitti is much superior being all good songs and being far superior technically, perfect in acoustic songs, light songs and heavy songs this is sure and thank you.
  5. i want that you know that really the big difference between bonham and the others is that, the others when they do solo they usually give their best, and the bonham in my opinion makes the solo with great reserve, and well away of his limit and he was never interested in showing how good he was, so I guess it was the one that got more class that is good and thank you.
  6. i want that you know that the users need to prove many declarations and there arent videos to prove this and thank you.
  7. i want that you know that fortunately im the kind of fan that believe that the members of the group were the best in their instruments really i disagree with almost every comment on that topic. I think that really until 73 the group exhibited more instrumental skill and from 74 the group changed a lot the sound and it became less wild but more beautiful, and the good vibrations became weaker. But it still continued at a high level and although the show performance lost power but kept a very special kind of charm at least up to 77. And it is undeniable that the versions of the songs at that time were fantastically beautiful. Now there is no proof that the members lost all instrumental skill at the same time and it is an incoherence to believe that. And I think it is childish to compare the members of the group with jazz musicians, because the most potent performance in group shows that was until 73 almost nothing exist in video to check their technical level. The film is a great example because the moby dick was 28 minutes and was cut to 12 minutes, and had several scenes of great performance that the camera did not shoot a suitable angle and can not see correctly.there is almost nothing to analyze. Now i want do the comment aboutthe comparison of bonham with jazz drummers, I say that if I could have the skills of any drummer I would surely easily choose Bonham, which if he wanted was easily the most powerful in history and although it did not have a totally technical style but it was not robotic as the jazz drummers because it was totally spontaneous and unpredictable, and had one thing in my opinion superior to all jazz drummers, which may seem contradictory because of its aggressive attitude but the word is class. Have a long time since I came to the conclusion that the members of the group are bigger than the group and that they had more skill than those who showed in shows and this is sure and thank you.
  8. i want that you know that this section show many statements of bad taste and show lack of preparation in saying certain opinions about the group, and this opinion that the group was fantastic only up to 73 is not sure, why from 74 the groups sound changed a lot and it became less wild but it became more beautiful and remained extravagent at least until 77, and apparently in the shows the group became more lazy, but I think thatonly changed of style and to say that the members worsened in the capacity to play is not true, because the truth is that the members of the group never showed in shows all their capacity, and the difference in quality of the shows is also a type of originality in the sense of creating differences from one show to the other, and i think the members of the group are fantastic musicians but with a personal style maybe not accurate musical technique but if you get too into the technique you are very similar to others who have a lot of technique, and in this case i prefer the personal style, and the members of the group had a fantastic originality that the great majority of the instrumentalists of much technique did not have and that counting all styles of music this is sure and thank you.
  9. i want that you know that the fans of the led zeppelin dont know the thuth about the group -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i want that you know that a good observation is that, i prefer the analog releasing that have more potential and i think that the digital even when improve the sound i think that the sound gets too artificialized, and loses the atmosphere and in this case i have the 6/21/77 tape recorded from a low generation tape, with the original sound without processing and the difference compared to any of these releases with digital sound is absurd in favor of the tape and there are too a big quantity of examples that i can say in favor of old tapes, and the old releasings in lps and the analog is best this i have sure and have been made for a long time, and today with a better preparation would still be better and soon i will post some example of old analog releasing, proving be best than the new digital releasing but the old releases are not always better, because really often the releases were badly mixed but when they were well made they were better that is good and thank you.
  10. i want that you know that please tell me what you asked if was a poem that i answer to you and thank you.
  11. i want that you know that sorry the text was misaligned when it was created but was fixed and thank you.
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