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  1. I know this is an old thread but for anyone interested in Harmony guitars I have included some basic info. The Harmony Guitar Company ceased in 1975 and sold the Harmony name. In the early 2000s, an unrelated company, the Westheimer Corp., based in Lake Barrington, Illinois briefly imported "reissue" Harmony guitars. Also here is the Harmony database: http://harmony.demont.net/name/master Here is a good youtube clip of the Harmony Grand Concert (H1203, H165 & H6303 Sovereigns) I could be wrong, but it apears that Harmony is only concentrating on limmited models electric guitars. http://www.harmonyguitarsusa.com/Instruments.html I wouldnt mind one myself.
  2. Hey Jules, thanks for posting the photos of the Rodriguez concert. They came out really well. Cheers
  3. Awesome. I think I will be getting very similar chills to you 'Justanothercrow123'.... That sux Mook. When I get my box sets I would be happy to rip them for ya mate but that wont be for another week or so. Is the amazon auto rip MP3 format?
  4. Since my last post, I have run into a young lady who wore a very nice Zepp tee shirt and just today although it wasn't a Zeppelin synched moment it was a Jimmy Hendrix Synchronicity moment as last night I looked at buying a nice Jimi Hendrix Tee shirt from the UK online. You guessed it. I saw a fellow walk straight past me with that exact UK only Hendrix tee shirt. The other thing is that all 3 of my mentioned synchronicities have been in the exact same place while talking to a mate at a shopping center where I get my almost daily coffee. Coincidences are too many for being just a coincidence. I tend not to believe in coincidence anymore.
  5. I cou;d probably change my mind everyday as there are so many stand out points in most Zepp songs that JPJ plays some pretty intricate stuff. At this moment for me though it's: The Lemon Song Good Times Bad Times Gallows Pole Ramble On Dazed And Confused (Live) Those JPJ/ Bonzo bits flirting around with the music and often improvising while Jimmy solo'd Then there are the live performances where the bass foot pedalls where used in No Quarter/ Stairway To Heaven and also Since I've Been Loving You. That is so great within itself. Seriously, there are little bit's here and there of Jonsy's Bass playing that are brilliant and full of eagerness and pushing boundaries even in songs that are not so highly praised regarding his bass playing. There all great and my mind changes all the time regarding what is best etc. Cheers to one of the all time best musicians. JPJ....
  6. Hi Zish. Sorry for replying late to this post. I've been away from computers etc for a little while. Thank you for your suggestions. I will stick left handed. It's just I used to muck around on right handed guitars but played it upside down left handed so the strings were the wrong way around. Now I have bit the bullet and started re learning with proper left handed guitars strung correctly for left handers. It's all new to me and like starting from scratch. I won't give up though and I am determined to constantly improve and to one day soon play some of the stuff I used to. Not that I was good because I wasn't. I just had some finger picking and certain feel stuff down which now is all gone and needing to re learn. I have thought about restringing a good right handed guitar but there is new nuts and perhaps new bridges, and then there is the cutaway problem from the right handed body like on strats etc. I will just get a made up L/handed guitar form fender bits I think. Thanks so much for your help though Zish. It is very much appreciated.
  7. Hey WLL4LZ, no problem. Yeah, Percy is awesome. To be honest, all 4 of them are up the top of my favorite musos.
  8. azad

    Sky Watch

    Unfortunately I had the same problem. Too cloudy. I only saw it in glimpses as the clouds moved by here and there.
  9. To both Charles and marlem, fantastic photo's guys. Thank you
  10. Hey thanks for answering ScarletMacaw. Your post makes good sense.
  11. Hey thats cool of you to pass on the link. I will check it out and although no plans for travel atm, you never know. Much appreciated Patrycja. I'm happy today because I woke up feeling slightly sore in the legs from a long fast walk in the soft sand the day before. The hard work is paying off.
  12. I can't speak for lipslikecherries or others, but maybe she is just asking how you met these 'few satanists'? May I ask Is it just by chance through life you met them or did you actively seek out a satanist group of friends? You don't have to answer these questions, I'm just curious that's all. Either way it's no big deal to me. Also, do you think that no satanists make human sacrifices? I'm not talking about Jimmy Page here, I'm talking about some satanists. Or would such a thing come under the imagined ridiculosities as you put it? I respect your opinion and views no matter what it is so please don't think I'm challenging you.
  13. azad

    Sky Watch

    How to Watch the October 2014 'Blood Moon' Total Lunar Eclipse Live Online http://www.space.com/27353-total-lunar-eclipse-october8-guide.html
  14. azad

    Sky Watch

    Hey, for anybody interested, there is a total eclipse of the moon today, Australia: Wednesday's lunar eclipse will create a 'blood' moon WHEN TO WATCH (local times): NSW/ACT/VIC/TAS: Eclipse begins 8.15pm, total eclipse 9.25pm-10.25pm, eclipse ends 11.35pm. QLD: minus one hour for all times SA: Eclipse starts 7.45pm, total eclipse 8.55pm-9.55pm, eclipse ends 11.05pm. NT: minus one hour for all times WA: Moon rises at 6.19pm, total eclipse 6.25pm-7.25pm, eclipse ends 8.35pm. http://www.news.com.au/national/total-lunar-eclipse-to-glow-red-across-australia/story-fncynjr2-1227081267533 USA: Lunar eclipse tonight may highlight Draconid meteor shower Total eclipse starts at 3:15 a.m. PT (6:15 a.m. ET) on Wednesday http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/lunar-eclipse-tonight-may-highlight-draconid-meteor-shower-1.2789359
  15. And be sure to tell a tale or two from that experience with someone downunder if that happens. Please!
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