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  1. Thankies for the great responses to my Zeplife stories. Oh I am a Zep Head through and through, as we all are here. Shadecatcher, I feel like I could have known you back then. Sure enough we sewed our clothes cos we couldn't find any to please the boys in case we got to meet them. Peasant blouses, mini dresses with matching panties, miniskirts, maxi dresses. Oh those were the glorious days. Yup my BFF and I sewed up black velvet hot pants with red satin inserts, and matching halter tops worn with the ever favorite Twiggy thigh high black vinyl boots. Yes we looked 22 at 16 years old, LOL ! Our dream was to sew clothing for the Zep members but someone beat us to it ! Potted Plant, yep prolly was Cobo as we had a good friend who was a ticket agent and always got us great seats there.That was a lot of brain cells ago, tho. Dear BlueEyed Merle I so wish we could have met sometime in our lives ! You are the epitome of Led Zeppelin Lovers and thanx for liking my story ! It was a fantastic time to grow up and I am forever greatfu;l to have be blessed enough to see all the bands that I did especially my Zep.
  2. That hug would have been awesome to see ! Big hugs to you too Kelly Girl for such good commentary, much appreciated. Peace and Love ya'll...
  3. ....at's me boys! Truly a Celebration Day today Whohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...
  4. Queenies been around a long, long, time. I was " Bobtised: by Roberts own sweat as I stood at his feet on a small stage at the Grande Ballroom January 1969, in Detroit. We 3 friends drove there in a little MG convertiblie, top down, me in the rumble seat my long black hair and long black cape flowing in the wind, just stoned to the bone ! The venue was barely half filed and they played for hours and were very friendly. I was immediately posessed.Saw then again in Oct 1969 I believe at Olympia stadium, then April 1970 at Cobo hall where we two besties made our own foxy clothes and attempted a side stage approach only to have to take "care" of an enourmously large hairy roadie first, but I did get a side glance from my man and a grin as he was about 20 feet away.WE were too chicken for the fat roadie shit first so backed outta that scenario.The cape was worn however.Then saw them in June of 1972, by then there were thousands that wanted to see them so it was packed, but I always got good tix from a friend agent.Which show I went to in 1973 is iffy , those were the 'scleener" days and a bit foggy.Then back to the Olympia in a cold part of 1975Then the biggest show of all The pontiac Silverdome in April 1977. Waited 18 hours for those tix, outside in the freezin blowin cold.Saw a hell of a slice of life out there in the trenches.Great experience though.Then came 1980, sent my moneyorder in, even having Dad drive us to the main post office to drop off our moneyorders,A few days later I was in mourning, I missed work for a couple days.The heartbeat of my band was dead. There would be no band. I suffered for weeks.I may still be suffering after 33 years. I have been blessed to have the internet and some good friends from the internet to keep me connected to that band that I so love and I have atteneded many of Roberts Shows. I prolly have most boots and vids and all but its not like you can go see them every once in awhile. The anticipation alone, before a show was pure euphoria ! I was blessed to have as much of them as I did and I think Robert knows who I am by the same group of us "Bobettes" who follow him from town to town and that is all I can ask for ,to still enrich my life.I will die listening to Zeppelin with a smile on my face...I just know it. ** The cape has been to all 7 or so Zep concerts as well as nearly 10 Robert plant concerts so the cape is my trademark and many in those days knew me as the Cape lady IT is a floor length , velvet coller woolen cape from London England. I have been offered hundreds of dollors for it. I think i should embroider all the dates it attended and then maybe be buried or cremated in it when the time comes. Thats true love, eh?
  5. I would still like to become a member of "The Spit Club" Jimmy darlin...never too late. Happy Birthday Magic Fingers!!!
  6. There is a series of a few more of these pics and he definately had his eyes on her that night. Lucky little biotch...
  7. At the end of Stairway , when Jason holds his hand to his heart in honor of the threesome, he then hand gestures an "O" and did anyone else see 3 fingers held up? "O3" Oh my...... I emailed CBS a good slice of my wrath for the editing of the show in hopes that they(CBS) will replay it, unchopped! Please ya'll do the same.
  8. Yes Strider, great read, great thread all in all, and a friggin great time to be ZepAlive ! Feel like a kid again with all this Zep Wonder rekindled.Happy, happy ! I was Bobtised in 1969, so his DNA is still floating around inside me. Someday I will have to write my Zep diary. Fifty shades of something...
  9. This truly IS a Celebration Day for us ! What a treasure this DVD is. Forever and a day, I shall be able to see my guys, up close and personal. By 7:09 this evening I was gently weeping to Stairway, not just for the beauty of it tonight, but also to the memory of seeing it live and realizing how quickly life flies by. I knew from the day I set my eyes on them and gave a listen, that they would be an integral part of my life.They have and they always will be. This DVD just sweetened the memories, for I see the love that they once had for each other.
  10. Well Strider darlin, it could be very much better at home :wink: :wink: I saw the movie twice here in North Detroit. Once with a member from here, that was absolutely wonderful ! I was so disappointed with the attendence though, both shows...how depressing.Not a very lively bunch either. Assholes. *I* however, was in my glory for this is what I have been waiting for. To see the work that they do, to perform. To see every grimace and grin, to see their eyes searching for one another and their mark. To see the sweat and spit and smiles, up close and personal. That is what I needed to see. I never dreamed that 44 years ago, this group that I was so in love with would still be feeding their fans, even in this small way.They have given us a new gift and we must relish what it is.
  11. As it should have been ! Back in the day at the 70's shows it was all about the lighters! Now its the cameraphones . Whatever eh? Its all light. I'll give my reviews after tomorrows final showing. Last nights viewing was about love. Tonights viewing was all about stimulation, and tomorrows will be just pure joy!
  12. Ha ha , they each most likely outdid him(John Holmes) in quantity...
  13. Thanx a bunch , all of you for sharing such a special time!
  14. My new favorite pic of Robert, the one of him pointing ! Thank you for posting it. He always goes on a walkabout, and I have been looking for Him for 44 years now, on concert days. I wish for your kind of luck. That smile will be on your face forever!
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