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  1. Pretty hard to believe that no one has picked up on this yet. Last night Alain Johannes of Them Crooked Vultures posted a photo on Instagram. Led Zeppelin News then Tweeted the image. https://twitter.com/LedZepNews/status/750951152628424704/photo/1 Does anyone else think that a wonderful piece of Led Zeppelin history may have been unearthed and will we get the opportunity to enjoy it? Looks like a master reel for Led Zeppelin performance at Montreux, March 7th 1970. I know we have the Albert hall show from January 9th 1970 but this show is one blistering performance too.
  2. I'm glad that the case has reached the stage that it has. Yes there have been issues with blatant 'lifting' in the past and in all those cases not once did the band refuse to reach out of court settlements. Yet in this case they decided to go to a federal court hearing which was to be decided upon by a jury of 8 lay-people who may not have had the technical knowledge of pulling these musical passages apart. In the end, and to their credit, the jury came back with a unanimous decision. No question in their minds. Now we have ongoing dialogue from the plaintiff's side with regards to the case
  3. Thanks for your reply. I was aware of the 1972 replacement but not the subsequent replacement. I know that I have read about the 1972 episode before but from memory this is my recollection as related to me around 30 years ago when I spoke to the person who actually did the job. We have no recording of the Perth concert so we don't know if the back pickup was playing up over there or not but definitely during the Adelaide show you can hear it with this high pitched 'chiming' sound, which is quite annoying. By the time the band got into Melbourne a guitar technician had been contacted to do t
  4. Out of curiosity, when roughly do you think that this occurred?
  5. And this, believe it or not is the amazing poster for this cancelled show.
  6. Here's a record store in Melbourne, Australia that has been in operation for many years. Attracting customers from all over the world. Most of the stock in this store is VINYL. Yesterday Matt Cameron from Soundgarden/Pearl Jam was there along with our favourite photographer, Ross Halfin. Picture courtesy of Ross Halfin.
  7. Thank you for the update. Amazing after all this time that there are still some major gaps that would complete the puzzle.
  8. I don't know who the photographer was. It was not Alex Gall from the Herald Sun News Pictorial. I met Alex in 1980 outside the old Herald Sun newspaper. He had a vague memory of the gig, "It was LOUD!!!!", he said in his broad Scottish accent. The only time that the picture was printed, at the time, is as stated above, on the cover of 'Planet' magazine. Many years ago I acquired what I believe to be the only original, photographic print of this image from the original negative. In 1996 before Jimmy Page and Robert Plant came to Australia, I made a high quality, oversized negative of the
  9. And it is not in mint condition either. Great price all the same.
  10. Sorry but there is no mention of the name of the photographer.
  11. Unrecognisable, except for the wire, boundary fence which has probably been there since Adam was a boy. The new stadium will be amazing when it is completed.
  12. Please accept my apologies for not posting this information any sooner. As promised I went to the photo file that I have and found the image that I mentioned. Whilst looking, to my surprise, I found another image from Perth 1972. A mistake that I have not picked up on in 25 years as the file has 2 copies of the same image. One of them is marked on the rear and the other isn't. I am posting the following: 1) The photographic print that was used in the newspaper article titled, "PERTH A RIOT, A DRUG RAID". 2) A close-up of the roadie’s shirt where you can clearly see that it is a Ze
  13. Everyone needs to start somewhere, don't apologise. There's nothing like the first time. Hope you enjoy the music for many years to come.....
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