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  1. LOL! Maybe we only have Volume one of the Mayan calendar. Volume two of the calendar was likely lost or broken...
  2. I received this poem from a friend and thought it described summers in Texas- this one in particular. I understand that other areas are suffering as well. Perhaps some wry humor is in order? "If I owned Hell & I owned Texas, I would rent out Texas & go live in Hell" General Tecumseh Sherman -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ode to Texas The devil wanted a place on earth Sort of a summer home A place to spend his vacation Whenever he wanted to roam. So he picked out Texas A place both wretched and rough Where the climate was to his liking And the cowboys hardened and tough. He dried up the streams in the canyons And ordered no rain to fall He dried up the lakes in the valleys Then baked and scorched it all. Then over his barren country He transplanted shrubs from hell. The cactus, thistle and prickly pear The climate suited them well. Now the home was much to his liking But animal life, he had none. So he created crawling creatures That all mankind would shun. First he made the rattlesnake With it's forked poisonous tongue. Taught it to strike and rattle And how to swallow it's young. Then he made scorpions and lizards And the ugly old horned toad. He placed spiders of every description Under rocks by the side of the road. Then he ordered the sun to shine hotter, Hotter and hotter still. Until even the cactus wilted And the old horned lizard took ill. Then he gazed on his earthly kingdom As any creator would He chuckled a little up his sleeve And admitted that it was good. 'Twas summer now and Satan lay By a prickly pear to rest. The sweat rolled off his swarthy brow So he took off his coat and vest. "By Golly," he finally panted, "I did my job too well, I'm going back to where I came from, Texas is hotter than Hell." Please Lord, now that he's gone, won't you send rain?
  3. An auspicious name- Leo is appropriate for his birthdate as well. Congrats! Spoil him, then send him home- that is most enjoyable.
  4. Send the rain west to Texas Danny. I saw the devil tapdancing outside on my way home. LOL!
  5. Wilmington (Northampton)(dad's) & Randolph (mom's) families.
  6. Brad, I would suggest that you read the ENTIRE post that I referenced when replying before you go off on my gene pool. The question that I asked BIGDAN was in half jest. I am very aware of the differences between ancestors and Nations. I am, however, certifiably of both heritages. I have know beyond doubt my family lines here as well as (with appreciation for their record keeping abilities) some assistance up to the year 650 AD from the individuals who "care" about those things in the UK. Some lines can be traced farther than that.
  7. A day floating on the river with my daughter, son-in-law and his kids and my son among the cypress trees. Ice cold water and 102 degrees F in the shade. A picnic and some ice cold beer in the cooler. I'm slightly sunburned, but it was a great day. I work 6am-2:30pm then 11:30pm-8:00am tomorrow (my boss is deranged). Enjoying today was essential.
  8. I just love the way People from Immigrant countries who have no cultural, spiritual or ethnic connections to that country get so indignant, can you imaging this? a Hungarian Family Emigrates to the USA, and a couple of generations down the line those peoples offspring have the nerve to call themselves "Americans" when they have absolutely no cultural, spiritual or ethnic connections to the original inhabitants, the REDSKINS, THE INDIANS, they are the TRUE AMERICANS, THEY are the only PEOPLE who deserve an AMERICAN PASSPORT, all the rest are Illegal Immigrants because AMERICA was UNLAWFULLY taken off of the ORIGINAL INHABITANTS just a few hundred years ago, you might not like what I say but tis the TRUTH and a FACT, so all you ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS begone back to the land of your forefathers and stop God Bothering and leave the NATIVES, the TRUE AMERICANS, THE REDSKINS, alone and let THEM live at peace in THEIR OWN LAND, with no one to bother them but themselves, you DESTROYERS of HUMANITY. .
  9. A nose dive into the muddy end of the gene pool, eh? LOL!
  10. He's had his 15 minutes of fame. If he would trouble himself to actually read his Bible, he would SHUT UP about knowing the dates that this will supposedly occur. What a fraud.
  11. I humbly suggest that the friend should seek a second opinion.
  12. So now perhaps we can move on to other endeavors once all the mad dogs are contained.
  13. Texas weather is always in flux. Two days ago we were 80F. Today it is 28F with snow on the way- there were already flurries at my daughter's ranch. We require large closets- clothing selections range from summer wear to heavy, well-lined leather from November until April.
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