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  1. An auspicious name- Leo is appropriate for his birthdate as well. Congrats! Spoil him, then send him home- that is most enjoyable.
  2. Send the rain west to Texas Danny. I saw the devil tapdancing outside on my way home. LOL!
  3. A day floating on the river with my daughter, son-in-law and his kids and my son among the cypress trees. Ice cold water and 102 degrees F in the shade. A picnic and some ice cold beer in the cooler. I'm slightly sunburned, but it was a great day. I work 6am-2:30pm then 11:30pm-8:00am tomorrow (my boss is deranged). Enjoying today was essential.
  4. I humbly suggest that the friend should seek a second opinion.
  5. So now perhaps we can move on to other endeavors once all the mad dogs are contained.
  6. Texas weather is always in flux. Two days ago we were 80F. Today it is 28F with snow on the way- there were already flurries at my daughter's ranch. We require large closets- clothing selections range from summer wear to heavy, well-lined leather from November until April.
  7. We just moved. I went through clothes and donated a box of clothes to Salvation Army. They really DO good things for others. I feel that the poor actually ARE clothed when I donate to them. I wish I had more time to actively participate in good deeds. I find that I'm tired from working at the hospital and my best is given there. I guess all things have limits. But, on the bright side, I'm off tomorrow.
  8. As I said, I am a RN. I work with people who are dying, or those who have been revived after their heart stopped. Their reports, as well as experiences that I had at ages 21 and 26 while critically ill, have convinced me that there is an level of consciousness (for lack of a better description) that we are usually not aware of and many persons don't believe in. I'm not certain whether I want to expand with truly descriptive information or not. My mother doubted my experience when I described it to her, until I described a dog I saw that had died before I was born sitting at the feet of a long deceased relative. I never knew this dog existed prior to my experience. Strange stuff. But not every thing in life has a ready explanation.
  9. I believe that Near Death Experiences actually occur and are more than simply a misfiring of the neurons at the point of death. I think that there is a sensory plane that we are not always aware of /in tune with. I am a RN, have had many patients that have been close to death and passed on. I also have personally experienced the NDE years ago- it was awesome.
  10. We went dove hunting the next day. I got a dove in flight at 25 yards (about 25 meters) and a nice bruise on my shoulder as well. I bought a recoil absorber for the butt of the gun. Haven't tried it out yet. I'm a "girly girl". My husband proudly announced my marksmanship to a man who asked if I was planning to "try hunting out." LOL
  11. Well, we are currently enjoying Hermine's presence in Texas. I was in San Antonio today and there was flooding and winds similar to a low level coastal hurricane. I can only imagine what the environment is like further South. The electricity did go down in San Antonio for a while. I don't know if it's back yet. I am VERY glad that I moved farther northwest.
  12. Listening to recordings of my son playing "Voodoo Chile" and "Little Wing" at an open mic night when he was 16. His current band will be touring soon, but they're a metal group. You can't tell I am proud of him can you? So I have to listen to recordings for what I think he is best at. Unless I convince him to play for me.
  13. Going to my daughter's for target practice (skeet shooting). I received a 20g shotgun for Christmas. This is my second time to shoot it. I've been really busy. I used to have great marksmanship, we'll see what remains.
  14. What are Quorn Fajitas? Not something native to Texas I would venture. Does it even come on hooves originally?
  15. My daughter was married on Saturday. The wedding went without a glitch. After the dress fiasco, it was a great relief. She had custom ordered a dress from China. It arrived with the waist and top measurements reversed. The alteration attempts caused the satin to ravel. Nothing like a wedding dress problem to cause distress. Oh, well, the replacement dress was many times more beautiful. We were fortunate to find a sale price that blew our minds. This past week was so much fun, rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the reception and then the dance afterward.
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