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  1. Ah, Tour Dates. This is for tomorrow tomorrow....... There. jimmy tours tomorrow.
  2. Does anyone have the link to the youtube video of Beck and Page (& others) rehearsing for the 2009 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Event? This is where Jimmy is asked to do a solo and he side sreps it.........
  3. Oh, Eddie! So lovely seeing you.
  4. Thank you. Yes, I've seen this pic and was wondering if it was the last known photo of Bonzo. He sure did lose a few stone. Looks so tired.......
  5. Curious to know if there is a known "last photograph of Bonzo"?
  6. He's on the touchlines....with a lot of money and young chicks.......
  7. So true; he looks so silly in the early / mid 80's. Very embarressing
  8. Robert often came across too femanate and pretended he was this hippie free spirit on a journey, when in fact he was just sitting around hotel rooms getting stoned every night after shows. He was just too girly for me.
  9. Thomasw536


    I live in Seattle and the Sounders won the Championship! Greatest Team on the face of the earth!!!
  10. Jimmy just recovered from his last solo tour; the 1988 Outrider tour, and is now on the touchlines prepping & planning for a 2046 world tour at the age of 102. If he eats his veggies and does his morning walk he'll be fine.
  11. He's on the touchlines....with a lot of money and young chicks.......
  12. Jimmy was an icon of the 60's & 70's and a fallen angel since. People wanting him to release new material and tour are living in the same past life as Page. Enough. He's been cooked and done for decades!
  13. No. the 2007 version was visually cool, but musically not that great compared to mid 70's versions.
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