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  1. Curious to know if there is a known "last photograph of Bonzo"?
  2. Thomasw536

    When will Jimmy tour again?

    Ah, Tour Dates. This is for tomorrow tomorrow....... There. jimmy tours tomorrow.
  3. Thomasw536


    Does anyone have the link to the youtube video of Beck and Page (& others) rehearsing for the 2009 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Event? This is where Jimmy is asked to do a solo and he side sreps it.........
  4. Thomasw536


    Oh, Eddie! So lovely seeing you.
  5. Thomasw536

    Last Ever Photograph of Bonzo

    Thank you. Yes, I've seen this pic and was wondering if it was the last known photo of Bonzo. He sure did lose a few stone. Looks so tired.......
  6. He's on the touchlines....with a lot of money and young chicks.......
  7. Thomasw536

    Little Things You Don't Like About Led Zeppelin?

    So true; he looks so silly in the early / mid 80's. Very embarressing
  8. Thomasw536

    Little Things You Don't Like About Led Zeppelin?

    Robert often came across too femanate and pretended he was this hippie free spirit on a journey, when in fact he was just sitting around hotel rooms getting stoned every night after shows. He was just too girly for me.
  9. Thomasw536

    Little Things You Don't Like About Led Zeppelin?

    They didnt have Madonna open up for them in 2007.
  10. Thomasw536


    I live in Seattle and the Sounders won the Championship! Greatest Team on the face of the earth!!!
  11. Thomasw536

    When will Jimmy tour again?

    Jimmy just recovered from his last solo tour; the 1988 Outrider tour, and is now on the touchlines prepping & planning for a 2046 world tour at the age of 102. If he eats his veggies and does his morning walk he'll be fine.
  12. He's on the touchlines....with a lot of money and young chicks.......
  13. Thomasw536

    When will Jimmy tour again?

    Jimmy was an icon of the 60's & 70's and a fallen angel since. People wanting him to release new material and tour are living in the same past life as Page. Enough. He's been cooked and done for decades!
  14. Thomasw536

    O2 Kashmir Best Ever?

    No. the 2007 version was visually cool, but musically not that great compared to mid 70's versions.
  15. Thomasw536

    JPJ gigs schedule 2017

    Your link does not go to JPS website
  16. Thomasw536

    Companion discs are rubbish

    Yeah, these companion discs are complete rubbish in my humble opinion; a money and attention grab. I understand for hardcore fans to get a glimpse of practice sessions, etc, is cool and interesting, but Page is only concern is keeping Zeppelin in the news and making money doing it without selling out to Hollywood. Page will continue to release Zeppelin material from time to time up until he dies. Its his life, and though its very sad he never moved on past the 70's, he didn't really have to!
  17. 73 and banging a 20 something redhead and traveling the world talkiing about Led Zeppeliin and having people suck up to you everywhere you go. I'd take that life.
  18. Thomasw536

    Roy Harpers 75th Birthday Gig

    The article states Jimmy Page was in attendance, but did not join Harper for any songs. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/what-to-listen-to/roy-harper-celebrates-his-75th-birthday-with-a-sincere-emotional/
  19. Thomasw536

    The Three Lives of Jimmy Page

    We'll see but doubtful there is anything new here; just another money grab.
  20. just more of the same stuff; cool to see jimmy but these scripted interviews and re releases; well, seen one seen them all. "Well, its most unfortunate i had to set aside the amount of time i did to deal with the stairway lawsuit, but the band prevailed and that is most importand you see. It was importand to set the record straight so to speak. Yes, I was on the touchlines practicing; preparing to be seen live but then an opportunity emerged with the BBC sessions and as you'll see, its quite interesting actually. I do hope to get out there and be seen playing, but with this, the holidays fast approaching along with some other behind the scenes issue regardin legal fees over the siut, it may bee a little while longer until i have the time to properly dedicate myself to getting on with new music. i may add i found some outtake demos with my project with David Coverdale, so there may be some interesting treasures to look forward to. Well, yes, I want to say I'm keen on playing live with new material, and I have it tou see, but wouldn'y you want you past work to have the very best audio quality available? well, sure so i've taken that on". I'm just so busy behind the scenes.
  21. Thomasw536


    Its a terrific LP and effort from Page, but quite embarressing and seldom discussed when U.S. ticket sales were dismal and no tour happened. Page refuses to play small halls and this is why its Page / Plant, Zeppelin or nothing.
  22. Thomasw536


    Good Times Bad Times
  23. Agree. Its quite annoying but after hearing him speak year after year while doing scripted interviews I let go. I'm convinced he says stuff like that, in part, to keep Zeppelin in the news. Very strange.
  24. Thomasw536

    Glenn Hughes

    Where's Jason? Busy making money off his dad and living in the past. Sad.