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  1. OceanZoso

    What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    Nice pics Reids! Glad you are going to this show too, looking forward to seeing Arielle open, she is good
  2. OceanZoso

    2018 MLB season thread

    Well being from the Philadelphia area, the Phillies haven't been fun watch for the past 5 years or so, lol.. but until they get better and win the World Series again, I'll be watching the Orioles
  3. OceanZoso

    What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    My next concert is Eric Johnson, next Saturday, March 3rd, can't wait for that!
  4. OceanZoso

    Good cover songs

    House of Lords's cover of Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home" is one of the best covers I've ever heard!
  5. OceanZoso

    2017 NFL Thread

    CONGRATS EAGLES!!! What an incredible game!!!!
  6. OceanZoso

    King's X

    Love King's X, great underrated band! A great mix of heavy, funky, and progressive.. Have seen them twice, but never as a headliner, once as an opener for Porcupine Tree in 2009, and once on the M3 Rock Festival in MD in 2013
  7. OceanZoso

    The Jazz Thread

    I like listening to jazz guitar and jazz bass, some of my favorite jazz guitarists are Pat Metheney, Wes Montgomery, John Scofield, and Allan Holdsworth, and some of my favorite jazz bassists are Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, and Jaco Pastorious Also like listening to jazz piano a bit, Vince Guaraldi is great
  8. OceanZoso

    Classical Music!

    I like listening to classical guitar music, been meaning to find more classical guitarists, pretty much the only one I know of right now is Andres Segovia
  9. OceanZoso

    The Black Angels

    The Black Angels are pretty good, I like what I've heard of them, I might consider that April 8th Philly show
  10. OceanZoso

    Myles Kennedy

    Myles Kennedy is an excellent singer- I love his work with Alter Bridge and Slash and I can't wait for his solo album this March!
  11. OceanZoso

    Greta Van Fleet

    Greta Van Fleet are awesome! They are playing around my area in May but the show is already sold out
  12. OceanZoso

    Hello I just joined

    Thanks, and yes I am
  13. OceanZoso

    The Led Zeppelin Book List

    "Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin" is incredible, I randomly found it at a bookstore in Rehoboth Beach DE, and glad I did!!!!!
  14. OceanZoso

    Cartoons (what's your favorite?)

    my 2 favorite cartoons are a tie between South Park and The Simpsons
  15. OceanZoso

    Hello I just joined

    Haha, well yes, but I actually wanted to use TheOcean as my username, but it was taken, so I thought of something clever to combine it with