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  1. It will air soon (less than 1/2 hour)and will be available for podcast/listen at this link. http://www.cbc.ca/q/blog/2014/10/06/robert-plant-lullaby-ceaseless-roar/
  2. http://thebirminghampress.com/2014/07/let-there-be-drums/
  3. He may be wanton to be the last of his buddies to turn off the light switch, having been the one to wire the world with real rock 'n roll electricity. Top dog takes all. Hopefully health will take him there.
  4. Let us hope that Poo-tin is a big Zep fan. "No Zep FOR YOU"!!!
  5. Nicked this from Deborah Bonhams facebook page. A zep fan just a little tired. What a great picture!
  6. Ha. Never under estimate the value of good dental work. The bad teeth version lookalike can still be found in a lot of biker gangs. Both are good and not picking but never thought about this before. Good eye.
  7. Like it says-no other info. Sorry.
  8. Where do people get this idea? Have you ever seen anyone ever, giving a plant a needle. If it were true,all the pot plants would have needle tracks.
  9. saltypete

    John Bonham

    A good read, did not know he flew the jet....whew.
  10. Some growers have this problem but I have been lucky so far. It is sitting on sand which is a deterrent of sorts for underneath but it is true that animals could be attracted to it, but the walls are very thick and if you've ever had the experience to carve one this size, you would know they are very tough except for the blossom end or "bellybutton" which can be thinner.
  11. 1000 pounds plus and still growing!
  12. Texas, Fort Worth, 1977-05-22. I have heard the song before somewhere that he dives into, reminds me a bit of "all the way to Memphis-Ian Hunter" but that's not it, a bit like hurry up supermarket music, but very cool. Wish the sound quality on this was better.
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