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  1. It will air soon (less than 1/2 hour)and will be available for podcast/listen at this link. http://www.cbc.ca/q/blog/2014/10/06/robert-plant-lullaby-ceaseless-roar/
  2. http://thebirminghampress.com/2014/07/let-there-be-drums/
  3. He may be wanton to be the last of his buddies to turn off the light switch, having been the one to wire the world with real rock 'n roll electricity. Top dog takes all. Hopefully health will take him there.
  4. Let us hope that Poo-tin is a big Zep fan. "No Zep FOR YOU"!!!
  5. Nicked this from Deborah Bonhams facebook page. A zep fan just a little tired. What a great picture!
  6. Ha. Never under estimate the value of good dental work. The bad teeth version lookalike can still be found in a lot of biker gangs. Both are good and not picking but never thought about this before. Good eye.
  7. Like it says-no other info. Sorry.
  8. Where do people get this idea? Have you ever seen anyone ever, giving a plant a needle. If it were true,all the pot plants would have needle tracks.
  9. saltypete

    John Bonham

    A good read, did not know he flew the jet....whew.
  10. Some growers have this problem but I have been lucky so far. It is sitting on sand which is a deterrent of sorts for underneath but it is true that animals could be attracted to it, but the walls are very thick and if you've ever had the experience to carve one this size, you would know they are very tough except for the blossom end or "bellybutton" which can be thinner.
  11. 1000 pounds plus and still growing!
  12. Texas, Fort Worth, 1977-05-22. I have heard the song before somewhere that he dives into, reminds me a bit of "all the way to Memphis-Ian Hunter" but that's not it, a bit like hurry up supermarket music, but very cool. Wish the sound quality on this was better.
  13. Pumpkins that you want to grow really big need to be shaded so the skin is nice and soft and stretchy rather than sun-baked that will crack and weep pumpkin juice that may get infected. Later in the season I let the sun shine a little more and the skin turns a little darker. Some growers grow pumpkins that are especially orange but they don't have large characteristics....yet. It is all in the breeding.
  14. 800 pounds. Having sex with it at night when no one is looking. Very firm. Ha Ha.....
  15. Now at approx. 677 pounds, this pumpkin is starting to get bloated like a Zeppelin, and I hope this one doesn't "break up". No roadies around ,only the road in the background, and if there is "time to change the road I'm on", I'm gonna need a forklift.
  16. Have a pint or two at the pub, suffer tomorrow and smile.
  17. 457 pounds this morning with some crazy weight gains of 39 and 43 pounds for each of the last two days!
  18. Or with a huge dose of cash and overwhelming support, both which are probably lacking, the townspeople will realize the benefits via tourism, embrace it like a new puppy and things will alright. What's for sure,we are all on the same path. Perhaps it would be of some comfort to the remaining three on the grassy side up that we will not forget them and not let this much time go by trying to build consensus.
  19. https://www.facebook.com/johnbonhammemorialfund I think if they made it easy to donate, via paypal for instance, this job could be done very quickly,even though the money changers take their cut. At least, those people with lots of means could donate large sums without their identity being shown. Perhaps Redditch or the organizers are being too short-sighted in their scope. Seems situations with less wanton needs, get money with little trouble these days.
  20. I have made a pie with the flesh once,it was okay,and it wasn't bad in any way because pumpkin pie has spices, etc that make up a lot of the taste. Most growers,who have access to more potent chemicals, especially in the States(I'm in Canada) don't eat it because of toxicity.Really hot weather is a disadvantage and a moderate growing season is better.The world record has been broken a lot in the last five years or so, and locations that come to mind are Ohio, Quebec, and Rhode Island(present record). Usually they get carved for halloween or decoration of some kind, the world record goes to New
  21. These are bred for size, and through some really dedicated growers, some records that were once thought nearly impossible (2000 pounds) have now been reached, although I don't think that record will be beat for a while. It takes a lot of work, you have no idea. Getting past 1000 pounds is a challenge that many growers have yet to meet. I surpassed that in my second year trying, and hoping to repeat that this year. The public interest locally is quite something.
  22. Growing an Atlantic Giant pumpkin in Moncton,New Brunswick,Canada, that is closing in on 300 pounds that I have named "The Zeppelin". The seed, I'm fortunate to say, is from the world record smashing crazy weight pumpkin of Ron Wallace of Rhode Island @ 2009 pounds last year,whom was nice enough to send me a seed after I wrote him a nice and thoughtful letter,thank you Ron.I will post updates if anyone is interested. Rock on! ps....forgot to mention that it put on 30 pounds since yesterday.....
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