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  1. Clear skies and calm seas. 72 degrees.
  2. Beautiful song, especially the lyrics.
  3. My parents didn't allow rock and roll in our house. My father didn't have many nice things to say about rock and roll.
  4. It has to be difficult. I see how Ringo Star won't sign autographs now. He said he only has a finite number of days left and doesn't want to spend them signing autographs. I don't blame him. It does seem however that Robert is less happy with questions. He has never been my favorite personality, I prefer Jimmy's take on the music and the history. Jimmy seems to enjoy sharing more as he has gotten older, something I appreciate.
  5. Studio is a no go for me due to that confounded squeaky bass drum peddle. Therefore various of the live versions always.
  6. It must get tiresome for the surviving members of Led Zeppelin to have to answer these questions.
  7. Concerning Bonzo state of mind I think he just wasn't keen on doing another tour. These young men had been thrust into a whirlwind for 10 years and that takes a toll on people. Hard drinking and hard living are common in than life. Suddenly you are a superstar and that isn't a normal thing in real life, and many people do not deal with that well, so who am I to judge?
  8. I'm 4th generation so I probably know less than you. 😎
  9. that is so cool hope you make to #5 one day too
  10. 1 the crossroads 2 Abby Roads studio 2 3 Yasgur's farm 4 Sun Studio 5 Budokan
  11. Some songs on Coda count very much. As an album it's reasons for being were different than any other album.
  12. Drum solos had their day but their time had passed. I much prefer just listening to isolated drum tracks when available.
  13. I'm fine thanks! How are you badgeholder? glad to be here. looks like a great website
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