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  1. I just pretend like a European tourist and then don't leave a tip.
  2. How is this place even relevant if they induct Roxy Music in the same year as Janet Jackson? How is Janet Jackson even inducted in the first place? Why did it take Deep Purple decades to finally get nominated? This place is LAME.
  3. I would have had Yoko One deported
  4. I guess that doesn't count any of the "secret girls" being sneaked into the Riot House through the back door who should have instead been going to Junior High School classes instead of looking to be picked up at The Rainbow Bar & Grill. And does shagging one's wife's sister count toward the numbers too?
  5. Why the English would continue to be subservient to this fraud, even only if ceremonially, speaks I think to the servile nature of that culture to please their masters in exchange for a pittance of the stolen global wealth of the world. "Divine right of kings" my arse. Time for these people to go.
  6. Movie was great. Anyone who didn't like it is mentally handicapped at best
  7. I think they should be thrown out on the streets. Their legacy over the centuries is responsible for more death, slavery, civil wars, WORLD WARS, and destruction than any other lineage since the times of the Roman empire.
  8. Yes, a jazz drummer. Whatever his ego is it is not bigger than Gene Simmons or Hillary Clinton.... haha!
  9. I have really liked Better Call Saul. It will be interesting to see what happens to Kim Wexler and Nacho Varga?
  10. I'm really going to miss Ginger Baker, he was probably my 2nd favorite after Moonie and just above Bonzo. Not that Bonzo wasn't great, but something about Baker just knowing the best fills for any song without doing too much.
  11. We stopped handing out Halloween candy after a neighbor was sued when a kid tripped coming up his steps and broke his teeth out. Didn't matter that kid had on a mask and couldn't see and a long robe down to his feet to trip on. The parents ended up accepting the $2000 medical payment on the homeowners policy but after that we opted out for handing out candy.
  12. Does Robert still have any publishing rights to the Zep songs? I thought he sold his rights a long time ago.
  13. I think it a bit silly that anyone palavers over these people who do nothing for the people, and historically have only taken. When I think of royalty I think of the Monty Python movie and the line "I didn't vote for you". But you are right, somebody is probably getting paid off for these people to still be in the position they are in. I always admired the people of France for how they decided to change things up at the right time.
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