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  1. Tsk Tsk, anyone going to admonish this post? http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article...lice/article.do
  2. It's not private anymore when they're so loud that others hear it without even trying. Contain it or suffer the consequences. It could escalate into a loudness war, or could be nipped in the bud. Someone raises the stakes then someone else crushes the offender in a retaliatory fashion. Out of sight, out of hearing range, out of mind. Now if you just saw it, you could turn the other way easily. You can't just simply turn an ear and negate the sound. Your quiet neighborhood remark is wrong. No one should impose their noise on anyone else.
  3. Even though her voice is somewhat better, I think she has more of a chance of following the fate of William Hung and not of Kelly Clarkson. http://www.brokennewz.com/displaystory.asp...E_1027hungdeath
  4. It wasn't a joke. You know that even an aural shine is an outward manifestation apart from a shining within.
  5. To save face, auraly imagining her performance would be safer.
  6. From so many posts I've seen in the past, I didn't think there was any appreciation for Richard Cole's "Stairway to Heaven". Does it depend on who posts the photos or text?
  7. Gov't Mule's entire performance of Houses of the Holy This was from a Halloween show in 2007 in Minnesota, I believe. Excellent !
  8. Even the larger sizes of regular coffee are barely over $2. You hear about $4-$5 coffee there because that's how much those specialty drinks are. I get the dark roast too, much more flavor.
  9. I still say it won't help one bit. You can have her spats.
  10. French/Italian They're both foreign, I should have just said Euron. Starbuck's started as a regular coffeeshop in the 1970s and in the 1980s transformed into the froo-froo shop it is today. I still say they should have separate lines for just the regular coffee drinkers and the umbrella coffe drinkers. Let the fancified ones wait in the slow line since they're buying into that Euron culture. I happen to like Starbuck's coffee and frequent it often when I'm out of town without my French/Euron press.
  11. ^ There you go! Pile on that confectioner's sugar! Hot coffee and sugary sweets! Yumm Yumm! And yeah, real men DO use saucers!
  12. There needs to be a separate line for the frilly drink patrons at coffeeshops. Nothing irritates me more than all that yuppiefied froo-froo speech. A this without that, skinny, no top. Just give me the biggest, strongest coffee you have. I still say LARGE, I'm not in France. Venti ? Pffffttt !!! Would you like one of these too ? At least you're not a guy.
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