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  1. I personally say "Bravo!" for that post. Too many people are just passive consumers who don't think about how what they are watching, eating, buying, hearing is really made. I think that's an important thing to do. Oh and by the way, I can't watch those clips that were posted because of copyright protection. yeah its all about the music...........
  2. Uuugh I cannot stand Kanye West, he is so annoying. I don't see what is so great about his music, either. I saw his SNL performance last week and it was terrible! All he did was stand there and act like an idiot, singing wayy out of tune (even though he had the auto pitch software to help him ) My brother listens to his CDs all the time and they are crap too. West considers Radiohead "one of his few creative rivals." Oh fuck off.
  3. One of my fave albums, period! Selling for just $10.19? Wow.
  4. I hate to make generalizations like that but you're probably right.
  5. "Like so many dicks before (and after) him, Rush Limbaugh grew up a child of privilege, born into one of the most esteemed lineages of Missouri, the “Show Me (Dick) State.” Established in Cape Girardeau since the time of slavery—and probably owning more than several slaves itself—the Limbaugh family is one of those prominent dick families like the Bushes, the Kennedys, and the Sheen-Estevezes. Born Rush Hudson Limbaugh III—a dick name if ever there was one—he is the son of Rush Hudson Limbaugh II, a conservative windbag and prominent attorney, himself the son of Rush Hudson Limbaugh I, also
  6. I didn't make it (sadly I haven't figured out how to go back in time and be born 30 years earlier yet), I just quoted from the link that Sam posted.
  7. Hayseed Dixie is a band that does all bluegrass covers of 'heavy metal' classics. I haven't heard a lot of their stuff, but I'm pretty sure they're very much tongue in cheek about it. Their Stairway is pretty clever if you can listen to it knowing that. Not something I listen to everyday of course.
  8. No, but I think its cool to hear that song done by a jazz/funk type of artist. The Crunge after all was a tip of the hat to James Brown and that type of music... and while Zep was poking fun at that, to me the Joshua Redman version kinda sounds like how it would 'actually' sound like if it were done seriously. Don't know if that makes sense but its just how I see it. I guess the cheesy synthesizer in Zep's version bugs me too much to appreciate what would be an otherwise fuckin' awesome song (don't know how they ever kept track of those time changes), and the jazzy Redman version lets me app
  9. "I made Jimmy Page a jacket and took it to the Forum and gave it to the General Manager. I made a black jacket because he usually wore black. This year he switched to white. I attached a letter stating that I had tickets for the 6/23 show. The concert was fantastic and I really enjoyed the show. When they came out for the encore Jimmy Page had my black jacket on! He walked all around the stage and turned around to show off the back. I almost fainted and my group of friends went crazy, I was a celebrity in my group of friends. I will never forget that moment as long as I live. Just to think tha
  10. ^ I agree with that. I just sometimes don't agree with their definition of 'talent.'
  11. I can't remember if I've heard her "Down by the Seaside" but I think her version of "Whole Lotta Love" absolutely sucks. Might just be me! Susan Tedeschi covered "Rock and Roll" and while I don't really like the backing track (it was Double Trouble, sounds too Texas white-boy-blues for a Zep song) I think Susan sings it fantastically. Of course, I don't think she could ever sing ANYTHING and not make it sound amazing! Also.. and I might get shot for this... I really enjoy Hayseed Dixie's bluegrass cover of Stairway. :D
  12. Joshua Redman, a jazz sax player, covered The Crunge and it is very funky. I think I like it better than the original because (sorry to say) it lacks the nausea-inducing synth "horn section" and the screechy vocals that Zeppelin's had and which I hate. Love Zep and pretty much everything else they did, but I call that song "The Cringe" . Listen to Redman's version (for free, wow) here... http://www.imeem.com/jazzfrisson/music/2dv...man_the_crunge/
  13. I've also heard that Government Mule is EXTREMELY loud. My friend said that when he went to see them, he was standing at the back with toilet paper stuffed in his ear and it was still just painfully loud!... I think he actually said he had to leave. And, those guys only play songs that are 25 minutes long each, so its not like you could get a break from the noise very often.
  14. Yeah I read that Deep Purple performed at 117 dB... and apparently My Bloody Valentine (I don't really know who they are, a recent My Chemical Romance type band I think?) just set some sort of record also.
  15. Damage from loud concerts is not something you necessarily notice right away... besides maybe temporary ringing in your ears once in awhile, or whatever. I'd say its good to wear earplugs at concerts when you know its loud, even if you don't feel like its uncomfortably loud. Its just that most of the time the damage occurs over a long period of time and before you really take notice, its too late.
  16. Heyy is that a Les Paul Studio model with a Wine red finish? Same as mine.
  17. Thank you!! I actually ended up switching to The Who... they broke the record with 120 db in 1976. But 129, that is so fucking loud. Which concert was it? I also stumbled across a piece of info about the band Manowar playing at 126 db, but I didn't see anything about the 129 one. Doing all this research about how music can damage your ears is scaring me.. I already have ringing in my ears sometimes and I'm only 18! I don't plan on stopping going to concerts though so (unless I get ear plugs) I guess I'll just have to deal with it. Sorry to hear about your hearing difficulty (tinnitus?), th
  18. Hi all you tech-geeks... Does anyone here know approximately, in decibels, how loud Led Zeppelin concerts were? Or who could direct me to any web sources that would give me such info? I'm doing a psychology project on the loudness of concerts and how they can damage your ears, and I have to compare two bands, e.g. Led Zeppelin (LOUD!!) and Simon & Garfunkel (Not so much!). Its due tomorrow, so this is very last minute... I tried doing a search of the forum but the search function doesn't like me very much and keeps giving me error messages... anyway, any help would be MUCH appreciated!!
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