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  1. Agreed! By the way, your sig.. you're an oldbie? Might I know you?
  2. I always think of Dear Mr. Fantasy by Traffic. Dear Mister Fantasy play us a tune Something to make us all happy Do anything take us out of this gloom Sing a song, play guitar Make it snappy You are the one who can make us all laugh But doing that you break out in tears Please don't be sad if it was a straight mind you had We wouldn't have known you all these years
  3. I can't believe this, really... There's so much outstanding Canadian talent that never makes it out of the bar scene, yet Nickelback gets 5 freaking Juno nominations. The Junos should focus on promoting the struggling Canadian artists who actually need and deserve the exposure. Not only does Nickelback not need any more exposure, they really SUCK!!!! The record companies need to open their eyes and stop coming out with the same old shit, who knows, maybe people will start buying stuff again!!
  4. Led Zeppelin opened the door to all kinds of good music for me... now I listen to jazz, R&B, blues, that I wouldn't have been led to if it wasn't ultimately for discovering Led Zeppelin and their influences, and their influences' influences, etc... They didn't 'ruin' other music for me, they made it better and now I appreciate them even more!
  5. Was he making a serious attempt to wink? Oh Jimmy.
  6. There's no way this thread is still going!! Too much!!
  7. If I can find out when it's playing, I might try to go.
  8. Aaaw! You're the best Ev. I miss you! Sadly I'm not of age. If I lived in England though!
  9. I know Ev! I've been out of touch with all of you guys. When Jimmy starts doing gigs and I don't even have a fucking clue, its time for an intervention!!!! I have hit rock bottom!!!
  10. I didn't even know about this gig until now. I need to start frequenting this website again!!
  11. Ohhh!! How I wish this could be true!!!!! Haha!! You know the rumours are getting out of hand when there's one about them playing four nights in Toronto!! Seriously, that would be fuckin' sweet.
  12. I love Living Loving Maid, I don't care.
  13. Oh, its just all the advertisements I've seen/heard for it have been calling it "Tom Petty! ..withspecial guestSteveWinwood." And I think even ticketmaster.ca only lists it as Tom Petty. On second thought though I can't imagine that Winwood would get shafted, considering he has been around a lot longer than Petty and is popular, obviously. Not really a Pearl Jam fan here... I'm not really a huuge Tom Petty fan either though!
  14. I watched the link and I thought it was funny at first, coz it sounded somewhat lighthearted, yeh we all knew Jimmy did drugs. But as it went on it got less and less funny because he just went on for so long about it. Sad, and not cool.
  15. Winwood and Petty should get equal stage time, but I can't picture that. Petty and Pearl Jam? Blech.
  16. Errg. I keep thinking that the Tom Petty tour has been going on for a long time. But it hasn't even started yet, I forgot. So what I meant was, I hope he does another one for the new album, because I didn't know that the one with Tom Petty is the one for the new album (is it?). It just messes me up how Steve Winwood is opening for Tom Petty, when I think it should be the other way around! Thats why I'm confused.. for some reason I just figured that if he were putting out a new album it would be a separate tour, his 'own' tour... but nevermind......... you are the thread king once again, good o
  17. Yes, I know.. but I can't make it to the show here. So the tour with Tom Petty is the tour for Winwood's new album?
  18. I hope he tours, I am dying to see him.
  19. Funny, my music teacher hates Zeppelin too. Well, he says he respects them and recognizes what they were.... he just can't stand Robert Plant's voice!
  20. Black Dog or Whole Lotta Love for me as well!
  21. Apparantly never... even when he's a cartoon he's hot.
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