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  1. I was simply addressing the hypocrisy of telling people to keep their negative comments in a separate thread and then going into said thread to complain.

    Anyone who would take those comments LITERALLY is a moron. And I'm not sure if the original poster was someone who even posted in the other thread. Could be wrong, though.

  2. All good points, and it's even possible that I am being biased from the perspective of my generation as well.

    But here is test for you. I will name a song by a few artists and you can put a song by Jackson (or Jackson 5) next to it that you feel was just as big of a hit or as big of an impact on rock/pop music.

    Here we go:

    Blowin' in the Wind - Bob Dylan

    Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis

    I want to hold your hand - Beatles

    Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry

    Imagine - John Lennon

    Satisfaction - Stones

    SWTH - Zeppelin

    My Generation - The Who

    I think you could name almost any Jackson song next to one of those!

    But speaking of generational biases, I'm certainly not without. However- I'm not even an MJ fan and my whole life, ever since I can remember, I have known Michael Jackson and his music. I can't say that about Led Zeppelin or the Stones, who are actually a couple of my favourite bands. Yes I might be biased because of my young age- but surely that must say something about how big MJ was. All of the songs you listed, I think can be matched at least in terms of popularity by his songs.

    At least that's just what I think. It could just be that I wasn't around for Stairway, and Imagine, and Satisfaction to be released.... but I wasn't around for Thriller either! Yet I remember all those songs and videos being played a lot my whole life.

  3. Just a little ironic that every negative post in the original MJ thread was met with cries of "Create your own thread for that kind of BS!"

    Now that the thread's created, the same thing's happening in reverse.

    Those who oppose the OP are jumping in and complaining.


    I was one of those people who said 'go make your own thread' and didn't literally expect some one to do it, although I'm not sure why, knowing the kind that hang around here. Our point was that the negative comments about MJ were totally unnecessary at this time--not just in that thread, but in general. But clearly the obviousness of this is lost on some people who have no respect or tact...

    It obviously takes a low type of person to create this kind of thread, and its a disrespectful thing to do. If the OP has the right to post it, I don't see why others such as myself don't have the right to object to it.

  4. His death has had a unifying effect. IMO that is very impressive.

    That's what I was thinking when I was out Friday (or Sat.? Can't remember :P) night- sitting on a patio in downtown Toronto at an R&B club that was pretty busy, but when the band started playing an MJ medley, a whole crowd of people just came outta nowhere! And just stood around together in the street, grooving. It was neat! :)

  5. What's the old saying?.... Don't know what you got til it's gone? I think that applies here and many people must have learned something about how we treat celebrities and people in general.

    You'd think so, wouldn't you! I think there's some people out there who haven't, though.

  6. Those gave me goosebumps. What a lovely way to pay tribute to him.

    Yeah and its really cool to see people coming together in a positive way, to remember MJ. I hope its Thriller and Billy Jean and all his other great accomplishments that people ultimately remember him by!

  7. I am not happy the dude passed away. This must be a horrible for his family. But let's be realistic about the guy. That's what i meant about what death does and how the rose colored glasses are put on.

    You're an idiot. Here are the facts: a music legend (yes, legend) has died. He died tragically. His music meant a lot to a lot of people. There are no rose coloured glasses.

    Its a tragedy the way he died, and what happened to his life. He was a child star, an amazing talent, but got fucked up at a young age and never recovered.

    How anyone can still criticize him barely 24 hours after he has died is beyond me.

    I wouldn't even call myself a huge fan of his but I am deeply saddened at the way things turned out for this person- who is a HUMAN BEING, did some of you forget that? Apparently so.

  8. In recent years? Try almost 20 years. He has not been important to the music industry since the 80's.

    Well see Kneb's post above!

    Besides, is this the appropriate time to be shitting on Michael? Let the man rest in peace, for fucks sake. Honestly, what is wrong with some of you people??

    And spats- you can't even do so much as talk to a girl, let alone have the greatest selling album of all time. :rolleyes:

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