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  1. Yes, I think so. It's the same bottle as in this one.


    It looked like a glass at first, but I knew it couldn't be because of the way he's holding it. Irrelevant question but what kind of drink is it? :lol: Strange brown substance with no label apparently!

  2. I got what you were saying. Like Kentuckygirl said, I thought he looked almost like a vampire.

    When I saw his photos this morning I was like: Geez, how long has this guy been living in the dark?

    On the other hand, it's a nice surprise to see Jimmy tanned, I don't remember seeing him tanned very often. :unsure:

    Jack must wear makeup- surely if he's out and about as much as he is, he must be exposed to the sun at least a little bit! :lol:

    And yeah Jimmy's tan. I can't tell if that ages him or not though? It kind of makes his white hair even whiter. But not that it matters, he looks fantastic!

  3. Really? I think he is ok. Sure he does look pale, but he seems to be strong enough to carry on with THREE bands and a lot of other things going.

    Well I figured he must not actually be dying. He sure does look like it sometimes, though!

  4. Jimmy needs a bodyguard since Mr. Halfin is not there. ;)

    Yeah Jack looks pale, and Jimmy looks tanned, very healthy.

    To me Jack has always looked as if he's on the edge of death! At least in the last few years. I wonder if he's okay? Or if he does it just for effect.

    My fave:


  5. Travels With My Amp - Greg Godovitz. A Canadian rocker whom because of his nationality most of you have probably never heard of. :lol:

    I also just finished 3 Douglas Coupland books- another Canadian- jPod, Generation X, and All Families Are Psychotic.

  6. Welcome :D

    I'm glad you got to meet Jimmy. I think I would have been too nervous to go meet him.

    Me too but I would have to, or else I think I would live in shame and regret everyday after. :lol:

    Oh and welcome jimmy'sgirl. Though I think there are a few others here who would fight you for that title. :D

  7. I love this one so much! Does anyone have a bigger pic of this one?


    I do! Just a moment...

    *a considerable amount of time later*

    found it, finally!


    Need to organize my pics. All got jumbled in the PC-Mac switchover!

    edit: I see someone has already posted it, sorry! I swear I looked and it wasn't... I'm blind. :lol: But nothing wrong with repetitive Jimmy. ;)

  8. You lucky girl! Cool pics and cool story. Thanks for sharing!

    edited to add: Damn, now I'm reminded of how that could have been me at the Toronto film festival back in September- if only I hadn't literally just moved across the province to university!

    DAMN! :(

    But still happy for ya anyways, Moonmaid! :D

  9. So his Cord phrase has a ringing sound to it.

    I always thought it was the riffs like Immigrant song and Wanton song. Also, I thought that his Wa Wa pedals were a part of his sound and tone.

    Why do you say the Rain Song?


    Well that's a more general look at his whole *sound*, the original poster was talking about a specific chord that is characteristically Page. At least that's how I interpreted it.

    edit: sorry not the Original poster (you, ha), but Reggie when he mentioned the Rain Song.

  10. Exactly!! I don't understand why there aren't more cool band t-shirts for women in stores, either. I got my Zep shirt off this website, but sadly it's not there anymore. It's brown and it has all of the guys on it. It fits really well. I just hope I don't ruin my shirt because I won't be able to get another one!

    I have two Beatles shirts - funny story about one of them: I was in JC Penny's one day and I saw this Help! t-shirt in the young men's section. I really liked it, so my mom said I should get it anyway. Well, I tried it on when I got home, and the chest was a bit too tight!! :bagoverhead::P I kept it anyway. But from now on, the band t-shirts I buy will have to be either from the women's department or they will have to be unisex.

    But if you see a great shirt in the stores and it's in the guy's section and you have a small bust, go ahead and buy it. It will probably look okay. :)

    Have you guys seen this website?


    There's about 5 or 6 different Jimmy ones (under "Guitar Heroes"), pretty sure you can order them all in women's sizes too. I'm assuming there's Zep shirts too, but I haven't looked yet!

  11. That's why I've seen a few photos of jimmy with a cigarette in his hands i think xD

    It souds strange... Did he use a lot of other drugs maybe?

    I heard he used to drink a lot in the early zeppelin years...

    Sadly he got into heroin in the mid/late '70s, lots of photos from that era where he doesn't look so great. :(

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