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  1. I only know whatever the song is she just released and I've heard it once so can't help you there. Anything I've read seems to compare her to Christina Aguleira but I'm not sure if that's her style or vocals.

    Wow... cause Christina has an amazing, powerful voice. Don't like how she uses it, but that's another topic... anyway based on the one Lady Gaga song I heard I wouldn't compare her to Christina, or to anyone who has a remotely good voice, for that matter. :rolleyes: I guess I could see how their style could be called similar, though.

  2. Bob Geldof personally asked for The Killers at Live 8. Harvey Goldsmith fought with him as there wasn't room on the schedule - he had to give in in the end ( its all doccumented in the Live 8 video). I was down at the front in the Golden Circle with my sister, my daughter and pals- it was an amazing day and night with artists lke Pink Floyd and McCartney. And that Killers song is a MASSIVE highlight and top 3 memory for me.

    I have to say to add balance that I'm not keen on their latest album. :)

    Aw that is really cool. I watched Live8 on TV with my cousin the whole day... it was an exciting event, wish I could have been there! Actually, I did score tickets to the Toronto one but no one wanted to go with me, so I gave them away. :(

    Living at residence in university, I've lived in a bubble for the past 8 months so I don't think I've actually heard The Killers' new album. :lol:

  3. Lady Gaga's latest video...about a disco stick... :rolleyes:

    I saw that video the other day! It was the first time I'd heard Lady Gaga. My friend had actually told me she was good, and she (my friend) doesn't even listen to terrible music. Well so I thought, until I heard this song. Is all of Lady Gaga's stuff that awful? I was surprised my friend liked her, when she shares my Jimmy Page crush!

  4. Led Zeppelin did try to sound like someone else. Fortunately for them they had a unique way of doing it.

    Yeah, that's what I mean. A lot of new music attempts to do the same thing, but old purists just automatically reject it because its not what they're used to. Take all the haters of Plant/Krauss, for example.

  5. I can't believe Adam came close to being voted off.... I was very happy, hehehe. :D That week Danny's "Come Rain or Come Shine" was by far my favourite. One of my favourite songs ever and he did an amazing job, far better than anyone else that night. Unfortunately Adam will most likely take the cake with everyone on Rock Week, being the walking rock cliche that he is. Everyone will eat it up I'm sure. <_<

  6. A couple of good posts but to think that this clown made a good point about people being closed minded to new music is silly. If you bother to listen to the Killers, you might actually notice that there's nothing, not one damn thing original in their songs; they're Pet ShopBoys/Psychedelic Furs derivative, boring songs. There's nothing new about that. So if this guy was quoted correctly, it sounds to me like someone who is unthankful for the fact that he's signed and making a living doing what he's doing, judging his self worth by how many records he's sold, and totally jealous. So at the end of the day, who gives a shit?

    How can you make all those judgments about him from one little article? You're just totally fabricating a picture of this guy based on your own biases. I think its so funny how some people are totally ripping on Flowers here like he committed the ultimate blasphemy, as if he just kicked your mother in the face or ate a baby or something.

    I don't like the Killers either, but whether or not one thinks they're a good band is besides the point here I think. I read Brandon's quotes as him just saying how in general new bands face certain challenges. Like I said, I do not like The Killers... but lets say a new band I did like said what Brandon Flowers said. The point is still there, and its still true. Many fans of "classic rock" are not really willing to give new music a chance, maybe not even consciously, but they often aren't (i.e. about 3/4 of the population of this board, it looks like). Its understandable to an extent, since there's such a mass pool of amazing, groundbreaking bands/artists from the 60s/70s, and its kind of like, why search elsewhere when all the good music I need is from this era? That's alright if people want to not listen to new music, but to me its ignorant when these people bash new music when they don't know anything about it, and don't even want to look for the good stuff (and there IS good stuff. Its just hiding sometimes).

    As far as people only liking new bands that sound like Zeppelin... as someone said elsewhere I think that's sort of ironic, considering Led Zeppelin were all about change and sounding different. Imagine if they said the same thing about their favourite artists from the previous era of music.."We want to sound EXACTLY like Elvis. We want to sound EXACTLY like Howlin' Wolf." Um, no. The reason that Zeppelin IS so highly regarded, on the "pedestal" Brandon is talking about, and the reason why you elitists worship them so damn much, is because they DIDN'T try to sound like anyone else, they made their own novel sound. If bands didn't do that, music would sound the same as it did in 1930.

    Regardless of whether you think the Killers suck or not, Brandon Flowers still made a valid point. Anyone who would take off their Led Zeppelin tinted glasses might actually see that. Too bad that's just impossible for some people...

    edit: Oops, sorry. Didn't realize how stupidly long that post was! I need something to do. :D

  7. I took him to mean that he wishes people in the states were more open to new music, rather than worshiping bands from the past, and his wanting to knock them off their pedistool was more in the sense of being open to new bands having potential to be iconic in their own way.


  8. Unworthy? No. Boring? Yes.

    Tis my opinion that the forum was much more active, polite, intelligent, and meaningful 3-4 years ago than it is now. You had also way more daily active posters which always contributes to a forum yes?

    Chill out Ally, we're just getting bored with the forum.

    I agree, but I also agree with the other side too.... I mean, who cares anymore. Its just the internet... so what if the forum is boring... meh...

  9. Don't get me wrong, I love many of the pics you all have been posting, but I'm going to have to finally confess that--

    --I've always thought he looks a real prat in this one. :bagoverhead:

    Sorry, ladies (and Jimmy)!

    Is it the hair? I've always not liked this one because of that. :lol:

  10. I don't mind instrumental concerts either - also being a big jazz fan :)

    Me too !

    I stumbled across this on YouTube the other day... I love this song and I love Jeff Beck and I love Ray Charles so, :wub: :

    Sorry if its been posted 2340234 billion times or something.

  11. I know, it was the first weekend that I had moved off to university, perfect timing. :( Thanks for those pics haven't seen em before!

    Oh and Kids in the Hall is great. B)

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