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  1. Going to see Arcade Fire March 13 at ACC. A week later going to see Dream Theatre kick off their tour at Massey Hall
  2. Oh to be that shoulder strap.
  3. Interesting concept and storyline. Wish them success. IMHO, it was the mob with inside help from the hotel staff. . Opening fantasy sequence of TSRTS says a lot where Peter Grant and Richard Cole are basically handing their revenge against the "mobsters" . Good luck to Fleecing Led Zeppelin
  4. I have just become a huge fan of Chloe Charles. Saw her perform on Thursday afternoon at a free concert and I was blown away. Listened to her Break the Balance CD and was not dissapointed with any of the songs.
  5. Thanks Ally. My troubles are minor compared to some other people in the neighbourhood. A few people had almost two to three feet of water in their basements including sewage water . I Spent my morning talking to my Insurance company to get an adjustor out here. Oh joy. Other than the property damage to theCity and the residents, we are lucky there were no casualties.
  6. First the Calgary floods, then the fatal disaster in Lac-Mégantic. I wish all those affected in these tragedies Godspeed. Their situations were quite horrible compared to what happened to us in Toronto yesterday (Monday) afternoon. Toronto go hit with an epic rainstorm.125 mm (5") fell in just over an hour . Flooding everywhere. 1400 people had to be rescued from the GO Train (the regianl train service). The highest one day rainfall ever recorded in our City. Backyard was flooded and spent all night mopping and squeegin the basement.. No power so I couldnt shop vac until power was res
  7. The Ford crack video story keeps getting wierder and better everyday.. Six of the Mayors staff resigned (rats are fleeing ship), one of the people in the video was murdered a few weeks ago (dont know many) details) and story keeps continuing. Rob's brother holds a press conference on behalf of his brother. And Rob he keeps pretending the whole thing does not exist, so why did all his staff leave. The whole family is a bunch of Douches
  8. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in 'crack cocaine' video scandal. http://www.thestar.com/news/city_hall/2013/05/16/toronto_mayor_rob_ford_in_crack_cocaine_video_scandal.html What a douche
  9. For some reason I can't stop listening to 1975 Baton Rouge and June 21 1977 LA show. Over and over. My wife is getting pissed.
  10. It was a good show aIl around and enjoyed the tribute and performances to Led Zep. What a way to end the show with loud, powerful performances that the KCH will probably never see again. I am pretty sure that Jack Black will get criticized by some media types for calling them the Best band ever over the Beatles and Stones. Not sure about anyone else but for me It was weird seeing MY FAVOURITE band getting honoured by the "establishment", I guess it was a confirmation what I have known from the first time I heard them more than 35 years ago that their music was epic,larger than life and
  11. The Ford brothers are total NOBS. They have made a mockery of the Council and bullied opponents with constant intimidations and threats. DICKS of the highest order.
  12. Nice boy, sharp as a bowling ball though. . I keep pitchin dem and you keep missin dem.
  13. I am an old Toronto boy and With all the development and Condo building in Toronto these days, I hope that City Council doesn't fall asleep at the switch if they redevlop this site.
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