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  1. Going to see Arcade Fire March 13 at ACC. A week later going to see Dream Theatre kick off their tour at Massey Hall
  2. Oh to be that shoulder strap.
  3. I have just become a huge fan of Chloe Charles. Saw her perform on Thursday afternoon at a free concert and I was blown away. Listened to her Break the Balance CD and was not dissapointed with any of the songs.
  4. Thanks Ally. My troubles are minor compared to some other people in the neighbourhood. A few people had almost two to three feet of water in their basements including sewage water . I Spent my morning talking to my Insurance company to get an adjustor out here. Oh joy. Other than the property damage to theCity and the residents, we are lucky there were no casualties.
  5. First the Calgary floods, then the fatal disaster in Lac-Mégantic. I wish all those affected in these tragedies Godspeed. Their situations were quite horrible compared to what happened to us in Toronto yesterday (Monday) afternoon. Toronto go hit with an epic rainstorm.125 mm (5") fell in just over an hour . Flooding everywhere. 1400 people had to be rescued from the GO Train (the regianl train service). The highest one day rainfall ever recorded in our City. Backyard was flooded and spent all night mopping and squeegin the basement.. No power so I couldnt shop vac until power was restored this morning. More rain storms coming later today. Yippee
  6. The Ford crack video story keeps getting wierder and better everyday.. Six of the Mayors staff resigned (rats are fleeing ship), one of the people in the video was murdered a few weeks ago (dont know many) details) and story keeps continuing. Rob's brother holds a press conference on behalf of his brother. And Rob he keeps pretending the whole thing does not exist, so why did all his staff leave. The whole family is a bunch of Douches
  7. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in 'crack cocaine' video scandal. http://www.thestar.com/news/city_hall/2013/05/16/toronto_mayor_rob_ford_in_crack_cocaine_video_scandal.html What a douche
  8. For some reason I can't stop listening to 1975 Baton Rouge and June 21 1977 LA show. Over and over. My wife is getting pissed.
  9. The Ford brothers are total NOBS. They have made a mockery of the Council and bullied opponents with constant intimidations and threats. DICKS of the highest order.
  10. Watched Jack White and his two bands Live yesterday afternoon on Itunes Festival. Very good performance. Gained a great appreciation of his talents when I was at the Premiere screening of Under the Northern Lights in Toronto Film Festival in 2009. He was quite funny also at the end during the question andanswer when he poked fun at Kanye. Now if only I can get tickets to his show in T.O. at the Sony Centre
  11. OK since this thread seems to be resurected, I have a question. Been a Zeppelin fan for over thirty five years and seen TSRTS a thousand times but I still don't get the significance of the other characters in the Gangster scene,. Specifically the Wolf getting shot and sand coming out, Nazi cards, the eyeless man, clear liquid blood from one of the character as he slides down the mirror, etc. Is it a metaphor or am I reading to much into it. Can somebody give me their opinion.
  12. That caption says to study sex. When is the exam Brooke.
  13. So sad, that is too young. Spent many hours with friends in T.O. looking through his store.
  14. WOW she looks hot. Oh my the 1970's Pubescent wet dreams I had with Barbara Eden, Angie Dickinson, Cheryl Ladd and Lynda Carter.
  15. I live in the Ford's ward. The Ford's have learned many a thing from their favourite NeoCons that skewing actual true facts and statistics, etc should never stand in the way of making public policy. My rant.
  16. I was in Barcelona, on vacation, and while at the Joan Miro Museum I saw this album as part of an overall Art exhibit about different types of media prior to Internet. Sorry, that it is blurry, my wife took the photo. It looks as if it is Russian. They artist also had Led Zeppelin II, with probably another 250 albums, some obscure and some popular, spelling a word. This album looks familiar. Does anybody here know when or where it came from Thanks.
  17. Anything by that little skank Keisha makes me laff coz it is just so retarded. WTF.
  18. Big Sugar. Great Little Canadian Band. Not really new but they are always playing shows all over the place here in Canada and they are great live. The guitarist / vocalist even plays the Gibson double neck that Jimmy made legendary. This is a good song. But you should see there other songs/vidoes for yourself
  19. Saw Dio in August 1982, at CNE Grandstand in Toronto when he was with Black Sabbath. I think it was the second leg of the Mob Rules Tour. What a great concert. Then I saw him solo at the same venue in 1985. Another great concert. Both times his vocal range was unbelievable. He is definitely missed.
  20. I think I saw some videos here already. But I love The Mars Volta. A lillte King Crimson, Rush, Pink Floyd, etc. thrown in a blender and you get great new music.
  21. Video I took during Thank You at Jason's Concert in Toronto at Sony Centre. It got a little emotional in the theatre after song had ended.
  22. Video my wife took of Jason saying a speech during meet and greet at the Sony Centre in Toronto. Quite Nice.
  23. Video I took during the encore at Jason's Concert in Toronto at Sony Centre. . Its the middle part only of Whole Lotta Love.
  24. Yes I did. VIP tickets for me and my wife. They even had a table with some sandwiches, sweets and refreshements. I just wish they had given us a little more time to talk but overall a good experience. This will be the closest I will probably ever get to any member of Zeppelin.
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