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  1. In all honesty I begged, stole and borrowed from my mate who was well into punk music and Siouxsie and the Banshees back in the day as evidenced by the T-shirt.....it's not my usual Fri night out attire
  2. Cheers.... He was trying to drink beer and point at the camera simultaneously.....hence the grimace on his face. I made him buy me many many beers for ruining the shot
  3. Haven't posted on here for a while but this is me.......in my defense it was a fancy dress do for charity......honest
  4. Ha ha actually I've heard the man is quality live but having never seen him live I can't confirm if this is true or not. I don't think he ever broke the states in the same way Zeppelin did though
  5. Danzy Jones a welsh whisky liquer and Penderyn single malt....pure Welsh gold. It's no coincidence that my choices are alcoholic
  6. fenix

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Hey there Nine Just thought I'd pop in and give my two penneth.
  7. fenix

    MOJO Robert Plant

    Wow I haven't been on here for a while and the same old arguments are still going on. Well the last I heard was that we all live in a free society and are able to choose what path our lives take. I was a pretty good labourer on the building site back in the day but I've moved on since then and now have a pretty good job, I make a good living out of it and most importantly I enjoy what I'm doing now. I'd be pretty peed off if someone told me constantly that I should go back to mixing concrete and hauling bricks around because thats what I'm remembered for!! Ok maybe not the best example but the point is who am I to tell Robert Plant what he should or should not be doing, he has brought countless millions pleasure and joy and continues to do so, he owes us absolutely nothing IMHO. Loving his new album by the way
  8. Ahhh the pedalo...they were the days. No probs I've decided not to go with the tent Idea and just turn up at St Davids Hall and beg for the tickets instead
  9. Hey Nine just popped in for looksee....hardly recognise anyone. Any tips on putting a damn tent up!! For the queing of the tickets to get back on thread
  10. I shall go pitch my tent outside St Davids Hall this very eve
  11. fenix


    Well if you ever happen to be in St Ives, Cornwall, may I suggest you try Porthminster Beach Cafe Takeaway. Best fish and chips I've ever had!! and great views over St Ives Bay
  12. Now thats what I'm taking about!!
  13. Hiya Nine, I'm good, I'm still lurking around the place in between pedalo training sessions How goes with you?
  14. Good to hear. Yeah not too bad myself thanks. Currently melting in the all too brief summer we're having at the mo, I think its due to end tomorrow
  15. Hi Aqua Well if everyone else is getting in on the Act Hows u?
  16. Blimey its just like the old days. I feel all emotional. Greetings Mr Pilot
  17. Sorry my bad, I didn't realise it wouldn't work overseas
  18. Exactly what I was gonna say. Here is the link http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/ Hopefully they should have the programme on there in full following its broadcast.
  19. Ha ha its easy to get drawn in my friend.
  20. My god is this thread still going Its like I've never been away
  21. fenix

    Wales thread!

    I make no apologies for bringing this thread back from the dead especially as our Rugby team have just beaten the old enemy again. Well done boyos Sorry Pilot Oh and congrats to Duffy for bagging a few Brits even tho they chose to snub a certain Mr Plant Uhhh the weather is quite sunny in S Wales at the mo Ok I'll shut up now
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