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  1. I always loved the Version of Celebration Day on the original TSRTS soundtrack - but subsequent reissues and remasters seem to all be different variants, still hard to find that original version I like the best!
  2. I've seen Dave Rawlings accompany and sing backup with Gillian Welch a few times over the last decade - amazing musician! Hope this comes up to my neck of the wood (Albany NY) - with JPJ in tow!
  3. I love the original mixes - but the new release butchered "Celebration Day", and i can't get past that!
  4. Just curious, anyone know what's going on in Washington Park today?some entrances closed to traffic

  5. Albany straw poll - what's your favorite Local pizza place (that isn't a chain).- Go!:

  6. Peeps familiar with Western Mass, especially Northampton area - any B&Bs or hotels you'd recommend for a night? Trying to plan for possible October visit...

  7. Rumor that a body may have been found near SUNY Albany/Nanotech -old Meadowlands, eat your heart out! #makeshiftgraveyeard

  8. Drive-thru caffeine injection ?Baker street???

  9. "Motorin'!" - "Sister Christian" at the UPS Store.

  10. Tummy extremely full and satisfied after dining on spinach tortellini & perline pasta in homemade pesto, crab-stuffed flounder, and farm-fresh zucchini sautéed in olive oil (veggies courtesy of Laurie Constable) - all cooked up by the best wife and mommy I know, Megan Prokorym. ?

  11. Just Fyi, "Free Bird" is playing on PIX 106 RIGHT NOW- hurry, this only happens twice a day!! #CrotchetySunday

  12. Actor I was given by Christopher Mazura: Christopher Guest Movie I loved: This is Spinal Tap! (& Waiting for Guffman) Movie I liked: The Princess Bride (& Best in Show, & A Mighty Wind) Movie I Secretly like: A Few Good Men Movie I dislike: For Your Consideration Movie I still want to see: Family Tree (TV Series on HBO) Like this post and I'll send you the name of an actor.

  13. Director assigned to me by Kevin Marshall: David Lynch Movie I Love: Blue Velvet Movie I Like: The Straight Story Movie I Hate Liking: Lost Highway Movie I Dislike: Inland Empire Movie I Have Not Seen: Twin Peaks:Fire Walk With Me Director assigned to me by Frank Gentile: Ridley Scott Movie I Love: Blade Runner Movie I Like: Alien Movie I Hate Liking: Prometheus Movie I Dislike: Black Rain Movie I Have Not Seen: Black Hawk Down Like this post and I will assign you a director.

  14. Listening to the version of the last Swamp Baby album that's on Spotify - hmmm, these are DEFINITELY not the final mixes of said album. Pirate copy? (beware Harith Saam, Wendy Saam, Matthew Loiacono, et al.)

  15. Agreed, love the Inner Speaker album, was my favorite of 2010. The last one, while more acclaimed generally, is good, but not as good as the previous, IMHO. and love their Led Zeppelin tribute also - great band!
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