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  1. So, by that logic Paul Martinez, Phil Collins, Tony Thompson, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler and Michael Lee are members of Led Zeppelin too?
  2. It’s preposterous to think of Jason as a full member of Led Zeppelin. Or Foriegner, UFO, Thin Lizzie too. What was the common denominator in that he was involved with those bands? Fading bands of yesteryear looking to adding “a name “ to sell a few more tickets for a tour. Healing Sixes was the last band he was in to my recollection that didn’t involve musicians and or fans from his father’s generation. The Circle and BCC , please. All vanity. Just add the last name Bonham to get on the record label. Fredo looked for respect too.
  3. Any gig he plays for pay using Led Zeppelin’s name and music is cashing in on the accomplishments of his father. Every band and opportunity since Virginia Woolf has leveraged the last name Bonham.
  4. Jason has made himself quite a career trading on his last name and his fathers accomplishments. Pure pathetic traipsing around the world pretending he is some reincarnation of his father for the last 35 years. He reminds me of Fredo Corleone from The Godfather
  5. Does Jimmy’s acceptance of a good smack in the face from Plant for showing up drunk to a show in ‘95 count as a good backstage disagreement?
  6. Interesting that Plant talks about the fist pumping crowd in Manheim Germany composed of mostly males that made him recoil from his work with JP in ‘98. Who did he think his audience would be compromised of? Still pandering to the shaken and stirred crowd that never was. Good grief already with the riddles and the meandering prattle too. Does he talk like that in the pub? Nah, I bet not.
  7. Was a good interview. Robert sounds like he is enjoying life and his craft. Good for him.
  8. It does look like Joan Hudson in the picture. I do doubt Jimmy was dating her though. I’m to guess that she was there as an honored guest of the band for the long service she has provided. Completely irrelevant who Jimmy might have been keeping time with at this point. Some young dame, doesn’t matter her name. The exchange was a fair one. Her beauty, his prestige. The Song Remains the Same.
  9. At the first listen to the May Queen and Bones of Saints I didn’t like it at all and dismissed the entire collection. Gave the the whole album a chance and now thourley enjoy it. Carry Fire is a great track and got my attention with the first listen. Plant is doing great work at this stage of his career. It’s not rock and it’s not for everyone for sure. It suits him, the lion in the winter of his career. 40 + years I’ve been listening to Robert Plant and he still is bringing his best for us to enjoy or not.
  10. I've been a Robert Plant fan my entire lifetime. Always will be too. The last album and the first song from this one has me pinning for Shaken and Stirred. I just can't enjoy or appreciate his current direction with songs like this. I'll hold out hope for the rest of the album
  11. Zeppelin was done by 1980 even if John Bonham had lived. Jimmy was too far gone past his good and creative days. Plant wanted away from the circus and Peter Grant was a mess as well at that point. The young and hungry band was gone and the 80's version would have been a drug addicted alcoholic shame to the great band they once were.
  12. Page has always needed Jones to give him that something extra that didn't always show up in the songwriting credits. I would love to hear what they came up with in 2008.
  13. Thanks for the link. That's a nice site.
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