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  1. In 1975 I was lucky enough to see them on the final night of Earls court. 4 hours if you include the audience cheering between encores. I've seen alot of bands and alot of concerts before and especially since then, nothing ever came close. The bootlegs, videos etc just dont capture it. Bonzo's drums reverberated through the stage, Pages violin bow was actually painful on the high pitch notes.
  2. While we are on the subject heres something my Mum knitted for me to wear at Earls Court in 75
  3. See for yourself....copies from a couple of 16th century french occult book. Jimmy Page played on the mystery of it all... dont forget back in the 70's there was nowhere to look this up or even if you did know, who would you tell.
  4. I always wondered what Bonzo thought of Carl Palmer. I know that Zeps and ELP's paths crossed a number of times (I'll have to dig out the anecdotes from Keith Emersons autobiography), and he must have been aware of how many times Carl Palmer was voted best drummer in the UK music papers in the 70's, they were very very different drummers and both must have been well aware of each other. Jason Bonham certainly was as his band supported ELP on their come back tour of 92.
  5. At last! .... I just read this thread completely bemused, glad I saw this last comment. For me 4 sticks is not just one of the best pieces that Zep wrote but one of the best pieces anybody on this planet wrote. Its not as epic as Kashmir, Stairway, Achilles etc. but it has an incredible evocative intensity. Especially the 'chorus' or whetever you want to call it, 'when the owls fly in the night'. The whole band is so integrated its like the four members have ceased to exist and only one entity exists, thats the only way I can explain it and I've never heard anyone achieve that anywhere....thats what it does for me personally. I loved the Page Plant reworks but the version of 4 sticks even with all the extra musicians just didnt achieve the intensity of the original.
  6. How official was the 'Led Zeppelin Complete' music book published by Superhype in '73. My copy says Blow
  7. Have to totally agree!!! I was once called a fanboy as if its an insult! as I disagreed with someones crap. I'm proud to be a fanboy and wear that badge with pride, and have done for almost 50 years. Led Zep produced some of the most incredible music on the planet///lets celebrate that................oh no! lets whinge and complain instead
  8. They'll be going after Mary Poppins next,,,, didnt JPJ mention that this was closer than Spirit....
  9. Heres a few pics that may be of interest....
  10. That would have to be somewhere up there with the best. I think JP achieves in that one track what most guitarists have failed to achieve in a lifetime, and the climax of the violin bow is one of the most incredible moments in music..... but for me it would have to be the studio version of Kashmir, not because it was representative of Zep, but more that it was one of their greatest achievements.
  11. The symbol is not created by JP, it isn't a word, it is made up of three symbols... the Z, the Oso, and the underline attached to the Z. Its a symbol that is made up of Astrological and alchemical correspondences relating to JP's birthsign. Although it is three symbols it has been put together along time ago.... the earliest I have seen is in a table of astrological, alchemical correspondences in a French occult book from the 16th century. Its nothing complicated or mysterious but JP obviously played on the aura and mythology that grew up around the symbols, particularly his. If you think back to when the album came out and how long it was before we had access to the internet, it was very easy to maintain the mystery, and it was practically impossible to look it up. All part of the Zep aura.
  12. Has anyone watched/read Steven Greers videos, books such as 'unacknowledged'. Yes its all the rehashed UFO cases we've all read before BUT instead of 'everyday' witnesses its testimonies from Military personnel, ex-CIA, NSA, air traffic controllers, airline pilots, presidential advisers etc . The video and the book are very convincing and the 'Disclosure' conferences/press briefings etc are very interesting, but they do leave alot of questions open....such as Why hasnt anything more happened since the first conference in 2001. Why havent we got more credible evidence especially in this day and age of mobile phone/videos etc, why hasnt Steven Greer been killed/assassinated. Its very much about a global political, corporate and science conspiracy, news, research, academia is all sanitised before it is released to the public but I can't imagine it being that efficient that 'they' whoever they are manage to keep the lid on all of this.
  13. i can fully appreciate people having different tastes, I can understand Yes fans thinking Jon Anderson is the greatest vocalist of all time, or Genesis fans thinking its Peter Gabriel, or ELP fans thinking its Greg Lake, beacuse they were amazing unique vocalists but I'm just coming to terms with the fact that Freddie Mercury possibly is not a forum in joke and that some people here are serious...OMG!!!! HAHA!! I dont know whether to laugh or cry.
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