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  1. For anyone thats not in Britain, just to clarify The Sun is the most moronic paper in the country (can't call it a newspaper). you've all probably got an equivalent in your countries!
  2. Jimmy Page: The Definitive Biography. A very interesting read, especially the early life of Jimmy. There is a lot of focus on the negatives once it gets into the mid Zep phase, and especially the 77 tour. Much like Mick Walls book, its about the rise of Jimmy and Led Zeppelin and then starting with Robert Plants car crash it treats everything as a decline until Bonzos death. It treats Jimmy through most of the 80's as a broken man, but then builds him up again with an amazing comeback in the 90's, and puts forward how after Page/Plant and also after the 2007 concert he becomes the curator of L
  3. Thats great thanks! I'll have to look those up. I've been downloading some, but as soon as you play you find that some are almost unplayable.
  4. Hi Steve, if this is still available YES PLEEEZ! Can't get enough these are amazing!!
  5. Sorry I can't find any reference on the cutting, and I cut this out of a magazine back in the early 70's.
  6. Have you got favourite bootlegs? There seem to be one or two sites that have so many bootlegs but I find I have to treat each one as a new album and listen to it repeatedly to get to know it, so I'm still looking for ones that are really worth putting the time in.
  7. Yes please Sir!! that sounds awesome! You sent me an Earls Court link some time ago which is amazing!
  8. I'd have to disagree.... for me Page's solos are amongst his most notable achievements. I'm a great fan of many great guitarists, from Mclaughlin to Zappa, to Santana to Hackett to Vai to Beck to etc etc....for me no solo's have as much (i dont really know an accurate description) emotion, inflections, musical phrases, direct connection to the composer. If someone asked me for what I thought was the best album for guitar solos, I would go straight for TSRTS with his solos on Dazed & Confused, No Quarter, Stairway, Whole LLove, Heartbreaker (thats ignoring all the bootlegs where I've found
  9. I can remember back in the 70's listening to allkinds of Zep bootlegs and there would be a phrase or line that Robert Plant would sing and I would think it was very JJoplin. However Robert Plant could go from the roaring blues man to the clear as a bell ballad singer amongst other styles and timbres. As a female vocalist much as I appreciate what she did and how ahead of many popular female vocalists she was even today.....she isnt my go to female voice, sometimes her gravelly scratchy side was not what I wanted.
  10. Page's playing owes everything to Bert Jansch, John Renbourn??!!! - I havent heard anything by Bert Jansch or John Renbourn that sounds like Dazed and Confuse, No quarter, Whole lotta Love, The Song Remains the Same.... in fact most of the Zep catalogue. Page has a massive knowledge of different musicians and styles, and a fantastic grounding from his session days, and pulled on all of it.....hence one of the main ingredients in Zeps success, the sheer variety of techniques and styles.
  11. Personally I preferred ITTOD. For me Presence started with one of Zeps best pieces - Achilles, and finished with one of their most beautiful emotional pieces - Tea for One, but in comparison the tracks in between sounded too much like one session and not as developed. I think that Presence could have been better had the track listing been different, say start with For your Life and have Achilles finishing the side, in the way that Kashmir finished side 2 of PG. ITTOD felt like an album of joy, which is amazing considering Plants tragedies etc, to get to 1979 and bring out something so upbeat,
  12. Most of these were from my sisters teen girls magazines in the UK....
  13. To be honest I didnt know that they actually used trains, I assumed it was just part of the advertising campaign. It was the first Zep 'tour' to be in London only and it seemed as if they were justifying the single venue by showing how easy it was to get there. I came from the north of England and it was much cheaper to travel the 200 miles by bus.
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