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  1. A few weeks ago on the ABC on an episode of Australian Story, it featured the story of Rick Grossman, bass player with the Hoodoo Gurus on his past drug addiction & his years of rehabilitation at the Buttery, a drug rehabilitation clinic on the North Coast of NSW. Anyway Rick spoke about his early years as a musician & how he came to be one & he stated that Led Zeppelin was the band that first encouraged him to become one & it showed film of LZ playing in Sydney in 1972. Although the Hoodoo Gurus are a different type of musical genes, LZ have the appeal to break down all ster
  2. I read all that from a newspaper article.
  3. Well hasn't time gotten away from us. It was 36 years ago this week that Led Zeppelin played in Sydney for the first & only time. Geez i wish i would have been there for that gig. To mark the occasion there is a photographic exhibition on in Sydney. Titled the Led Zeppelin World Tour it is on at the National Trusts SH. Ervin Gallery until March the 2nd. Some links can be found at www.nsw.nationaltrust.org.au www.rockphotoaid.com
  4. I will be staying in. I have posted the rest on another thread. Stay safe & well everyone. See you all in 2008.
  5. Well once again i must post that Coogee today was near perfect. Plenty of people on the beach, waves bigger than usual, plenty of action at the Palace. I am heading west tonight to take some happy pills, listen to a Spy vs Spy box set & comfort my dogs during the fireworks. That's how i'll see in the new year.
  6. It's something about he blues that never seems to fade away. Even it's loyal servants go on forever defying personal setbacks & other obstacles. Keep rockin Johnny. Your a credit to the music you play every night.
  7. It looks like another scorcher today. It's 8.34 in the morning & i'm feeling the heat already. Where is my rain ?
  8. Today in Coogee it was nearly a perfect summers day. Trouble is i love the rain. I know most would prefer the sunshine but i love the rain. What's the weather like in your part of the universe ?
  9. No but i presume there would be a lot of percussion instruments used.
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