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  1. I will be staying in. I have posted the rest on another thread. Stay safe & well everyone. See you all in 2008.
  2. Australian Outlaw by Derek Pedley. It's about Brendan Abbott who was dubbed the 'Post Card Bandit' by the aussie media because he used to send the Police postcards taken of himself & his accomplices outside various Police stations whilst on the run. This bloke had a real aussie spirit of adventure but he did the crime so now he is doing the time.
  3. My favourites in no particular order Paul Rodgers John Fogerty John Lennon Roger Daltry Robert Plant Jimmy Barnes Sheryl Crow Cant say too many lead vocalists bug me that much.
  4. I am about to buy a car. A Red 1987 Ford Laser. My first in 26 years. Wish me luck.
  5. I personally consider the Beatles to have been the perfect band for the 60's & Led Zeppelin to be the perfect band for the 70's. They both lead the way for their respective era's & always challenged the status quo. Both bands had their moments where they were original & inspiring & both had their moments where they created music that we have all heard somewhere before. May they always be revered as innovators & may their music never die no matter what the next generation considers hip & happening.
  6. Cali, life goes on but the can never be any justice in the world when people like these terrorist's are allowed to ply their trade & then try to promote themselves like some hard done by minority group who are just standing up for what they believe in. They are just cold-blooded murderers who dont deserve to share the same air as we do.
  7. Coogee is a very special place for me Cali. If your in the area make sure you pay a visit to Dolphins Point where they have a memorial for those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks in Bali on the 12 - 10 - 2002. I help train the Coogee Dolphins & i try to go to Dolphins Point at least once a week just to reflect & spend some quality time up there. It's up the northern end of Coogee near the Coogee Palace Hotel.
  8. I love the ocean as well. There is nothing more powerfull or serene then the ocean. I regularly sit on Coogee Beach & watch the sun rise or set. Or even at Dolphins Point where they have the memorial for the victims of the terrorists attacks in Bali in 2002. Ah yes, Coogee Beach the best little beach in the world. A very special place.
  9. Big Blue, I am getting the other side done soon. But my next tat will be a tribute to those who lost their lives in the 2002 terrorist attacks in Bali. I will get that on my right arm just up from the elbow which i hope to design myself.
  10. Onya Mandy. Be a rebel & dont worry about the pain PAIN - What pain . Oh by the way i have about 4 so far & the one on the bum hurt the least.
  11. Just turned 47. Zeppelin have always amazed me because of the way they could adapt to any form of music & this is where i believe they have assured their legacy. A truely amazing band.
  12. OK here go's. My name is Barry but you can call me Bazza. I follow the South Sydney Rabbitohs, a Rugby League team that Russell Crowe & Peter Holmes a Court own 75% of & they are playing an English team, Leeds in Jacksonville, Florida on Australia Day 2008. I didn't vote for privatisation but i still follow the club & always will. So here's the rest : I am Left Handed, i have green eyes, i am a short-arse (162 cm or 5'3). I am a patriotic Australian & i believe that Australia should be a Republic governed by it's own Head of State. I have ancestors from Wales, the North of England & the West of Ireland. I work as a labourer for Randwick Council. My 4 favourite bands are 1. The Beatles. 2. Led Zeppelin 3. Cold Chisel 4. Bob Dylan I love Aussie pub rock & 70's bands I collect South Sydney RL memorabilia. I help train the Coogee Dolphins rugby league sides. I love writing & plan to do a creative writing course next year. I love celtic mythology. I would love to be able to speak another language - French or maybe Irish Gaelic. I collect & frame movie & band posters. I have an Apple e-mac computer & i'm interested in graphic arts. I love reading & browsing through bookshops. I mainly read True Crime. I have read Helter Skelter 59 times. I love Harley Sportsters. I love the rain. I love animals especially dogs & horses. I am learning to play the blues harp. I have intentions of designing & building my own home & settling on the South Coast of NSW. There you go. Sorry if i bored anyone on the forum.
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